Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bill Clinton: embrace Keystone XL

Fox News analyzes Bill Clinton's monologue above. The pipeline will clearly be beneficial, the expenses are infinitesimal, so let's just build it on any other route.

The Fox News commentators say that he wants to subtly outsmart Obama – such things would be so easy under me. Bill's wife says that he is a "very smart man" who has the right to say anything in America. However, he is no longer constrained by the same stringent laws, procedures, and the same ten commandments as when he was comfortably sitting in the Oval Office. ;-)

Another theory they offer is that Bill Clinton acted as a puppet seeded by the Democratic Party that will make it easier for Obama et al. to okay the Keystone XL pipeline soon.

At any rate, when Bill Clinton speaks, despite all the humiliation and hatred he may have faced from the conservatives, I can't avoid thinking about the old-fashioned America into which I went in 1997 to spend a decade in, an America whose politics was just fine and I wouldn't have any big reason to say that it sucked. Tell me if these feelings are irrational or sentimental but they're real.

I think that in the 1990s, America wasn't run by the likes of James Hansen. It *was* co-run by the likes of Al Gore but they had to be deactivated in a clever way so that the U.S. avoided significant damages from such folks.

Barack Obama's energy strategy is very different. In this 2010 White House video, he boasts the jobs that would be created by pumping tons of taxpayer money to Abound Solar based in Loveland, Colorado. You know that a solar company closes every week or so. It just happens that Abound Solar fired most of the employees this week. It ceased the current module production. Amusingly enough, the now-manifestly-embarrassing video above is located at the White House servers so you may compare Obama's promised green jobs with the reality.

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