Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Higgs boson observation: Sheldon hires a hottie

American readers shouldn't forget to watch the TV's #1 comedy, the 3rd episode of 6th season of The Big Bang Theory at 8 pm tonight. The Biden-Ryan vice-presidential debate begins at 9 pm ET (update: video).

It's called "The Higgs Boson Observation". I guess that the fathers of the sitcom were speculating about the Nobel prize so they chose a Higgs-related name of the episode for the Nobel prize (and Nobel-related content of the episode: Sheldon wants to determine whether he found the Higgs boson before Higgs etc., probably not). If so, they were not the only ones whose guess was wrong.

In the episode, Sheldon Cooper hires a young female assistant, Alex Jensen. Imagine what it may do to Amy Farrah Fowler. Howard Wolowitz at the International Space Station feels homesick, especially when it comes to the terrestrial gravity.


  1. Aawh... poor Amy... :°(
    Will it be jealousy or lack of trust in Sheldon ?... I wonder and I can't wait to see that episode :-)

  2. BTW, I keep thinking that Leonard (Johnny Galecki), would be great in the role of Columbo, the famous detective :-) Anybody agree with me ?