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Happy Easter

(and Passover)

This TV commercial by Vodafone has been aired since the Christmas, to assure everyone that they're ahead of time. The music is borrowed from Nightwork's famous song called Sweatpants, shift your balls to the right side.

I hope you will encounter a decorated egg or two and whip the girls around you.

Oops, it's actually plausible that because it's the leap year, roles are reversed and the girls are spanking the boys this Easter! ;-)

I can't understand why some foreigners consider the whipping ("pomlázka" i.e. "youngification" of girls using a "youngifier": "pomlázka" is the name of both the whip as well as the process) to be a #1 strange Easter tradition. As far as I can say, they're uncultural barbarians and racist bigots.

If American and other women were youngified at least once a year, they wouldn't grow old and ugly so quickly and they wouldn't have to become feminists to find an excuse for their visual inadequacy.

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