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Iran, AGW: useless summits in Baghdad, Bonn

...and African migrants in Israel...

In recent days, two major cities starting with a "B" witnessed futile negotiations about important topics.

In Bonn, the ex-capital of West Germany, some bureaucrats were trying to prepare a post-Kyoto agreement to regulate the greenhouse gases that could be signed in Durban in December 2012. Surprisingly for them, they found out that:

Rich-poor divide reopens at UN climate talks
Some poor countries were promised by the environmentalist i.e. Marxist activists that they would be given piles of wealth after the civilized countries are deconstructed with the help of the global warming lies.

Suddenly, some Western negotiators realized at least the fact that whether or not it is a good idea to reduce the CO2 emissions, the CO2 emissions can't decrease if the developing countries will keep on developing: the CO2 production would simply shift to the currently developing world.

Of course, the poor folks just wanted the money and some of them wanted to damage the West: these were the only reasons why they would support the climate change hysteria a few years ago. They don't have the slightest interest in hurting themselves. So the talks can't lead anywhere.

One should try to appreciate what kind of money is proposed to be wasted for these insane policies. Greece is an astronomical black hole that eats a hundred of billions of euros of foreign "loans" (wasted donations) every year. I don't have to explain to you – especially if you possess some stocks – how devastating the impact of this small, unstable, and irrelevant piece of land on the world economy already is.

However, the carbon regulation policies already eat more than that. In the background, something is hurting the global economy at least as intensely as Greece and no one talks about it. Of course, these policies haven't achieved any reductions of the CO2 emissions yet – not even a reduction of the exponential growth rate of these emissions. To do so, the expenses would have to increase at least by an order of magnitude. That's financially equivalent to imagining that all of Spain, Portugal, and Italy will become exactly as hopeless as Greece. Try to visualize how the world economy would behave in this way; some people have no problem to deliberately propose such suicidal policies. (While these policies already eat hundreds of billions of dollars from the world economy every year, the negotiators don't know where to find a few million dollars for their next conference.)

And this would only start to make a "detectable" impact on CO2 emissions. Maybe.

Global warming is being praised for saving the once-rare British Argus butterfly (and pretty much all other species in the world) from extinction. What a horror. To compensate for this fact, green activists repeat that global warming drives polar bears – whose number has quadrupled in recent 50 years – to extinction.

Needless to say, even if the growth of CO2 emissions were visibly slowed down or reverted, there won't be any observable and demonstrable influences of this "success" on the world climate, at least not for the next 50 years, and even if there were such influences, they wouldn't have a positive sign.

The people who still discuss carbon regulation policies in 2012 are insane psychopaths and must be treated in this way.

Instead of being given beds in asylums, these psychopaths improve our lives by stories about the warming by 3.5 °C and similar stories every day. Note that not only an error margin is absent (the error margin of all such figures in the IPCC report is of order 100 percent so it is really absurd to list two significant figures); they don't even say what is the period of time in which the temperature increment could be 3.5 °C and what's the probability that this speculation "could" turn out to be right (be sure that it's nearly zero for any time scale shorter than two centuries).

Rational reasoning has totally evaporated from these segments of the society. These negotiators, the activists pumping hormones into the movement, and the would-be journalists who hype all this nonsense in the media are dangerous lunatics.

Incidentally, if you want some good news, Bavaria's stock exchange will end the trading of carbon indulgences next month as the prices dropped 60% in a year and the trading volumes converged to practically zero.


There are of course other dangerous lunatics in the world, too. Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, has seen another round of useless and failed talks between Iran and the Western powers that want to stop the ever more dangerous enrichment of uranium in the Persian nuclear facilities. Today, the U.N. will announce that Iran has beaten its previous record and enriched the uranium up to 27 percent.

Make no mistake about it: there are lots of lunatics in Iran, starting from Ali Khamanei, the bigot-in-chief who officially calls himself the supreme leader. Some of them literally believe that Allah, the virtual bigot-in-chief, will give them all the virgins and demands that they eliminate the infidels. On the other hand, I must say that the rumors that Iran is thinking rationally are based on a rational core, too.

There is of course a lot of civilian, non-religious, non-military activity in Persia. It's a country that has been Westernized to a large extent, especially during the Shah's reign. Much of it hasn't evaporated yet. However, I am not talking just about semi-sensible semi-socialist industrialists or scientists who work at random places of Persia (some of whom I know).

I am talking about their negotiators, too.

It seems to me that they have totally understood the emptiness of much of the Western politics, its inability to see the most obvious things, its focus on the form instead of the substance. So they sent a Saeed Jalili, a Persian top-tier security bureaucrat, to Baghdad. I think this guy in particular may be more rational than many of his Western counterparts. His job is simple: to have a nice time with third-rate politicians such as the EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton and make her sure that everything is fine and we may talk and talk and talk. We may talk next month in Moscow, too. It's so pleasant.

Meanwhile, the Iranians know very well that any delay is Persia's incremental victory. The reason is simple: the centrifuges are running. The research that allows Persia to develop and install ever more dangerous missiles with ever more dangerous warheads is recording some progress every month, too.

It seems to me that lots of people similar to Catherine Ashton simply have no clue. They're always ready to be led into thinking that the problem may be delayed by another month or another year and we're making progress towards security. Except that a rational observer, much like the Iranian religious bigots, sees very clearly that the progress is zero and, when the developments in Iran are counted, it's negative (=positive from the Islamic Republic's vantage point) after every new round of negotiations.

People like Jalili are capable of dancing with their counterparts such as Ashton in circles. Ashton enjoys the dancing so she believes that she's moving forward. But she's not. She's rotating in circles and the Persian centrifuges are doing the same thing. The only difference is that by rotating in circles, the Persian centrifuges are pushing the Iranian power-thirsty bigots forward while Ashton's dances with Jalili don't move us forward. One may actually see that Ashton herself has moved backwards; Iranians noticed that Ashton had a more conservative, Islamists-pleasing wardrobe than she had last time. Will she wear a burqah in Moscow next month?

Cross the Jordan River [the river of all the hopes], a courageous enough 1968 song celebrating emigration of Czechs after the 1968 Soviet Occupation (although formally talking about the ancient Jewish exodus), by Ms Helena Vondráčková who gradually became a pillar of the pro-Brezhnev totalitarian entertainment industry (but who made a big comeback after the 1989 Velvet Revolution, anyway). Funnily enough, the "peasant" with the mule e.g. around 1:33 is Mr Waldemar Matuška, a singer who really did emigrate in the 1980s. Ms Helena's fate was very different from that of her fellow singer, Ms Marta Kubišová, a much stronger moral character who was really harassed by the communists, had to work as a clerk in a vegetable shop, and couldn't protect her youth and image so well... I propose the song as an anthem for the Israeli (and American?) pilots who will be given the task to bomb Iran.

America has declared that it is ready to strike Iran and I don't believe there is any room left for any other than military solution at this moment. Persia should be urged to evacuate the vicinities of the labs, especially in Qom that may have to be treated by thermonuclear devices due to the stubborn, annoying, and dodgy fortification of the facility, and Obama should distribute the orders. If this operation "just" delayed the Iranian nuclear warheads by 5 years, it would be an amazing success that should be regularly repeated every few years.

Israel: immigration

Meanwhile, the ordinary people in Israel aren't thinking about Iran too much. Instead, what they see are African migrants. An Iranian nuclear bomb sent to Israel would be very visible but it doesn't mean that there can't exist much more gradual but possibly more harmful processes that may harm Israel – and, analogously, others.

What happened with Africa and Israel?

Last year, the West failed to protect Hosni Mobarak, one of the most enlightened leaders of an Arab country. In fact, most of the people in the West didn't even have the will to do so. Several groups of Islamic bigots (groups that, fortunately, dislike each other as well) took over Egypt, together with lots of anarchy. In particular, the Sinai Peninsula is a mess, too.

Lots of African migrants from Eritrea, Sudan, and a few other countries are using this chaotic land adjacent to Israel – with the help of local Bedouins – to penetrate into the most advanced country in the region. Of course that for most of them, the reasons are purely economical. In this respect, Israel faces the very same immigration problems as those we know from many Western countries. As the crime rate goes up (rapes etc.) and there are many other problems, strong words are being used. The Zionist dream is disappearing, and so on.

Israel is trying to erect a physical barrier on the border with the Sinai Peninsula (African workers are sometimes employed for the hard work) but it's not something you can do within an hour. A thousand of new immigrant enters the Jewish state every day, sending the total number to 60,000 or so.

Let me say something. I believe that a civilized country should be able to deal with a problematic minority that represents 1% of the population. Many other countries are forced to solve similar or larger problems. So if the increase stopped, I do believe that decent Israeli should stop their hysteria about the Africans, too. I agree that the inability to tolerate 1% of a traditionally poorer race is a symptom of racism. On the other hand, one should introduce some policies that will guarantee that the percentage won't grow substantially above 1%. The Israeli Arabs already represent a sufficiently large source of problems for the country and Israel just can't afford "too much more" of such problems.

Worries about visible things – such as the nuclear Holocaust in the Middle East – may be popular and attractive for our imagination. But we shouldn't forget that there are many other, less spectacular and gradually creeping events and trends that may screw our lives and our civilization equally or more efficiently. So people should stop fighting (and wasting time and money for) virtual problems such as global warming and they should start to seriously discuss genuine problems such as destructive technologies in the hands of uncontrollable bigots or the uncontrollable inflow of illegal immigrants into various countries.

And that's the memo.

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Israel don't have CO2 tax?

if they use the Polpot method that is a nice sink for the CO2

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