Sunday, June 10, 2012

Global warming has stunted black holes

Anthony Watts has brought my attention to the following incredible preprint and a report about it in Nude Socialist:
X-ray emission from high-redshift miniquasars: self-regulating the population of massive black holes through global warming by Tanaka, Perna, Haiman (arXiv, astro-ph)

Cosmic climate change may have stunted black holes (New Scientist)

Quote of the Week: ‘global warming stunts black holes’ (WUWT)
The first author, Takamitsu Tanaka, summarizes the paper by saying that "This global warming process could have basically quenched the latecomers." Wow. :-)

Motivational poster by WUWT

Recall that the term "black hole" was invented by scientists because the scientific culture is racist. Why didn't they call them white holes? ;-)

I haven't yet decided whether or not there is some meaningful core in the preprint – the very claim about the "warming" in the Universe sounds bizarre. One may heat some gas locally but in average, the Universe has been cooling pretty much from the beginning as it was expanding.

At some moments, it was far from thermal equilibrium but if you calculated an average temperature, it would be cooling and not warming at all times.

So I doubt that the paper is excessively interesting or meaningful and even if some good questions about the size distribution of black holes in an ecosystem may be raised, I doubt that the answers are right.

However, the way how this astrophysical topic was mixed with "global warming" – in the very title of the preprint – and how Nude Socialist has "improved" the scientific quality of the paper by replacing "global warming" in the title of the preprint by "climate change" in their own article – all these things sound incredibly comical and dangerous at the same moment.

Needless to say, even if the paper were right, which I doubt, it has nothing to do with the climate science, climate, or even "global warming" or "climate change" which became shortcuts for the enhanced greenhouse effect (supplemented with tons of additional superstitions and bonus psychopathological delusions). It's a scientific porn of the cheapest value if someone tries to make his research look "relevant" by linking it to the climate science although there are no justifiable links of this kind.

We're not talking about the funny title only; the preprint contains the sentence "As in the case of global warming on Earth..." so it's surely trying to create links with the global warming doctrine.

Astrophysics is somewhat softer a subject than e.g. particle physics but I don't want astrophysics to be sacrificed to this insane cult of hyper-superficial pop science that talks about nonsensical constructs such as "global warming" or "climate change". So I would like if astrophysicists who agree that this kind of research and promotion of astrophysics is unacceptable wrote letters to their colleagues etc.


  1. the black hole of what? haha

    It seems your updating linkage is broken

  2. Well thank you for taking the time to tell us your opinion about a scientific paper that you insist you're not going to read.

    How would you like it if we were to subject your blog to the same treatment? Why bother reading any of your posts when I can just ASSUME what they're about based on the titles alone, and then tell the world what's wrong with your opinion when I don't really know what your opinion is?

  3. Good questions. The reason why a sensible person won't read the black hole global warming paper in detail is that the authors are self-evident crooks and idiots.

    The reason why you shouldn't subject this blog to the same treatment is that there is no symmetry here. Unlike the authors of the global warming paper, I am neither crook nor idiot.

    Otherwise I am trying to be as informative and as accurate in the titles as well, so if you manage to read at least the titles, it will be something for you to boast about. After all, with your opinion that any text should be treated in the same way, regardless of the quality, it is not reasonable to expect that you're capable and patient enough to read the bulk of the texts.

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  5. if a black whole shrinks, it gets more powerfull since there is more inner-force that pulls all the matter even closer to each other. So the global warming makes a black whole stronger?!

    and there is not such a thing as new sience.... there will only be sience. no new or old ones.