Monday, February 27, 2012

Xena and Greenpeace pals arrested

Xena, the warrior princess, thinks that the defense of the Arctic starts here, on a ship in New Zealand.

Together with six other less memorable faces, Xena occupied a drillship that belongs to Shell.

Their happening has encouraged 133,000 people to send hate mail to Shell, a company accused of "climate change profiteering"; see also the #SaveTheArctic twitter magic word mentioned in the video. In other words, there are at least 100,000 brainwashed idiots in New Zealand who can't distinguish the real world from the world of Hollywood. Imagine; how stupid do you have to be to believe that the defense of the Arctic begins on a ship in New Zealand?

Lucy Lawless has also confused the reality with her movies in another respect aside from Xena-centrism. She apparently thinks that she can't be defeated. However, the New Zealand police found her behavior lawless.

After 4 days of occupation of the drillship near the Taranaki port, New Zealand, and the removal of their warrior group on Monday (yesterday), the movie-star-turned-ecoterrorist was charged with burglary. She has the IQ of a pumpkin but it's still lots of fun to watch her, isn't it? ;-)

She is clearly one of the natural combatants in the new era of the desperate defense of the sinking AGW movement. I must say that the idea that an ultimate sourball of Peter Gleick's type would become one of her fellow convicted criminals would sound unlikely. But his adventures are still much less adventurous than the adventures of the warrior princess. Wire fraud isn't as spectacular as burglary on board of a Shell drillship. :-)

Xena and Gabrielle claim that Shell causes an eternal flame in the Arctic.¨

Lucy Lawless has been trained to sink ships in her 1992 role, as Jane Redmond, in the Rainbow Warrior (movie).

Amazingly enough, the whole "You can be sure of Shell" 1990 advertisement campaign of Shell – the very same company whose drillship was raped in the last week – was based on one pre-Xena woman. Her name was... Lucy Lawless. Can you find her in the video above? Or a place where she can't be found? ;-)

I thought it was my duty to embed a video that shows that a woman who is grateful to the oil industry may be even more beautiful than the 43-year-old Lucy Lawless! The combination of the two videos also shows that revolutionary radical young people don't always become settled conservatives as they get older. Sometimes it can be the other way around.

Another thing I find amazing about the 1990 commercial for the Shell Ultra petrol is the nearly unlimited enthusiasm for the fossil fuels. The genre was arguably retro. Still, it's plausible that the combative environmentalism only began to become a major part of the political correctness around 1992, the conference in Rio. The subsequent growth of the suffocating environmentalist propaganda taboos was exponential.

Bonus commercial

Slovakia: Only Chuck Norris can catch his own satellite himself. The rest of us need to catch hundreds of HD programs from the T-Mobile satellite TV. See also Chuck Norris' Czech T-Mobile commercials.

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  1. Xena dear you would be infinitely more credible if you shed your garments made of plastics derived from petroleum fractions and lived your life as Pithecanthropus erectus must have enjoyed theirs