Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seventh Heartland Climate Conference: schedule

Between next Monday and next Wednesday, the Heartland Institute organizes the ICCC-7, its seventh climate conference. The schedule is available here:
Schedule of ICCC-7
The composition of speakers looks interesting enough. Czech President Václav Klaus – who has had some complaints about the Heartland billboards – will be responsible for the dinner keynote speech on Monday. The logistic good luck seems almost incredible: on May 20th and 21st, Klaus attends the NATO summit in the very same city of Chicago! Was some intelligent design involved?

Many other well-known names attend ICCC-7, too.

They include Shaviv, Carter, Soon, Singer, Morano, Michaels, Eschenbach, Avery, Watts, Schmitt, and many others. It is fine that these conferences are organized as long as the climate change is considered an important topic with a potential to change the world in one way or another. However, I am not quite sure whether the amount of progress in the discipline – and the debate – fully justifies this high frequency of the conferences. Aren't the talks guaranteed to become pretty repetitive? Has the law of diminishing marginal returns been properly incorporated in the calculation of the right frequency of the events?

Via San Francisco Chronicle

By the way, after a year or so, tomorrow, Benjamin Netanyahu and a few other Israeli leaders will visit Prague. Various types of peaceful, civilian collaboration will be the main topic of discussions. The guests will talk to the president and the prime minister and visit the Jewish Quarter of Prague.

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