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Rudd vs Gillard: a bizarre biological warfare in the Labor Party

I think that most of us in Europe are confused by the Australian politics. The same thing could be true for most Americans.

Former Labor Party leader and former prime minister Kevin Rudd who was fired in 2010 wants to destroy and replace the current Labor Party leader and prime minister Julia Gillard. She wants to do the same thing to him. The deep differences, as I understand them, are the following ones:

  • Kevin Rudd often wants a harmful carbon tax to be established. On the contrary, Julia Gillard wants to enforce a harmful carbon tax.
  • Kevin Rudd wanted to get rid of the ill-conceived carbon tax in Spring 2010 while Julia Gillard promised there would be no carbon tax in August 2010.
  • Kevin Rudd's government designed a carbon tax that Julia Gillard didn't like but nevertheless adopted. On the contrary, Kevin Rudd doesn't like Julia Gillard's carbon tax, which used to be his tax, but nevertheless wants to adopt it later as Kevin Rudd's carbon tax.
  • Julia Gillard is protecting a Labor Party lawmaker and apparatchik who used his union credit card to pay in a brothel. On the contrary, Kevin Rudd plans to protect a Labor Party apparatchik and lawmaker who will pay money to a brothel with his union credit card.
  • Julia Gillard was sitting with Bob Brown and they happily planned a common government. Kevin Rudd wasn't sitting with Bob Brown, planning a government, so Gillard is more friendly towards the Greens than Kevin Rudd.
  • Julia Gillard recently attacked the Green Party while Kevin Rudd didn't, so Kevin Rudd is more friendly towards the Greens than Gillard.
  • Julia Gillard and her backers claim that Kevin Rudd is carried away with himself. On the contrary, Kevin Rudd thinks that she is carried away with herself.
You see that all the differences are fundamental and the Labor Party politics is all about the policies and intellectual values. ;-) More seriously, ...

More seriously, are we observing two kangaroos jumping every which way because of the declining support of the party or are both socialist politicians overheated due to global warming (or, more precisely, persistently warm climate) in Australia? Or are they two pig-shaped crocodiles who are simply fighting for access to a feeding trough? I find the latter explanation most likely. ;-)

Thanks to Gordon Fulks for some of the formulations.

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reader ad said...

And one is a former communist, the other used to love sucking up to Chinese communists.

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