Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Street View: Antarctica, deep ocean, Alps, Mars, etc.

If you haven't played with Google Maps for some time, you may want to try some of the wonderful links below. Note that the Street View always allows you to "drag" and change your point of view – or press \(\langle\) and \(\rangle\) arrows on the photograph itself and walk a little bit further.

You may think that Street View doesn't allow you to enter the living rooms but at least in some cases, this opinion is wrong.

So try these links near the Antarctica:
South Pole Telescope
Shackleton's Hut
Ceremonial South Pole
Scott's Hut
Cape Royds Adélie Penguin Rookery
Now, the ocean. A turtle was just swimming in front of the Google Minivan as it was happily driving on the ocean floor ;-).

More generally, try Street View Gallery: Ocean. You will find six spots including coral reefs. These organized pictures were added today.

Even more generally, try Street View Gallery. The collections cover the ocean, Antarctica, Scenic Hawaii, World Wonders Project, Amazon, Swiss Alps, seven continents, an art project, discover Israel, NASA, and so on, and so on.

Also, you should notice that the command buttons in the upper taskbar of a new Google Earth has a "planet icon" which allows you to choose the Earth, the Moon, the sky, and... Mars. Wow, I just discovered Nice, France on the Moon as well as Mars. ;-)

As you must have heard – or experienced – Apple introduced its new operating system iOS6 that replaced Google Maps by Apple Maps. Most bridges are broken, maps are not detailed at all, the Senkaku Islands that power some Sino-Japanese tension these days are doubled (in Apple's apparent diplomatic efforts to provide each Asian nation with one copy of the islands), and so on. Even Apple can sometimes screw something. ;-)

Meanwhile, The Telegraph just wrote that some pictures that the Hubble Space Telescope took in 2004 were just unclassified: 5,500 most distant galaxies in the XDF, extreme deep field.


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