Thursday, April 26, 2012

March of the living 2012

As every April, Jewish students from Israel, North America, and other countries are brought to Poland where they march from Auschwitz to Birkenau in order to learn something about the horrors of the Holocaust.

The website of the "March Of The Living" is, a reason why this article appears here. A decade ago, March Of The Living used to be the #1 search engine hit if you were looking for Motl. The #2 hit was the Magic Online Trading League. (Like the Hamiltonian, Motl is also an operator.)

On the video below, some of the names of 1.5 million Jewish child victims of the Holocaust are being read. See also Netanyahu's speech addressed to Motl 2012.

You may see that many of the names are from "Czechoslovakia" – the name of my pre-war democratic homeland which de facto didn't exist during the war - and from Hungary. However, many of them names are from Latvia, too.

In Riga, the capital of Latvia, there were 40,000 Jews. After the German military changed the political balance in 1941, pro-fascist local politicians led by Oskars Voits – the only well-known enough figure in pre-war Latvia who was compatible enough with the Nazi regime and who replaced Oskars Dankers as the general director of interior (page 21) because Dankers was pro-Nazi but not as pro-Nazi as Voits – supervised the extermination of 90% of this Jewish populace.

After the war, the fascist family of Oskars Voits escaped from justice in the USSR to America. They changed their family name to Woit and produced some new children, including the most notorious anti-string crackpot Peter Woit (born in 1957: Oskars Voits died 2 years later) who is still being harbored by the Columbia University.

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