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Recent slow and JS-Kit Echo comments

Recent slow comments

This used to be inside the right sidebar instead of the DISQUS recent comments combination widget:

You see that it includes the fresh DISQUS comments because I turned on synchronization of DISQUS and Blogger.

But it's no longer there.

Recent Echo comments

In the sidebar, there were also old Echo fast comments.

This widget used to be in the right sidebar. I removed it on June 21st, 2012, because Echo is being decommissioned, the "recent comments" in the widget are no longer recent, and the Echo comments will ultimately be imported into DISQUS.

Recent Echo comments

New Echo comments aren't being accepted anymore and Echo will disappear on October 1st. Use DISQUS instead – where old Echo comments will be imported.

Sorry for the wrong spacing. It looked correct in the sidebar.

That's it.

The latest version of the gadget, before it was erased (moved here), was the following:

The first Echo (well, Haloscan) comments were posted on March 12th, 2005, when the blog was 5 months old. See some statistics.

New Echo comments aren't being accepted anymore, old Echo comments are still available via the pirate icon beneath each blog entry, but Echo will disappear completely on October 1st. Use DISQUS instead – where old Echo comments have been imported.

Another JS-KIT feed I have removed...

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