Friday, June 08, 2012

Paul Frampton diagnosed as a beautiful mind

Paul Frampton, arrested in Latin America, is an unusual personality. just wrote:
Professor accused of smuggling drugs says he has personality disorder
Sheldon Cooper isn't insane; his mother got him tested. The result of a recent test of Paul Frampton was different, Paul said. It's not a surprise for those who know him very well – more intimately than I do.

The diagnosis makes Paul unusually gullible, as an addition to his high IQ.

The article also mentions some pictures of women – top Argentine supermodels – that appeared on this very blog. Paul Frampton said that the actual woman was "completely different". That's not too surprising because I posted a picture of a random Argentine beauty I Google searched for. More precisely, I Google searched for them and posted the winner of a fast Miss Argentina Model contest. At least I hope that Paul's ex-wife didn't think that he went to Argentina to meet Helena Halperin, a wife of a U.S. physicist.

At any rate, I hope and wish that the gullibility won't be stealing comfort from Paul for too long... If you have an idea to help him, help him or at least let us know...


  1. He obviously needed a supermodel for a detailed study of convex sets.

    The judge needs to release him to the custody of a certified gullibility-free chaperone.

    His university should be compelled to bear the cost of the chaperone in perpetuity.

    And just how do we know that Glashow didn't set this all up to make Frampton look like an idiot?

    (sorry that's not particularly "funny" is it)

  2. Dear Lubos,
    We have set up a webpage
    which contains articles and letters about Paul's case, and which also explains how people can help by, for example, donating.

    Mark Williams

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