Thursday, June 21, 2012

John Kerry slams "disgraceful climate denial"

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Sen. Kerry attacks 'campaign of disinformation' on climate change (Senate video, 1 minute)

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Full transcript of his speech (
I have lived in communism for years but I have never listened to a similarly fanatical, ideologically motivated speech.

What he says is both ideologically motivated as well as untrue. It is not true that people like us want delays and backpedaling. What I want is to punish the criminal activity of certain climate alarmists as soon as possible.

It is somewhat scary to see a politician whose scientific credentials are zero – Kerry studied political science and his knowledge of natural science is truly non-existent – to use his political power for threatening the people who actually know lots of science just because their knowledge is politically inconvenient for this would-be green Gestapo cop.

I don't think that his behavior should be tolerated.

I urge Americans to use all legal tools they possess to give a proper thrashing for this nasty dishonest arrogant left-wing jerk and liar and to make his egregious mouth unusable at least for a few months or years.

Imagine that this piece of aggresive uneducated trash could have become the president of the United States of America. Imagine what he could have done. Based on his speech, he could have outlawed the very proposition that the opinions about a looming climate catastrophe are psychopathological delusions of lunatics. People resembling this "just another Gore or Unabomber wannabe" would be deciding about energy policies, about millions of jobs, about tons of new taxes, about the very freedoms including the freedom of speech, about the atmosphere in the institutions of education, and many other things.

Desperate about the fact that this climate method to achieve a huge shift of the society to the left hasn't worked and doesn't seem to work in the coming years, either, he has used lots of unbelievable words. Aside from "disgraceful denial", he complained about the "naysayers" (the word appears 10 times in the speech!) and the "conspiracy" [of "silence" and related things] 7 times: search for this word in the full transcript. Do you agree it makes him a conspiracy theorist?


  1. Any comment on the big story that Germany has achieved success with solar power?

  2. Six of the seven mentions of conspiracy refer to a "conspiracy of silence." The other one is "western market conspiracy," perceived, says Kerry, by "less developed nations"; the perceived conspirators would be those who sound the global warming alarm and demand emissions cuts. So, only the conspirators of silence could possibly include skeptics or "deniers," but surely they are not included, since they are not silent. Kerry may be stupid, but I doubt he could be so stupid as not to notice this.

    Who, then, are the conspirators? Is he talking about a conspiracy of politicians and businessmen, including Democratic pols, since they've fallen pretty silent on the question of global warming? This would mean that he was trashing his own party, which is hard to believe, but I don't see a logical alternative.

  3. Do you mean e.g. this story?

    Germany's solar falters as China takes over? Or this one?

    $2.24 per installed Watt peak sounds cool. But the word "peak" shouldn't be overlooked. The panels almost never run close to the peak. In average, it's an order of magnitude below the peak - like 100 W instead of 1,000 W; the latter is assumed in the lab conditions. And maybe just 50 W, i.e. 20 times.

    So it's really comparable to $20 or $40 per "average" Watt. So if you need 100 W per person averaged over daytime and seasons, you need to pay $2,000 to $4,000 for the installation which is still something like 10-20 years to be repaid at market electricity prices. It's surely shifting towards the economically feasible territory, however.

  4. I think it ought to be a legal requirement that any politician who wants to claim an AGW connection with some type of extreme weather should first have to consult NOAA and if NOAA says there's no connection, he should shut up.

    I mention this, because John F-ing Kerry frequently claims Tornadoes are caused by AGW. Even though our own climate alarmist government agencies say this is wrong!

  5. Perhaps the Condiment Senator believes that global warming will wipe out
    one too many tomato crops, threatening the profitability of his Ketchup
    Empire. I imagine that it's tough going from having a net worth of $200
    million to a net worth of just $2 million. That's probably what John
    Kerry thinks global warming will do to his net worth.

    Regardless of what's motivating him to wage war on global warming,
    one thing is for certain -- the man is a warmonger because he profits
    from war -- all of kinds of wars, especially Imperial Wars. He and his
    wealthy campaign contributors are getting filthy rich off of the global
    war on terror, so they are probably making plans to do the same with
    regards to the war on global warming. And although ketchup is more of a
    food product than it is a weapon of war, thanks to John Kerry and his
    Ketchup Empire, ketchup has clearly taken sides with "guns" in the
    longstanding battle between "guns and butter."

  6. John "Heinz" Kerry is a perfect example of the uneducated idiot who is a LEFTIST creep.The kind who wants to take over your brain and body as part of their never ending utopian fantasy.

    He fails as so many other ignorant dweebs on the indisputable reality that science research is never truly over or settled.

    Not only that he also fails to see that it is HIS dishonest lying pals who are sowing the "disinformation campaign" by making all kinds of bald unsupported stupid statements that are obviously crap.That the media carries their half truths and misleading bullshit day in and day out.

    It is any wonder why some people still listen to them.Maybe because their brains are already taken over and thus become permanent leftists drones.

  7. John F. HultquistJun 22, 2012, 3:12:00 AM

    “ . . . the very freedoms including the freedom of speech, .
    . .”

    “I urge Americans to use all legal tools they possess . . . ”

    He embarrasses himself.
    It his right to do so. We can
    make sure as many people as possible learn of this. That is our right.

    The people of Massachusetts need to replace him. John Edwards (recently in the news) was his
    chosen VP running mate. Edwards was
    found not guilty of campaign finance fraud – but still sleazy. Kerry, likewise, is unlikely to be legally
    accountable for his views. Being stupid
    is still not a crime.

    It does help that those that have lived through such a
    system as he advocates speak out against it.
    Thank you for doing so.

  8. Didn't know where to post this, but $500K DOE study by UCLA reports that projections for 2041 to 2060 predict a threefold increase in the number of days > 95F for LA and a fivefold increase of days>95F for surrounding areas. News report at:,0,1178174.story
    Study itself at:

    As reported, to make the finding, more calculations were done than the count of grains of sand in Southern California. Now know it must be right!