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James Hansen's religious TED talk

Around March 7th, James Hansen gave this 18-minute TED talk about the climate apocalypse:

I believe that just a few years ago, TED talks were high-brow events that featured elite speakers. But if you check what kind of nuts and pseudointellectuals have given TED talks in recent years, you can't disagree that the average quality has dropped close to the quality of an average person screaming in the street.

James Hansen asks with a good question: What has to happen to a Midwestern "reticent" scientist to voluntarily get arrested in front of the White House? He must know something about the death of the world that no one else does. In other words, he must lose his mind. Well, not quite. He must partly pretend to have lost his mind in order to extract a million of dollars from the pockets of actual fans of the environmentalist pathological movement.

He begins with comments about his unintellectual background and about his early excitement about the hot temperature of Venus. At some moment, a miracle occurs. He realized that Venus was actually Earth and the atmospheres were identical, despite the fact that the Venus' CO2 concentration (per unit volume) is about 100,000 times higher. So he resigned from the Venus NASA team, in order to protest that NASA pretends that Venus and Earth are two different planets. Since that moment, James Hansen was a lunatic at large.

A few words are dedicated to the greenhouse effect. I like Lord Monckton's description of this effect as a "seed of truth". He also wrote:

Those who base their research only on a grain of truth should expect their work to be taken with a pinch of salt.
Very deep and very true.

In the talk, Hansen tries to say rather moderate words about the unremarkable changes of the climate while he's showing newspaper articles where he's quoted as promoting "unprecedented" climate change, among changes with other stunning adjectives. This double face of people like Hansen is one of the main tricks to "justify" the climate panic. The actual observations, tiny and ordinary changes that are absolutely no reason for a concern, are sold as an ongoing or looming catastrophe.

Global warming is claimed to increase extremes of the water cycle. Unlike the very existence of the greenhouse effect, there's absolutely no scientific evidence for any of these claims.

Hansen keeps on talking about his politics, grandchildren, how politics kept him from doing science, but it was more fun for him to criticize the U.S. energy policy and the modern civilization in general. He talks about his being censored, by which he means that his deluded rants have been reproduced in thousands of newspapers, including some previously serious newspapers, even though other homeless psychopaths from the Midwest were not given any attention at all.

Some comments about the greenhouse effect and a fraction of a watt per square meter imbalance. He makes the number look large by counting the energy flows from the whole Earth and comparing the figure with a single city, such as Hiroshima. It's mixing apples and oranges, James. He also says that only climate deniers say that the Sun is important for the energy budget of the Earth. ;-)

He admits that the CO2 changes in the ice core data followed the temperature changes. Deniers try to abuse this point, James Hansen argues, by denying that there is a time machine that allows us to screw not only the future of our grandchildren but also the past. The lag is exactly as expected, James Hansen says. Indeed, but the person who "expects" it must be a sane scientist who knows that the greenhouse effect is irrelevant for any of these glaciation-cycle CO2-temperaure relationships, not James Hansen who is deluding himself and dozens of other people by his crackpottery.

When mentioning outgasing, he steals my example involving Coke which also releases gases at warmer temperatures. While he is discussing the proofs that the greenhouse effect is irrelevant for the ice-age CO2-temperature correlation, he suddenly jumps and says that those are just feedbacks that serve as slaves of the greenhouse effect and that will only make the AGW cataclysm even worse than expected by even the most insane James Hansen during his most captivating nightmare.

All his propositions are so utterly irrational. I just can't believe that there are people who take this stuff seriously. They must be so incredibly stupid that the society should castrate them. He talks about extermination of species, tons of similar garbage, need to reduce CO2 to 350 ppm, exceptional events (without understanding that local 3-sigma events are bound to happen somewhere all the time).

OK, so why did he get arrested? Because it would be immoral to leave a grandson hugging a smaller graddaughter with a climate spiralling out of control. These words are on par with those by the rupture believers... The solution to save the world is an automatic Hansen electronic ransom stolen from the evil fossil-fuel corporation that would be automatically distributed to accounts of all legal residents. ;-) It would even create millions of jobs.

Our communists have crippled our economy and they continued to do so for 42 years but none of them has ever been so stupid not to see that the forced transition to a source of energy (something so universally important) that would be 5 times more expensive is bound to have a detrimental effect on the economy, regardless of any details about the question how the lost money is distributed among the companies or consumers or taxpayers.

We face the equivalent of a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth, he says. ;-)

Obama and CIA on mission to destroy Australian economy

Billionaire Clive Palmer has suggested that the Australian eco-terrorist groups may be secretly backed by CIA and Barack Obama personally. Some criminal elements in the Australian government plan to establish a new ransom against miners, a 30% "mining tax", since July 2012. Those efforts may be coordinated with the current eco-whacko U.S. government, too. The ultimate goal could be to destroy the coal/mining industry, a heart of the Australian economy.

I think that the mysterious conspiracy-theory-like language behind these hypotheses is unnecessary because the current White House is sometimes pretty open when it comes to its fight against the industrial civilization.

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snail feedback (1) :

reader John said...

It was all that I could do to finish this ridiculous presentation by this charlatan. He never explained how a trace gas, CO2 that makes up a paltry .036% of the atmosphere and is 1 & 1/2 times heavier than the rest of that atmosphere is creating the reactions to something as complex as the earth's climate. He did not because he could not do so.

The other not so startling thing that I came away from this utterly bogus speech was, while chastising carbon based energy, where is his solution for something to replace it? Does he wonder that when he flies to give this type of speech to the probably receptive sheep who come to hear him what powers that airplane? I would guess not.

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