Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bribed, stealing officials enjoy their $500k before they're caught

David Rath, the main symbol of corruption of the Czech social democratic party, took most of the $500,000+ bribes in a major Czech corruption scandal, the grandest one at least in the last 20 years.

(He has obviously stolen much more money throughout his life, some of those millions of dollars are being investigated at this very moment. Just in his house, they found additional $1.5 million and then extra $0.5 million. Rath's father claims that those latter $0.5 million are just his – the father's – savings he earned somewhere in Emirates 20 years ago.)

Ex-governor of Central Bohemia Dr David Rath and Ms Kateřina Pancová, an ex-director of a hospital in the region.

He defended himself by saying he thought that the shoebox contained wine. This defense is truly ludicrous given the fact that every single place where he and his key collaborators – Ms Pancová, a director of a hospital, and Mr Rott, her partner who left the Czech Parliament after being totally drunk during an important vote – were meeting was eavesdropped for half a year.

Some of these impressive police's eavesdropping skills may have been inherited from socialism when it was normal to monitor the (suspicious and inconvenient) citizens.

So the police knows about – and can easily expose – his (and their) feeling about every penny and every motion of a penny during the last 6 months or so. Their discussion minutes before Dr Rath was arrested is kind of amusing. Well, at least now it seems amusing when we already know that they couldn't laugh to justice for too long (at least so far it looks so).

It took place in Ms Pancová's house in Rudná near Prague on Monday, May 14th, 2012. They're dividing over $500,000, most of which went to Dr Rath.


Pancová: ... what he has at his disposal. It would be nice of you. I would even love to have such nice cute money.

Rath: So nice little money. Shiny, so pretty yellow, yellowly glossy. So pretty, so goldish.

Pancová: Yup, yup, I would like to have them. It doesn't get spoiled or mouldy. One may hide them well.

Rath: Yup, exactly. Yeah, yeah. Kha kha kha kha (laughter).

Pancová: It's enough to hide them somewhere.

Rath: Where, into your little pocket?

Pancová: Into my little pocket, khi khi khi, so that I have them for the bad times.

Rath: Kha kha kha.

Pancová: I would be like that Tsar Nicolai II [of Russia]. His family was being shot at but they were not dying at all because they were covered by gold and those diamonds. They thought that the tsar family was protected by tsar, I mean God. But they had gold all over their bodies. Haven't you read it? [More than 1.3 kg of diamonds on Olga and Maria.]

Rath: No, I haven't read it.

Pancová: They were shooting into them all the time but they were still alive. Now, the chaps from the Red Army [sic] were already completely stunned by it, thinking: what's going on? What's going on? This tsar must really come from God. And only later, they found out that they were wrapped in gold.

Pancová: Look, you have one more suitcase here.

(Rath and Kott are leaving the room in the upper floor.)

Rath: Won't you kindly plaster it once more for me?

Pancová: Don't worry. Wrap it. Do you want one more beer?

Rath: Please, no, I must already leave because one more person is visiting me later [it turned out it was Mr Michal Pohanka, a socialist ex-lawmaker who switched and supported a center-right government in 2007; some people accused him of having been bought; he's a candidate for a mysterious person who may have been scheduled to receive 1/2 of Rath's $350,000 in the shoebox]. Ouch, so what do you say, Peter?

Kott: Well, I know one answer to this question.

Pancová: The world is a shitty place, my beloved little sister used to say.

[Informal conversations continue up to Rath's departure.]

Rath: On Friday morning, we will meet at your place. [The debate took place on Monday evening.]

Pancová: Yes.

Rath: We will agree about the Saturday plans later. So far, our plan is that you will pick me up.

Pancová: Right, at 8:15.

Rath: Sounds good, bye bye.

Kott: See you.

Pancová: Jesus Christ, what a chilly weather is over there... Don't leave! [For a few minutes, Ms Pancová believes that the climate is her and Dr Rath's greatest problem.]

The conversations took place in this house of Ms Pancová and Mr Kott in Rudná near Prague. Of course, all the three "top people" in this scandal have lots of other real estate. Most of them have already been sealed.

Rath is leaving. In two minutes, Pancová and Kott find out that something is going on in front of the house.

Kott: An urn [a special police car, URNA]! Don't do anything! Don't do anything!

Pancová: We're in deep shit, we're in deep shit.

Kott: Calm down, calm down.

Pancová: So we're in deep shit!

Kott: Perhaps. Calm down, calm down!

:-)) Sounds just like from some parodies and comedies except that this conversation is real. The degree of happiness that these folks experienced when they stole half a million dollars is high, indeed.

A few minutes later, Ms Pancová and her sex toy, Mr Kott, had to go to the cold weather, too.

So far, David Rath enjoys one of the toughest Czech prisons in Litoměřice. He decided to become a marathon runner to stay in a good shape. Photo via

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