Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Czechia from 2014: no subsidies for renewable energy

The Czech government is now pretty likely to survive a medium crisis ignited by the least reliable coalition party, the Public Affairs (VV).

Its former minister, Ms Kateřina Peake, was ousted from the party but she managed to establish a new version of the Public Affairs, the so-called Twin Peaks, which will hopefully collect enough votes to preserve the center-right government (102 out of 200 deputies are needed for PM Nečas to be calmed down) during the confidence vote tomorrow. She and her boys and girls may even be more reliable partners than the Public Affairs.

The alternative is scary: early elections in June would be almost certainly followed by a socialist-communist government. The number of the Czech people who recently indicated that they don't consider this scenario scary is scary by itself. ;-)

Many folks are obsessed with some episodes of corruption involving at most millions of crowns that was recently revealed (a couple of people were punished by prison terms, a disproof of the hardcore communist-style conspiracy theories contaminating much of the Czech society and claiming that corruption is unpunishable) but they don't seem to appreciate that by allowing the socialist-communist scumbags to hijack the government, we would be wasting hundreds of billions of crowns.

But let me get to the main topic. Many things about Czechia may look dimmer after 2013 – for example, Václav Klaus will leave the chair of the president at the Prague Castle in Spring 2013 – but there are also hints that 2014 doesn't have to be the end of the world.

In particular, Ms Alena Vitásková, the chair of the Energy Regulatory Office (on the picture), gave a talk in the morning. She announced that Czechia doesn't have enough money for bullshit so her office will use its competencies and abolish any funding for new ludicrous ("renewable") sources of energy – especially for photovoltaic plants and wind turbines – starting from 2014.

I am no lawyer so I can't show you the exact paragraphs proving that she actually has the rights to make this decision but I hope she isn't completely stupid. By abolishing this extraordinary type of wasting that was associated with the first decade of the 21st century, Czechia (where this kind of mismanagement became really widespread: we became the #3 European renewable superpower despite our medium size) should save a hundred of billions of crowns in a few years.

Some little green men (and one green woman) including Mr Martin Bursík, an ex-boss of the Green Party, have already attacked Ms Vitásková. They think that she violates the law and prevents her office from being independent. In their opinion, the true independence of an employee of the Czech public sector means that he or she must constantly lick the rectum of the green activists such as themselves.

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