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Stephen Hawking will visit Sheldon Cooper

Update: Via TV Guide: Howard Wolowitz will be helping Stephen Hawking with the wheelchair. Sheldon Cooper will also send Stephen Hawking a paper on the Higgs/BEH/SM_scalar/God boson. Recall that Hawking has made a $100 bet (5 times smaller than John Ramsden, not Holdren, against me) that the Higgs wouldn't be found so it could be some fun.

Rating: TBBT is now the #1 syndicated show in the 18-49 years demographic. Vulture says that it's the most watched comedy on cable period.
Text below originally posted on 3/15

Many of us have already heard about a physicist guest star of The Big Bang Theory, my most favorite sitcom (or TV program, for that matter: let's not hide things), who may be even more famous than Brian Greene or George Smoot.

(Last night, Czech TV Prima Cool aired the George Smoot/Summer Glau/moonpie episode. And I dare to agree with Sheldon that Brian has dumbed down Heisenberg as if it were for the comedy club...)

But what will Stephen Hawking do in the April 5th episode?

The International Business Times finally offer us some details:
Stephen Hawking To Guest Star on CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory'
See also AFP Relax, The Register.

Stephen Hawking, a star from the Simpsons and Futurama and the world's most well-known physicist (at least to the public), refused to participate in the past, citing imperfect health conditions. But these problems have been solved and he's back. What will happen?
In his cameo role, Hawking, 70, will visit Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, at Caltech "to share his beautiful mind with his most ardent admirer," according to publicity.
Stephen Hawking is great but I think it's a pretty good deal for him as well if Sheldon Cooper himself will become his most ardent admirer! ;-) Just to be sure: A Brief History of Time "only" sold about 10 million copies in the world while TBBT is being watched by 15 million viewers just in the U.S. and which of these two groups has a higher average IQ is debatable. :-)

But of course, this evolution isn't that far from the reality. I am an admirer of Stephen Hawking, after all; I say it despite the fact that from various physics perspectives, the work by Sheldon Cooper surpasses even that by Stephen Hawking. Anyway, this is almost like if Hawking visited me. ;-)

Some other sources even say that there will be a run-in. I sincerely hope Hawking won't be saying that the arrow of time gets flipped if the expansion of the Universe becomes a contraction; or that the information is lost in the black holes; or something else that is equally silly! On the other hand, I am confident that Sheldon's science will be as perfect as we're used to.

Stephen Hawking has also played a hologram of Stephen Hawking in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Leonard Nimoy was only a guest in that series. Nimoy will return to TBBT before Hawking, on March 29th, and (spoilers!) his voice will be scaring Sheldon after Sheldon damaged Leonard's Star Trek collection or what is it. When we talk about voices, Contact Music says that Stephen Hawking will show his new voice in the exchange with Sheldon Cooper for the first time.

By the way, CBS has already scheduled the TBBT episodes for the next, sixth, season and the seventh season was previously agreed upon, too.

Off-topic: Andrea Rossi admitted to some officials in Florida that there are no nuclear reactions in his devices.

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