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EU feminists kill Bill of Asia by parthenogenesis

Racist, sexist, imperialist official EU ad shelved

The European Union officials have decided to prove that they're not just wet rags but they can do really cool things. So they paid this €127,000 ($165,000 or so) propaganda video to show how the European Union plans to bring peace to the world.

The piece was obviously "inspired" by Kill Bill. "Surprisingly", some people began to protest that the video clip is racist so the ad was shelved.

But some of the EU authors defend themselves: How can one protest against these creative unelected representatives of the Old Continent? The blonde comrade warriors on the screen had the preferred sex, preferred race, and belonged to the preferred empire. And they reproduced themselves by the politically correct procedure of parthenogenesis. Moreover, the soldiers who have been defeated and dissolved by the blonde, Aryan Europeans to bring peace to the world were just some primitive medieval Asian, South American, and African bastards! ;-) Does the Treaty of Lisbon consider them humans at all?

Oops, I was so impressed by the action that I failed to notice that the blondes in the yellow costumes were actually brunettes.

It's just an example how the confederate government in Brussels spends the European taxpayer money. The more we pay, the stronger inflow of idiocy from Brussels we may expect. KIll Bill fans and some childish teenagers must have liked the video. But what about the message? EU doesn't have its identity and attempts to build it on this racial basis look both inappropriate and unrealistic to me, partly because of all the nations such as Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Norway, and the U.S. whose most typical yellow warriors look exactly like the "European" one.

The EU, if it wants to justify itself, will have to find a more sensible justification. For example a pragmatic one: the shared activities simply have to work at the shared level. And if something doesn't work at the European level, it simply shouldn't be moved to the European level. It's that simple. Defense and common currencies are just two examples of things that don't work at the European level.

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