Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NASDAQ press release on a denier video

Globe Newswire, one of the world's largest distribution networks belonging to the NASDAQ OMX group and specializing in the delivery corporate press releases, has just released one of the most important press releases in the history of humanity:
REAP Releases Latest Satirical Video Parody "Most Ignorant Man in the World" on Climate Crisis Denial
In this press release, The Renewable Energy Accountability Project (REAP) announces the newest YouTube video called "The Most Ignorant Man in the World".

The video has already accumulated more than 400 views and the figure will soon double due to the TRF exposure. Needless to say, the most ignorant man in the world is a climate denier, the man who drinks Coca Coal much like the people in the previous, somewhat more successful video.

By the way, see also a divorced mother of 7 (billion, Mother Earth: well, they think that the world population is just 6 billion, but that's OK), who is choosing her favorite bachelor among the solar, coal, and nuclear. ;-)

They plan to release the name of the most ignorant man in the world soon. You may vote on their website whether it will be James Inhofe, Koch Brothers, or Ambre Energy. All of them fail to be ignorant and the latter one even fails to be a man – but that's just another detail that may overlooked.

REAP isn't just a group of a few nuts; it is built as a whole nonsensical corporation, with things like 15+ people in the advisory committee.

While I am laughing at the humorous intellectual emptiness of this satire, I am amazed what sort of breathtakingly stupid garbage is allowed to freely contaminate the landscape of "corporate press releases". Is this press release served to every corporate manager? I find it unbelievable what sort of childish caricatures the alarmist whackos are eager to invent without being able to realize how incredibly stupid they must look to everyone with IQ above 90.

When a climate realist wants to achieve the same goal, he or she may avoid all caricatures and he or she may simply present the climate activists as exactly the same people they actually are in the real life; the more accurately one describes the climate activists, the more embarrassing the description is for these activists.

I still hope that similar infantile assaults on coal, climate realists, and other things are just some noise that almost everyone who matters in the business world ignores. For example, out of hundreds of people who were trained for "renewable energy" in Michigan (for the state's money, of course), only a few got a job. Still, there are thousands of people who make living out of being alarmist morons and this fact irritates me, much like the fact that the United Nations uses carbon credits to fund its most reliable allies, namely dictators and mass murderers in assorted rogue nations.

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