Thursday, February 02, 2012

LHC lunch

From Utah to CERN's cafeteria

The U.S. LHC network has launched a P.R. project called The LHC Lunch. They catch various members of the set of 1700 U.S. scientists in the CERN's largest cafeteria, the so-called Restaurant I.

I think that this graduate student of Utah and ATLAS has a relatively unusual ability to keep your (or least my) attention focused while we are listening to her somewhat vacuous and repetitive but surely interesting babble. ;-)

That was Shannon Walch, including small models of the LHC ring perforating her ears. Should it have been expected that I was the first man who upvoted this video on YouTube?

Via Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Magazine.

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  1. Pretty cool. Sounds like a neat experience to be able to come right out of graduate school and spend some time at CERN -- I'm jealous.