Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Czech president vetoes a biomethane bill


Dear Ms [Miroslava Němcová] Chairwoman of the Parliament,

I am using my authority given to me by the article 50 of the Constitution of the Czech Republic and I am returning the bill drafted on January 31st, 2012 about the supported energy sources and about the amendment of some related laws to the lower chamber of the Parliament.

The reasons that have led me to this decision are the following ones:

The bill tries to keep on extending the spectrum of the supported energy sources in the situation when the subsidies for these selected energy sources are already reaching an intolerably high degree and when they're totally counterproductive, too. The bill doesn't bring us savings but, on the contrary, a non-systemic enhancement of subsidies for the selected energy sources from the public funds. That occurs at the time when many of us emphasize that we must save. Such a bill would not only increase the expenses from the public budgets but it would also cause higher energy prices paid by the citizens and companies – to the extent that no one can even estimate today.

The inclusion of biomethane among the supported energy sources could seriously harm the Czech environment because it could stimulate massive imports of trash from the rest of Europe that would be putrefying and producing biomethane on our territory.

The quality of the wording of the law is low, partly because of the comprehensive rewriting that the draft has gone through in the Senate. Many rules would have to be added through the future legislation. The bill even fails to specify a crucial technicality, namely the set of people who would be eligible to receive subsidies. If these additions to the law were formulated as sub-legislative legal directives, these directives would be in conflict with the Constitution and with the Bill of Rights and Freedoms because the directives are only allowed to specify technical details of the execution of the law, not the very rights and duties of the citizens.

These days, we often say that our ill-conceived support for solar energy has backfired. It has increased electricity prices, made the burden for the taxpayers harder, occupied huge areas of arable land, and created an apparently unsolvable problem what will be done with the solar collectors after they are scrapped. At 12:05, we are trying to undo the problem but the damage has already been made. Now we have the opportunity not to make a similar mistake and think twice before we make another jump into the unknown. I would like to help to give one more opportunity to the lower chamber of the Parliament.

With greetings
Václav Klaus

[Translation by LM. Sorry, this is surely not a professional translation, I just want everyone who cares to understand the content.]

In related news, President Klaus evaluated Senate's threats of impeachment as credible ones and he signed a pathological Council of Europe's "Social Charter". Still, he was able to protect us from this sick document, allowing collective complaints and similar PC socialist things, for nine years. Thanks.

One more news related to President Klaus. The price of an egg in Czechia more than tripled in recent months or year, from $0.10 to $0.35 a piece. Václav Klaus wrote an analysis today – see egg blogging (automatic translation) – claiming that the primary culprit is the EU. EU has banned imports of eggs from countries where the poultry doesn't have a sufficient volume per individual to move.

In our case, it primarily affects Poland whose egg exports to Czechia have always been important. I don't claim that the chickens in Poland are the happiest animals in the world but I still think that the Germans and others are being hypocritical. The treatment that the chickens get from the Poles today is arguably more human than the treatment that the Poles received from the Germans 70 years ago. ;-)


  1. Jeeze I wish this guy was OUR President...

  2. Nice but don't be too jealous, he will be ours for 1 more year only, too. 10 years in office... What happens afterwards is somewhat unpredictable but it's likely we will get in line with the average European nations with their average dull PC politicians.