Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lisa Randall: Higgs discovery, e-book

The Power of Empty Space

If you have a Kindle you should click at the link on the left side, learn by another click how to make purchases, and buy one of the world's most famous particle theorist's short e-book offering her views on the discovery of the Higgs boson and her memories from the relevant days.

After all, spending three dollars in similar ways is why you bought your Kindle in the first place. ;-)

I have had the pleasure to read the book while it was being written and it surely stores lots of things that an extra informed laymen wants to know. Attached are chapters from Lisa's classical books, the Warped Passages and Knocking on Heaven's Door.

After all, those who have no Kindle and don't want to spend $79 to buy one have no excuse not to buy the e-book because
free Kindle reading apps
are available for all operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, as well as for your browser at any system, to allow you to read all the books instantly.

By the way, if you have an iOS device, download the Kindle app, login with your credentials, and the name of your iOS device will automatically appear on pages such as the page of Lisa's e-book so that you may deliver the e-book to your iOS Kindle app by one click and wirelessly.


  1. Are You gonna translate this one too, Lubos ? Just finished reading Knocking on... She writes very well, and although not as much (yet) as Agatha Christie, time and new physics (at LHC0 are on her side.. :-)

  2. I think the answer is No. I hope that my younger classmates from Prague - currently spread over the world - did a good job with Warped Passages. Moreover, I am not sure whether there is an e-book market in Czechia at all.

    Your comment on Christie and LHC is funny. ;-)

  3. Kindle unfortunately uses a proprietary format which restricts you mostly to kindle and amazon. I find this very annoying. I have a kobo touch, but, if possible, prefer reading paper books. You are correct, however, that amazon ebooks can be read on, say, your laptop and I have many books with different formats and readers on the laptop. I assume soon some clever programmers will come up with a solution, or an ereader producer will. (Note, for most tablets as opposed to base price e-ink readers, there exist ways of changing formats and uploading the books, but it is still annoying.)
    Lisa is a real chameleon, isn't she? opera, popular books, an e-book, professor, TV interviewee (Charlie Rose etc)---Maybe she is still competing with old Stuyvestant high school rival, Brian Greene (even with the music---Brian studied piano at Oxford with pianist Jack Gibbons)

  4. BTW for those who are interested: after 1.5 days, the link at the top sold 26 copies of the e-book...

  5. Yep, Lisa Randall has certainly something much nicer and more interesting to say about the discovery of the higgs than the people whining about nighmare scenarios etc ... :-)

  6. And she's the only one who can "nail it" within the laymen physics community.

  7. For those who don't like e-books, I notice that a paperback edition is available from The book is very short - only 48 pages.