Sunday, June 24, 2012

Xena: Rio+20 failed to mention billions of casualties

Among many other things I experienced today, my nephew told me about various incredible catastrophes he is going to experience in his lifetime according to everything he is told at school and in the media so I decided to look at some of the sources again.

Before I did so, I also tried to explain to him the gases in the atmosphere, the fate of polar bears, projections on various energy sources in the next 50 years, and other things. But you should have no doubt that Goebbels knew why he said that a 100 times repeated lie becomes a truth. When it comes to repetition, I (and we) just can't compete with the huge industry of propaganda spreading utter insanities about global warming and similar degenerative hardcore pseudoscientific delusions. Much of this garbage is directed at children and youth – because some people apparently think they're legitimate targets of shameless brainwashing. As Ian Plimer and Václav Klaus said, the main danger of the global warming doctrine is that the children have already been indoctrinated. Even when the adults manage to defeat the hysteria and all the nonsense it has brought with it, we will be living with a kind of a time bomb because this junk has already been hardwired into the brains of the present children who will become adults in the future.

I am sure that many men would self-confidently consider Lucy Lawless as their female counterpart or potential companion – what they would look like and how they would speak if they were female or how their partner could look like. However, she's dumb as a doorknob; it's really unbelievable.

Yesterday, she gave an interview to some New Zealand media. She complained about her surprise that so little was achieved at Rio+20. Well, this is the first sign that she is living outside the reality. Everyone who follows this topic and who has at least traces of sanity had to know that Rio+20 would achieve nothing except for ideological clichés detached from any policymaking that had to be formulated in a totally impotent way because no one really want to implement any of the psychopathological policies that are recommended by the climate hysteria movement and that would cost trillions of dollars.

But her comments are gradually getting even worse if you keep on listening to the video above.

Xena, the warrior-turned-"scientist" – doesn't like that the Rio+20 documents don't mention any tipping points and the "calamitous weather events" that will affect "billions of people".

Before a discussion about the billions, it would be interesting to see at least 1 person who has been affected by weather events of the kind that statistically significantly deviate from the weather events that the mankind has known in the previous centuries and millenniums by their intensity or frequency.

In particular, she is worried about all those nations that live in the Arctic. Unless, of course, the Arctic is actually covered by an ocean – the Arctic Ocean where it's pretty difficult for humans to live – plus largely uninhabited parts of the Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Canada, and the U.S. But I don't want to be too ambitious as a teacher who would plan to explain the concept of the "Arctic Ocean" to Lucy Lawless.

Also, it would probably be foolish to try to explain that it's pretty cold in the Arctic and if some temperature change would make the Arctic less compatible with life, it would be additional cooling, not warming. Needless to say, Lawless believes that one may build lots of new jobs by banning fossil fuels that are "dwindling" – she has probably not heard about tar sands and shale gas yet. But even if the fossil fuels were dwindling, banning them abruptly would surely not help the job market, would it?

But I exploded in laughter when she described the global role of the New Zealand energy industry. New Zealand is lucky to have an electricity industry whose 23% is made of fossil fuels, 0% is made of nuclear energy, and 77% is represented by renewable energy, especially hydropower, partly geothermal power, and – in recent years – wind energy. I say it's lucky because not every country has 24 peaks above 3 kilometers of height (they may give some potential energy to the water for your hydropower plants) much like not every country has oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. For example, Czechia (where hydropower is still the dominant "renewable" source despite the fact that we have also managed to become a solar superpower due to some insane policies of subsidies 2-3 years ago that have already been largely reverted) only has 4 peaks above 1,500 meters of altitude. So we just do need lots of fossil fuels and nuclear power plants, too. Donate us the territory of New Zealand and things may be different. But the landscape does affect what one needs to do to survive – or flourish. But let me return to Lawless' recommendation to the energy industry of her homeland:

We should be selling that energy all over the world! ROTFL. ;-)

To export her hydropower to the U.S., for example, she will have to build 10,000+ kilometers of trans-ocean or superconducting power lines to California. I suspect the construction will be funded by donations to Greenpeace New Zealand. Good luck! She's been active in this kind of business for many years but her knowledge about the real world hasn't yet surpassed the knowledge of an average girl in the kindergarten.

This misunderstanding of the concept of "distance" is pretty typical for the global warming movement, especially because of the adjective "global". The idea is that the planet is a small organism and everything is connected with everything. So if an actor in New Zealand decides to export electricity to California, New Zealand will just place the power lines between California and New Zealand, right? She's used to fly everywhere and it takes a few hours. So it can't possibly be difficult to transfer energy over 11,000 km, either, can it?

In reality, almost nothing is global. The electricity sectors of the continents and, to a large extent, countries are isolated from each other. It's not economically feasible to export hydropower from an isolated island to a different continent. The world is still very large and is composed of lots of regions that live their own local life and don't interact – and can't interact – with each other much. There's no global warming. There's local warming somewhere, local cooling elsewhere, and different places don't give a damn about what's happening elsewhere. (And in most cases, a one-degree temperature changes are irrelevant even for the same places where the change occurs.) Almost everything is local. The laws of physics, quantum field theory, is strictly local. The very idea about a global world that is one whole – something that Lawless has repeated many times as well – is nothing else than an idiocy. There is nothing unified about our planet.

Lawless also screams around 3:50 that a New Zealand female minister blew her mind when she said that their country is doing fine when it comes to the renewable fad. 77% of energy being renewable is not enough for the Princess Warrior. ;-)

It's surely fun to watch personalities like herself – which is why I sometimes do such things – but if you think about the content independently of her fame and appearance, you must cry. You must cry about the intellectual quality – more precisely, the bug-nutty, bat shit craziness – of the people who may actually be considered the world's leading opinionmakers at the beginning of the 21st century, a century that used to be connected by writers of science-fiction novels as well as many others with a rational world based on the omnipresent science and technology. Opinionmakers who shouldn't have been allowed to complete their elementary school (if not the kindergarten) because they demonstrably lack the knowledge that the elementary school should teach everyone.

If we don't look at the increasingly squeezed and harassed – yet still amazingly efficient and progressing – industry and we look at the general culture, we must conclude that most of the science-fiction writers were just wrong when they were writing about the years right after 2000. Instead of a futuristic world, most of the mankind is returning to the Middle Ages, being led by bug-nutty, bat shit crazy crackpots and witches such as Lucy Lawless.

It's sad, it's scary, but it's the memo.


  1. Dear Lubos,this is scary but fortunately she is only an actress.
    Much more scary for me is Euro insanity right now. The German finance minister Schäuble openly plans to be the next European finance minister. They seriously prepare for the EUdSSR. The media only talk about the fiscal pact which is the decoration. They don't mention ESM which is the weapon of mass destruction. For the German opposition the only problem is that the Euro insanity is not going fast enough. Instead of seeing the Euro as a lost project with immense cost they want to play vabanque. Asked how you could explain to a German that he has to work until 67 before he gets old age pension while the French want to go down to 60 when they share the same pool of money the answer is that the pension age has to be centrally defined in Brussels. And so on and so on

  2. It could be a scene from Idiocracy the movie. She's a bit of a drama queen isn't she ?

  3. Mikael, I actually have the feeling -I may be wrong- that Hollande and his overwhelming socialist majority is promising these outrageous advantages and chastely calling the austerity the "economic recovery" in full knowledge that the French opinion knows very well that almost none of their promises will hold. Still French people like to be rocked with nice words that don't reflect reality. Germany and Brussels have already told the French government they are pushing it too far now. And it's all good for Hollande since their main objective is to have more Europe, They want to avoid the collapse of the Eurozone, so they are making these outrageous promises so everybody in Europe will tell us we're mad. French people will be forced to come to their senses. Hollande knows that. Therefore there will have to be a fast "paradigm shift" and the full power will eventually end up in the hands of Brussels and Brussels only. France is the main player for Europe through great manipulation. Again maybe I'm being a bit twisted here ?... :-/

  4. This is not about Hollande or politician xyz. Whoever wants this European superstate it will end in a big desaster because nobody will feel responsible for anything. The economist calls this phenomenon "moral hazard".

  5. Lubos: Lawless spoke about selling New Zealand's geothermal- and hydro-related "intellectual property" "all over the world," not its electric power.

  6. I was born and raised in Alaska and spent most of my childhood traveling up and down the Alyeska Pipeline with my father, who worked for them as a corrosion engineer. When I 16 I started working for BP and Alyeska myself, much of that time in the high arctic.

    This was in the mid-90s when global warming was starting to be really hyped. Were it not for this coincidence of birth I'd probably be an alarmist loon too, but instead I was in a relatively unique position to see how much they lied and exaggerated.

    Most of you here no doubt know the claims of dying polar bears, glaciers melting and so forth are total lies. But I'd like to say a few words about drilling for oil in the arctic.

    First off, oil is literally the lifeblood of the arctic. The native way of life has been so destroyed, and is now so controlled by government, that it's really not possible for villages to remain without modern fuels for heating, transportation and cooking (or would reverting to hunting whales with spears, eating raw blubber, and forcing half-starved dogs to drag sleds around be preferable?).

    But most people don't care much villagers anyway, in my experience. It's the animals that are important! So let me tell you, the Alyeska pipeline is a blessing for the animals of Alaska. It provides shelter and shade, a convenient path, and -- most importantly by far -- a hunting free zone. Not even natives are allowed to hunt within a certain range of the pipeline. The animals figured this out very quickly and have even modified migration paths to cling to the pipeline as long as they can.

    The 'impact' of the pipeline is so small it's laughable to hear people talk about that. Pipeline + road along side it (and most of the pipe is buried, by the way) is about the size of a country road. People simply do not understand the vastness of the arctic... this is complaining about one road cutting across a state three times larger than texas and many times larger than most the countries on the planet. The 12 pump stations spaced along the pipeline are about the size of a small elementary school -- again laughable.

    Oil spills in the high arctic are no big deal; in fact they happen all the time, far, far more often than most people realize. The permafrost makes cleanup a breeze (and no, the permafrost is not melting except along the coast where it erodes as it always has). The difficulties with oil spills is in deep water, and what happened in Valdez (which is doing just fine, incidentally) or the gulf of mexico would be many times worse in the arctic ocean due to extreme logistics difficulties. But there's no need for that at all, except in the heads of greenies who work to ban onshore drilling.

    Sorry for the long rant. This subject rather annoys me.

  7. The neofeudal Brussels elite have bet the farm. They're ready and
    willing to fight to the last serf to maintain their privileges.
    Outrageous salaries, chances to tap into and divert taxpayers' money,
    and lavish dinner parties with other members of Brussels neofeudal
    elite. That's what this is all about - keeping their EU(SSR) dream

    The EU has failed, the Brussels bureaucrats have failed. Separate
    European nation states do just fine without the EU. Those EU member
    states that are not willing to dump the EU, will live and die as slaves,
    as the next item on the menu is freedom.

    If it weren't for the EU, a country like Greece could only have been able to borrow for a short term, preferably not at all.

  8. Can we take a moment to ask why Eurozone debt crisis called a "crisis"?
    How can something that's your own fault be called a "crisis"? This is
    just called "being broke". It's not an "Act of God". You didn't get
    hit by a tornado, Europe. You spent much more than you had, and you made
    idiotic economic policy for political convenience -- for a period of

    Now they're finally flat-out-of-cash and trying to spin this like
    it's some cosmic event that happened "to them", and not "because of
    them" by using words like "crisis".

    And can we stop calling it "Recapitalization" and call it for what
    it is: "Handing out free money". The banks aren't asking to be "recapitalized". They're asking for free money, because of the "crisis"
    -- I mean, because they're broke.

    And while we're at it, can we stop pretending that the banking
    system is some kind of "public work"? It's a private cartel owned by the
    one percent.

    "Recapitalizing" banks because of the "crisis" is (ergo) another way
    of saying: "Handing out free money to the one percent because they're

    It's bad enough seeing these b.s. semantics in the mainstream, but at least here we should call them for what they are...

  9. Though I am not an advocate of unchecked free markets, I can see an analogy with the evolution of biological organisms.

    If we believe in evolution, and I hope we do, a higher biological organism like a mammal has developed from single celled individuals and exists in a state equilibrium : energy in= energy out, by a very complicated system that would be hard to model with equations, where the legs spend energy to take the mammal to food that has been discovered by the brain, the mouth eats it, the stomach digests it and distributes the energy in the blood, so that the lungs breath in air and distribute the oxygen in the body with the pumping heart and energy goes where it is needed.

    It makes no sense to say : the heart hogs the blood. If it does that there is a heart attack on and the solution is to intervene and stop the clog, not to lament : stupid heart does not move the blood.

    With this crude analogy I am saying that in our civilization, the way it has evolved. banks are essential in moving the energy needed around for our societies to work. When they fail, it is a heart attach and one has to intervene.

    Maybe another model of society might work better, but we have seen the soviet one tested, and it was terrible for the average individual. The fascist one, ditto, and if we go to history the imperial ones ditto. Democracy and free markets are the best we have as human societies up to now, and we should learn to use checks and balances, not to castigate ailing components of a most of the time working system.

  10. To speak of "Europe" as a whole is an infamous lie. At least so far we have souvereign European countries who act differently and should be judged differently.

  11. The city I live in has 3 peaks above 3000 meters but sadly no hydropower plants, so maybe Lucy can send some water up there to come down the mountains.

    I was already an adult by the time the global warming scare came into being so wasn't a blank slate subject to easy brain washing. But my experience with 20-somethings is that the brainwashing has already taken root, without any exceptions I have come across they take catastrophic climate change to be a complete fact and think I am strange for questioning it. I think its a lost cause, the only thing that's going to stop this is a prolonged period without any temperature changes or perhaps even cooling. But even then it might not work, after all the temperature has not gone up with any significance for many years already but these young people I know keep talking about the fact its getting hotter and hotter by the day and now we have longer growing seasons, even though none of this has a basis in reality. Its going to be hard to undo all that brainwashing that's been going on, like it was probably hard to erase Hitler from Germans who grew up in the period and so were thoroughly brain washed.

  12. Dear god, I didn't realise that only NZ has hydo-related IP. I'll leave out the Hoover Dam although it might be a good stimulus if the US started a few more. And I'll ignore Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.
    Oh and just look at Tim Flannery's investment in geo-thermal. Ha Ha

  13. Lubos, for any child brought up in the '60s over here Socialism

  14. Dear Smoking Frog, I agree with Brian. It's even more comical if she meant to export hydrothermal know-how into the whole world.

    Hoover Dam is pretty good but even Czechia may hesitate before importing such know-how from NZ. For example, we have this pumping storage plant

    which is rather unique. A pair of ponds at very different latitudes, nominal capacity 2 x 325 MW, pretty much the same as Manapouri, the largest hydroplant in NZ. In a poll, Czechs included it among the 7 technological wonders of our homeland.

  15. Lubos,
    great pumping station over there, but it only states, in the German version, the power rating, not for how long it can supply that power ...
    we in Belgium have this ... ... it is about as powerful, or maybe more powerful, as our most powerful nuclear power station ...
    problem is: only for 1 hour ...

  16. Well spoken! I don't expect this to be seen as I was just browsing the archives now, but you made a very good point: essentially, the human race is becoming a slave to one of its own objects. Money is for man, not man for money!