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Gore's investment firm: no green investments

Al Gore has repeatedly said that he was putting his money where his mouth is. However, it was just revealed that in the real world, Al Gore is stealing the money where almost every green criminal steals them, and he is putting them where almost every rich person or investor puts them. Be sure that these two places are very different from one another. just published a very interesting text with the title:

Al Gore bails from green energy investment
Bill Gunderson, the president of Gunderson Capital Management, has looked at the portfolio of Al Gore's investment management firm, Generation Investment Management. In fact, you can look at the list yourself; it's at the SEC website:
SEC about Gore's firm
What firms will you see there?

You may check every individual company listed over there – I haven't done so but Gunderson claims that none of them is concerned with carbon reduction or alternative energy sources. In particular, none of the companies produces solar panels, wind turbines, or biofuels. Instead, what you find are mundane commercial real estate, biotech, and healthcare companies, aside from Amazon, Procter and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Polypore (whose stocks they doubled: production of membranes for batteries and filters), and others.

In general, the green companies were never promising or profitable by themselves. They have always relied on subsidies and distortions of the markets guaranteed by corrupt or just plain stupid politicians controlled by special groups such as the group around Al Gore. But even the subsidies are dropping and Al Gore, or at least people in his company, know it very well.

So the climate is the place where Al Gore earns his money starting from nothing – for insane speaking fees, from sponsors, printed carbon indulgences by himself, and so on. But once he has already stolen all these millions, he can't afford to throw them to the trash bin known as the green economy because it was so hard for him to steal all these funds by decades of lying and fraud! He invests them just like everyone else.

I wonder whether during one of the future "climate reality days" that Gore organizes, he will reveal the reality of the climate's absence in his investments.

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snail feedback (11) :

reader Shannon said...

Al Gore clearly owes an explanation... but being a politician I'm sure he'll smoke out some good reasons.

reader Jack Savage said...

Nice one , Lubos.
I , for one, will never tire of kicking the pompous lecherous fraud that is Al Gore at every opportunity.

reader Brian Lemon said...

I broke this over 5 years ago:
He is a liar and fraudest

reader Pat said...

Gore's company website explicitly calls for "sustainable capitalism". This does not mean investing capital in companies manufacturing wind turbines or solar panels, which would be "capitalism to increase energy sustainability". Rather his company specialises in investing in businesses that show market sustainability i.e. they can sustain themselves for the long term because of certain corporate practices such as combating "water scarcity" and "climate crisis". So it's an ordinary hedge fund except it stresses on long term "sustainable" investment which explains why it has Amazon, Ebay etc. on SEC filing.

So Gore is being capitalist like you hahaha.

But it's also true he has created several non-profit environmental organisations like 'Alliance for Climate Protection" so there's more to it.

reader Shannon said...

Yeah, nice smoke screen... cough cough

reader So said...

"So Gore is being capitalist like you hahaha."
I'm thinking the sex poodle is more like a capitalist TV evangelist.
Yeah, "there's more to it" alright - The Sex poodle even has his own non-profit church - The Alliance for Cimate Protection. Pass the collection plate and praise the Gore. Can I get an amen Pat?

reader Pat said...

If you don't worship anybody crazily then you are 'saved'. Doesn't matter who..amen to that.

reader Douglas Proctor said...

Sometimes the obvious question is the one you never think to ask ... like this one! Where Big Al puts his money is a pure reflection of where he believes improvements in the asset value and market demand will be. But he may not be thjinking long-term, in which case he would NOT be putting his money into Eco-Green. That would be for later, when the technology and markets were obviously improved. The hypocrisy lies in any statement that advises Eco-Green investments RIGHT NOW> Though the biggest return is from early investments, many large investment houses hold back until there is a proven rocord of growth. Al may be doing that, while he still believes in the long-term growth. What is hypocritical is if he says that support of the eco-green is essential and/or a moral obligation, and yet waits until "later" to do so himself. A lot of celebrities argue that putting their name, face and profile to the cause is enough: the little people put their money where the big people put thair smiles. I'd vcall that a conceit, but I'm just a little people, nso I suppose my opinion doesn't count, anyway.

reader geeyore said...

Al Gore made his millions from Google options. He was hired as a consultant shortly after ardent leftie Eric Schmidt joined the Google board in March 2001 and then became CEO in August 2001 with 14 million shares. One presumes Gore received a large block of options via his buddy Schmidt. There are estimates that Gore made $70 million from Google options, but no one really knows (outside of Google). Google went public in August 2004, and Gore's Generation Investment was founded in 2004 (month unknown). The Generation Investment LLP filings with the SEC have been publicly available for many years, this story is not really a big revelation. But the connection between Generation and "sustainability" is tenuous at best, it looks like any other quasi-tech fund.

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