Saturday, May 12, 2012

David Suzuki: humans are 2D maggots

The leader of the Canadian global warming movement has studied fruit flies (much like Alexander Ač whose PhD thesis is about the carbon-enhanced copulation of fruit flies on blue-flowered meadows).

But during his research, he had discovered something that has had huge implications for the human race, too.

He has discovered that humans are fruit flies and maggots because they eat stuff around.

After they break from a comfortable egg, the human maggots move in two dimensions and become second-level maggots who crash other maggots in proportionality with their own weight, who defecate all over the environment, and who eat the defecation from the other, usually larger maggots.

Some of these humans become tenth-level maggots who are big wheels. That's what the consensus environmentalist and global warming science knew about the humans and their co-existence with the environment at least since 1972. You may see their deep respect for the humanity as well as the impressive precision and rigor that have been hallmarks of this scientific discipline for quite some time.

Human beings according to David Suzuki's climate model

I wonder whether today, in the New Age in which the old New Age dreams have already become a reality, David Suzuki and Al Gore are still the tenth-level maggots or they have already become the eleventh-level maggots who keep on growing by exponentially devouring their own defecations together with a positive feedback that has entered a runaway behavior.

Via The Haunting Library and Marc Morano

A universal theory of climate denial

While Prof Suzuki explained the human race as maggots back in 1972, a breathtaking progress in May 2012 has just managed to explain one of the most mysterious movements in the history of Gaia, the climate denial.

University of Central Florida Professor Peter Jacques made a staggeringly original discovery that is composed of several parts. First, he invented a totally novel and original name for the movement, "climate denial". Second, he noticed that one should study the literature on the Holocaust denial in order to understand the climate denial. Third, he identified the climate denial as a reactionary movement driven by special interests and privileges.

The groundbreaking discoveries are being published in MIT's Global Environmental Politics. You must agree that his ideas are so fresh and ingenious that we have to ask: Why haven't other geniuses thought about it before Prof Jacques? ;-)

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  1. I keep devolving in the view of greenies like Suzuki. I used to be above the chimps then fell to being the same as chimps and now I'm a maggot. Next they'll consider me a virus, like agent Smith in the Matrix. :-)