Thursday, June 07, 2012

Political dialog in cradle of democracy

These are the typical people we may expect in the Greek government after the new June 17th elections – top people from the parties that made the greatest gains in the recent polls and whose success is likely to get amplified:

First of all, what I was surprised by was the apparent complete absence of a moderator in this TV debate. It seems that the Greeks haven't yet rediscovered the concept of a moderator (see how an effective moderator of political debates looks or one who moderates a Stalin-Hitler debate). So people are simultaneously screaming stuff past each other. They probably compete in a contest who can scream a higher number of incoherent words during the debate.

At any rate, the video gets more dramatic in the second minute.

My limited knowledge of Greek suggests that they're talking about foreign policy.

The red-shirt blonde woman, a far-left deputy from Syriza named Ms Rena Dourou, starts to talk about the man on the left, Mr Ilias Kasidiaris, the spokesman of the far-right Golden Dawn party, and the fact that he was charged (or accused of) armed robbery in 2007. He apparently thinks that such an accusation is way over the edge for such a Gentleman so he throws a cup of water at the Syriza deputy in order to prove that he has nothing to do with physical violence.

She is just amused and refreshed, enjoying the expected "moral victory" that these milliliters of water will bring to her and her far-left party. After all, he obviously provided the TV viewers with another line of evidence that the accusations are probably right.

All the participants remain in the seats except for another female far leftist, a communist named Ms Liana Kanelli next to Mr Kasidiaris who is the main culprit who had interrupted Mr Kasidiaris' previous monologue and helped to transform the debate into a shouting match. She hits him with some newspapers. Now, Mr Kasadiaris attacks the communist in a full-fledged way, trading newspapers by fists, and a Greek or Roman wrestling match begins. After a few pounches, Mr Kasadiaris apparently leaves the TV building and the Greek police seems incapable of finding him although he was seen by millions of witnesses just seconds earlier. ;-)

This is the democracy "we" want to preserve which is why we're wasting hundreds of billions euros every year. Wouldn't it be more honest and cheaper to admit that Greece is a failed state and these people have been simply made unable to decide about their own lives – by decades of hardcore socialism – and just make sure that we decide things for them?

In this form, Greece obviously doesn't deserve a penny for its preservation and it doesn't belong to the European Union.

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