Sunday, April 01, 2012

L.M. was a fiction

As the intelligent readers of this blog have figured out, everything that has been written in this domain since October 2004 was a work of fiction.

We're a group of 38 leading European climatologists and P.R. experts who had won a €60 million grant EU-AGW-RVHP-2004/13 from the European Commission to defeat climate deniers for good. Our strategy was simple and clever: we created several fictitious characters, including Luboš Motl, an ex-member of the Harvard faculty, in order to prove that the climate deniers are able to believe anything and everything that is ideologically convenient for them. We got inspired by the Czech story about Jára da Cimrman and by the Holy Scripture and created a character in whose existence the climate change deniers would love to believe, a penetrating mind and a martyr, too.

We hired several top high-energy physicists to emulate texts that would be written by a high-energy theorist. This game has been played for more than 7 years.

It was time to finally explain what was going on. Climate deniers, face it: climate denial is a psychological disease that boils down to extremely feeble mental skills. It is not possible for a climate denier to ever get to a university. The fact that many readers of this blog were willing to believe that Luboš Motl was a real person only shows how detached from the reality climate change deniers are.

Richard Lindzen of MIT is another fictitious figure we have created. The bombshell has been waiting to detonate and the explosion took place now. We are confident that after the humiliation suffered by the climate change deniers, none of them will ever show up in the public again.

The reality is completely different than the denialists would love to believe: every high-energy physicist believes that the climatic judgement day is right behind the corner. The better physicist you ask, the fewer days she predicts to occur in between the present and the disappearance of the life on Earth. And the European Commission is the only institution in the world that may save life on Earth.

On Tuesday, this website will be redirected to RealClimate.ORG. Similarly, ClimateDepot.COM will be redirected to Joe Romm's blog.

Dr Kari Norgaard is in charge of the process of treatment and reeducation of the climate change deniers.

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  1. ( singing ) I just want to set the world on fire ...

    You should take on the Anthropogenic Plate Tectonics deniers next. They are all obviously insane as well.