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Obama, Chu kill funding for FNAL's ILC, half of LBNE

During two recent days, Science Insider and Chicago Business informed the readers about the Obama administration's and DOE's decision to completely scrap the research funding for the International Linear Collider that would be built by the Fermilab; and cut in half the funds for the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment whose plan was to study CP-violation in the neutrino sector i.e. the difference between neutrinos and antineutrinos if you wish.

LBNE will have to be developed in a slower way if it is possible; the ILC will have to be built outside America.

I understand and agree that the U.S. government's fiscal situation is lousy and is unlikely to get too much better in the coming decade. However, these projects are really negligible portions of America's deficits; but they belong to the narrow list of things that have made America exceptional in the past. You can't really balance your finances by focusing on similar visible entries in the budget – on tiny scapegoats. You have to stop and revert the growth of the w*lfare state, the culture of entitlement.

Chu et al. wrote to Oddone et al. at FNAL that the funding mustn't be interpreted as the current administration's disrespect for science or high-energy physics; it just means that they don't want to pay penny to it. You shouldn't forget this story next time when someone such as you will be saying that left-wing politicians are more pro-science than the right-wing ones.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Harlow said...

Why compare the cost of theoretical physics research to the cost of aircraft carriers? One is not a substitute for the other. Why not compare the former to the cost of medical research and the latter to the cost of other defense systems?

reader aaron said...

What's the cost compared to their "green" energy funding?

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