Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paul Frampton's Argentine sweetheart revealed: a Czech-born model

The content of this blog entry is extremely light and a favorite physicist of some of us is the only justification why it's here: so I discourage serious readers from reading the rest of this text

In March, we learned that Prof Paul Frampton, a TRF guest blogger and a later diagnosed beautiful mind (his ex-wife quantified his emotional age as three years), was arrested in Argentina with cocaine.

He went to meet a woman who fell in love with him. Who was that? Based on my knowledge of Paul's taste and what he can afford, I guessed her name was Valeria Mazza.

I wasn't too far from the truth. Well, I should have known that the right one wasn't blonde. More importantly, it turned out that the truth was much closer to me than I thought: she is Czech.

Alejandro Rivero just sent me an URL to an article in The Telegraph:
I fell for cocaine honeytrap, claims British physicist in Argentine jail
We finally learned who is the future Ms Frampton. It's Miss Bikini World 2007, Czech-born Denise Milani. She was frantically exchanging e-mail with Paul, he told us.

Denise Milani is clearly not a native Czech name; her original name is Denisa Krajíčková (or Denisa Krajíčková Trlica) which is perfectly Czech. However, as the Czech Wikipedia reveals, she was born in May 1980 in the (double) city of Frýdek-Místek. The weight of her 90DDD breasts is 52 kilograms, we learn from Wikipedia – quite powerful organs but according to the video below, the figure looks pretty accurate.

I wouldn't embed such off-topic videos but one must admit that this one is physical so at least some readers may find it appropriate for a physics blog.

Oh, I see, it's probably the weight of the whole body so I may have overstated "them" by a few percent. ;-) The weight of the world's heaviest natural "assets", those of Annie Hawkins-Turner, is 39 kilograms.

But back to Ms Milani.

She currently lives in Southern California these days. I understand that she likes older men similar to Paul (and she's already tired of photo shoot), as she told him by e-mail, but I don't quite understand why they wanted to meet in Argentina if she lives in Southern California. Why did you buy this, Paul!?

Located in the Northeastern corner of the Czech Republic, Frýdek-Místek has fewer than 60,000 inhabitants but Milani isn't the only native who is now known to TRF readers. Olda Klimánek, who translated Brian Greene's The Fabric of the Cosmos to Czech, was born there and lives in the town, too.

At any rate, whether Milani will marry Paul or not, I hope that they will release him now! And yes, I think that Milani has created so much trouble for Paul that she should marry him now. ;-) All of my suspicion that Paul was consciously involved in drug trafficking have evaporated by now. He still faces 16 years in prison which sounds scary.

While the environment seems to make Paul extremely productive – he has already published five papers since he moved to the prison – it's clearly an extremely unhealthy and ugly environment (he's had a cold 10 times already).

I have already contacted Ms Milani and asked her to visit Paul in the prison. As a princess from a fairy-tale, she should easily liberate him and marry him. Or at least the former.


I will be away for 16 days, going to Kabul. Denisa replied to me, she loves me, and if she doesn't make it to Kabul, I will have to go to Tehran with a tight package of her bras and kets taken from her manager. We will meet over there. See you soon!


  1. I am glad to be of your service in this occassion :-) I myself saw the news in the twitter of @sc_k.

  2. I follow her as well but it's impossible - or an apparent waste of time - to watch all the tweets by everyone systematically.

  3. Wow. That's one of the saddest things I've ever heard. Obviously Frampton is innocent, in sense, but if this was some ordinary Joe Blow I wonder if everyone would be rushing to his defense. After all, he almost did smuggle a substantial amount of drugs by carrying a suitcase that some random person gave to him. The article I read quotes him as saying, "I never thought these sorts of people existed". If that's a true quote, them I'm very sorry for him, and he's lucky to have lived as long as he has.

  4. Beautiful Czech women do it to us every time.. I should know, I married one too... :-)

  5. you haven't mentioned that they are not natural

  6. In some sense, Paul was lucky to fell in love with a virtual one, wasn't he? ;-)

  7. I haven't found any trustworthy evidence that they come from Silicon Valley so it seems plausible that this is just gossip from the jealous ones.

  8. Lubos, prejdu na cestinu, mas e-mail, kdybych ti chtel napsat ?

  9. mmh... not so fresh those quails... ;-D

  10. Jasně, normálně křestní jméno tečka příjmení zavináč gambrinuspošta tečka kom, přičemž z jména piva je jen jedno písmeno a pošta je třeba přeložit do angličtiny, podobně jako kom.

  11. Having posted her...assets...on my blog before, I am sure my readers will be fascinated to know those sweater puppies weigh 114 lbs.
    As you say, it might be a slight exaggeration, but it's too good to...wait for it...Czech. :-)

  12. "Your Honor, this shouldn't count as smuggling because all the defendant was doing was chasing some tail."

    Yeah, if that argument worked the prisons would be empty.

  13. Quick - what color were her eyes?

  14. OK, in your generic example, the defendant was *also* chasing some tail, among other reasons. But in this case, I think that the details of the chasing of the tail show that the defendant wasn't actively and consciously involved in the activity that is actually criminal.

  15. before she launched her own website that she later stopped, she was modelling for a site called http://sportsbybrooks.com/ in 2006 when her boobs were real.
    when she launched her website they were fake. it looks like the site does not have an archive with the girls' names like before but with a quick search you can easily notice the difference in size in the few months between the sportsbybrooks shoots and her website's shoots. it is also one of teh main reasons that she stopped doing shoots for her site later and stopped working with the company she was working for.

  16. if Frampton gets two years that in my opinion is a very likely scenario does anyone know if he is likely to get his job back? is the university required to stop employing him or it depends on them, the image of the university etc.?

  17. When did this stop being fun?

    I agree in principle. Denise is the true criminal.
    She reminds me of the character Saffron from the Firefly episode 6, "Our Mrs Reynolds".

    Maybe you can help Paul and find some of the (I'm going to go with hundreds) of men Denise has duped into being accomplice in other criminal enterprises. Might flesh out the inactive and unconscious parts of Paul's involvement.

    For my part, this story has given me the opportunity to use my favorite Firefly quote;

    Damn you, Bridget Denise. Damn you to Hades. You broke my heart in a million pieces. You made me love you and then you... I shaved off my beard for you, devil woman!

  18. Hazel - according to her wiki page.

  19. It is not and it never was funny ... :-(

    This story makes Argentina's governement and legal system looking very very bad ! There must be a lot of corruption involved etc ...

    Doing absolutely nothing to resolve this issue and find the true
    culprits, but holding an innocent and internationally well respected
    physics professor in prison for such a long time without any god reason ... :-(0)

    SHAME ON YOU !!!

    The UNO or other powerful enough international communities should issue an economy boycott against Argentina at least ...

  20. Dear papertiger, I apologize but I don't understand what is serious in your comment and what is a joke, and if there is a joke in it, I am not getting it.

    Denise is obviously not involved with this criminal activity, either. She's another victim, although less affected one than Paul.

  21. Hi everyone. Last Sunday, Clarín, Argentina's largest newspaper, published Frampton's story in the front-cover (half a page). See the cover: http://www.diariopopular.com.ar/contenidos/tapas-impresas.html?idAdjunto=72040

    Sunday journal is the most important one in Argentina (I guess everywhere), so they clearly made the editorial decision to put this news on the country's agenda. Clarín is Buenos Aires-based, but has national distribution. Typical Sunday circulation is 700,000 over a 40 mill population.

    The story about Frampton included an interview in jail, some comments from people that know him and a facsimile of a letter that many well-known physicists from all around the world have written to the president of Argentina to intercede for Frampton.

  22. Here's the kernel of the story that I missed on first inspection. Paul never met this girl, ever. Never even talked to her on the phone. It was all via email.

    I didn't realize that. The real Denise might never have been involved. But for that story to be true it requires a cocaine trafficker willing and able to play a flirtatious girl for months at a time, grooming a stranger who more likely than not doesn't have the beautiful mind syndrome, without a clear objective at the end.
    They just get lucky stumbling up on Paul in the chatroom, but not so lucky since it took two months?

  23. Ahhh.. And I forgot to mention!!! In the news coverage by Clarín, they even mentioned that Frampton's story was discussed in "The Reference Frame" Blog! ;)

    (sixth paragraph here: http://www.clarin.com/policiales/increible-historia-famoso-fisico-narco_0_741526162.html)

  24. http://www.clarin.com/policiales/increible-historia-famoso-fisico-narco_0_741526162.html They mention "The Reference Frame"

  25. It's still worthwhile to check for other guys who were duped by an online person claiming to be Denise Milani.

  26. Jesus Christ, did you really think that the real Denise was involved, papertiger? ;-)

  27. The article in Clarin involves John Dixon http://cybersusy.blogspot.com.es/
    who, according the newspaper, explicitly alerted Frampton to do not carry any suitcase from unknown persons. The newspapers goes as far as to tell that Dixon mentioned the Sharon Amstrong case, but this could be just the typical mixing of notes that happens in journalistic reports.

  28. Dixon knows his stuff but even I could tell this wisdom about suitcases of strangers to Paul if he asked me because I am socially mature enough!

    Bazinga. ;-)

  29. Cool! :-) Thanks. The ending parenthesis in your URL shouldn't be there. The automatic English translation is here:


  30. I hope the media coverage in Argentina will help Prof. Frampton and bring some justice in this sad story ...
    I`m worried about him too :-(

  31. Well, it seemed more likely than, a well educated 68 year old man chasing an email string across hemispheres for a bootie call.

  32. Your last two sentences remind me of Jack Nicholson's (playing an OC author) reply to the pneumatic blonde secretary of his publisher in the Movie, "As Good As It Gets" when she pursued him to the elevator asking how he wrote women characters so well. He replied, "I write a
    man. Then I remove reason and accountability." :)

  33. Off topic (sorry Lumo but I have to say this somewhere or I'll explode :-(0)...): dmckee is beeing very annoying again, closing perfectly good questions on his own against the will of other people on physics SE , see



    He CAN be nice, friendly, and quite reasonable if he wants to; but at the moment I`d like to offer him a one-way-ticket for a flight to the moon.
    Somebody should stop him it this keeps going, or he`ll succesfully drive active researchers and other people interested in fundamental physics away from physics SE.
    BTW your two comments containing the link to the TRF article would have made a nice answer too ... :-)

  34. Nobody agrees with me? Boo.

    Let's try again. Just for amusement purposes.
    No, I don't think she fell in love with the 68 year old guy.
    I have no knowledge of Miss Milani's motives or even of her involvement in this.

    But I do have some knowledge of Los Angeles where Milani has immigrated to. Hold on to your seatbelt Boss, and fight the urge to hop on the next flight to California after I tell you this, but in L.A. busty glamour models are a dime a dozen, with bus loads more arriving every day.

    Lots of competition drives down the cost of hiring a bikini model, no matter how spectacular her assets. Hence her butt load of self promotion on the internet.

    Denise doesn't do nudity according to this guy, who I guess keeps close watch on that sort of thing.
    Unusual for an underwear model I suppose.
    That's a subtlety which puts her squarely in the generic "elderly academic" wheelhouse.
    Professors can be a little hoity toity, and this sort of girl would play into the conceit that the good professor is above the tawdry, while he is in fact in pursuit of just that thing.

    If Milani were moonlighting as bait to induce men into being unwitting drug moles it wouldn't be a one off. It would be a steady gig, fed with a steady supply of dupes screened from her facebook page.

    If someone were pretending to be Milani for two months, I submit that that is a harder activity than just chatting for two months to get a project done.
    It compares to pretending to be a liberal long enough to get a Daily Kos diary. Not easy to do. Bordering on "Might be easier to get a legitimate employment" territory.

    Ok? Agree? Disagree?

    I'll have to do some more background research on Milani. ;)

  35. Ask Shay Jones to visit him. She is the person who has impersonated Denise Milani. She lives in Ogden UT. Eight o one three one seven three seven five nine. She's working hard on victim number 32, a naturopathic doctor called Steven West. Stay tuned.