Saturday, June 30, 2012

Klaus vs Dallara on European citizenship

For days ago, the Center for Economics and Politics (CEP), a Czech libertarian think tank, organized a seminar called The Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis: A Way Forward.

The host was no one else than CEP's founder, Czech President Václav Klaus (who recently corrected some soccer newsmen – very aptly – and who was just critical about the initial movie of the International Film Festival in Carlsbad that just began), and the main other star was Charles Dallara, a banker who has held very important positions in the administrations of Reagan and Bush Sr.

A 46-minute video from the event.

I have previously attended such CEP seminars, both as a regular guy in the audience and a panelist.

You may view the friendly but sharp disagreements between Dallara and Klaus as a rather apt characterization of the politically correct wing of the U.S. Republican Party.

Dallara's comments in the first 10 minutes are somewhat boring. I couldn't listen to all of it. But it was clearly all about the messianic complex at the European level – the need to send the money to every government in Europe that may need them. Europe is one organism, a Gaia, and it must overcome all of its non-uniformities and act as a whole. Blah blah blah.

So you will surely prefer to jump to 10:00-17:00 and especially 37:45-43:40 where you can get a glimpse of Klaus the debater. He chastised Dallara and pointed out that Dallara could easily serve as a member of the European Commission – and believe me, that's a rather tough insult – because he is proposing all the things that are unacceptable for us – including a pancontinental collectivism and a European citizenship that doesn't really exist. We're talking about the taxpayer money and the taxpayers really, but really don't want to send the money to Spain! Not even one oyro (Klaus emphasizes it's a German-run currency). ;-)

Klaus mentioned that he felt no solidarity with Spain or Finland or any other country in Europe – they're analogous to Malaysia in this respect. In fact, Klaus feels more compassion with Malaysia, especially because it was hurt by some International Monetary Fund policies a few years ago. ;-) Of course, I disagree with Klaus' suggestion that all the Greek troubles may be blamed upon the EU – Greece is actually a self-sufficient European cradle of the culture of entitlement and many related things that are so wrong about the contemporary Europe – but that's where my disagreements stop.

There are many people in the GOP and analogous parties in other Western countries who genuinely want to do good things. And a part of this disagreement boils down to the Americans' opinions that Europe is analogous to (equally unified as) America. However, at some point, the American Republicans should also think twice whether they haven't abandoned all the basic values that used to define conservative parties such as the GOP. You know, I am primarily talking about the personal freedom, about the protection of the citizens against the robbery and despotic acts by the government (an ever bigger one).

Via Czech Parliamentary Letters.


  1. Lubos,

    Who is saying that the European states are analogous to the United States? That seems pretty silly to me.

  2. Dear Gene, well, people aren't using these words but many people including Dallara say things with the same content. The claims such as "Europe must help itself" betray that the speakers believe that the unity of Europe is analogous to the unity of the U.S.

  3. The sad truth is every action that has been taken will cause us more
    pain in the future. Remember, followed by nearly every cause comes some
    sort of effect. Most people will not even be able to grasp the effects
    this global financial Ponzi scheme will have on them when it collapses.
    Every time they create another stimulus or bailout the effect becomes
    more dangerous. What we are witnessing today is a system that has backed
    themselves into a corner. The only thing they have left is to create a
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  4. It's strange how we drift in and out of seeing situations through
    sovereign lenses, e.g. "the Germans" and what they want or need, "the
    Greeks" likewise, so on and so forth.

    While the various international gangsters fronting for the bankster
    cabal find it deeply moving to shape their arguments in these terms, it
    is clear that they have no genuine investment in "their country" or any
    country for that matter, beyond the cash they can extract. When they
    slip into such language, it's merely to hustle and manipulate popular
    sentiment and arouse "their" nations' populations to pointing the finger
    at others ostensibly to blame for the banksters' problems, which, of
    course, are always dressed as "our" problems.

    We really ought to pay greater attention to this inspired
    manipulation via conveniently "collectivist" exhortations to protect
    bankers. There is no "we" in banking until bankers start feeling pangs
    of fear. Then it's all about "we."

    Until bonus season, of course.

    Most of us recognize the truth of this. Yet we return to the
    suspension of disbelief, that the banksters sorely depend upon, the next
    time they ring that bell of nationalism.

  5. The largest voting bloc in the USA self identify as "Conservative", tho surely this means something different to each one.

    We are trying now to rebuild the GOP into a party that reflects its platform. I think for too long, as citizens focused on their personal lives, they didn't engage in politics, and the GOP drifted the way of the DEMs who were simply offering up candy to anyone and everyone.

    Now, many people are telling them we will not tolerate RINOs. Anyone in the GOP needs to be the real deal, or we will get rid of them, and we're doing it.

    Now, is it too little too late? Have the DEM's poisoned our country enough to collapse it? It's a close call. A lot of people are fighting very hard to turn this boat around and eject Obungo into the stratosphere where he belongs.

  6. The first step towards leveraging real and lasting political change is
    to just say no, Layne Blanchard. No to Republicans, no to Democrats.
    Saying no to some Democrats and some Republicans is insufficient. That
    just translates into “more and better” of whichever and it doesn’t work.
    Both parties represent the country’s elites. They do not represent its
    people. If there were a politician in either party who had the people’s
    good at heart, the first thing they would do is leave their party.

    Someone (Matthew 6:24) once said no one can serve two masters. Our
    elites, Republican and Democrat, serve the kleptocrats. They do not
    serve us. It does not matter that they say they serve us or that they
    serve everyone. If they serve the 1%, then they serve the 1%, no one
    else, and the rest is lies for us rubes.

    The argument of the lesser of two evils is bankrupt. The differences
    between the two parties are cosmetic and rhetorical. In substance, they
    are the same. Obama and the Democrats have been ruling to the right of
    Bush and Cheney. Under such circumstances, how can we even identify the
    lesser evil?

    We are not responsible for elites that do not represent us. We only
    are if we validate them by voting for them. We do not owe our votes to
    Romney or Obama. The Democratic and Republican parties do not own our
    votes. We should stop acting as if they do.