Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anthony Watts' television channel

Al Gore has a new TV competitor

Last year, Al Gore's Climate Parody Day spent millions of dollars and attracted a few thousand viewers in the whole world who watched the boring show for a few minutes in average.

Because the man behind the world's most viewed climate website, Watts Up With That (150 million views or so), apparently thinks that it was a success (sorry for this comment, Anthony, but I just couldn't resist), he wants to attract a few percent of Gore's audience and that's why he has established a new television channel to compete with Current TV, Climate Parody Day, and Fox News. Here is the video:

Free live streaming by Ustream

Before the main program begins, you may look at a monoscope with an assertive monotonic sound.

Both Gore's Climate Reality Day II and Watts' competing program begin tonight, U.S. time. Already now, you may compare a funny dirty reality weather forecast by Al Gore with the temperatures in the real reality – most of the U.S. is under the freezing point. ;-)


  1. Hmmm. Not seeing anything on that video, Lubos. It is b;ank.


    Come on over Wood. Join the conversation . It's fun.

  3. Because it was off-air. Now it's on. 335/5406. It doesn't reduce CO2, I hear. ;-)

  4. So you have a million people tuning in to see concerned idiots squirt out a few tears for Momma Gaia. Their loss. They'll never get that time back.

    OTOH I get to see a long format dissertation by John Coleman and Anthony Watts.

  5. When is your segment going to come up, Boss?

  6. Look at this.

    You are one fierce looking presence, Boss. Has to be enough material to cobble together a segment for WUWT-TV in there.

  7. Gore has 5 million views now and Watts is still at 10,000. How's that possible? Is the counter genuine? WUWT has about 50,000 visitors a day, so why the Watts TV is just at 1/5 of the score if it's linked at WUWT? Bizarre.

  8. You can really count the beans with this thing. Say, can you tell when I've logged in to TRF, then went to sleep?

    Anyhow, I'm enjoying Watts TV. Feels like being a premium subscriber without spending a dime.

    Something akin to getting full access at the Nature magazine!

    12:24 Tim Ball up to bat

  9. Heartland Institute Hosts Eighth International Conference on Climate Change in Munich

    Read more:

    You should set up a paypal button for the send Lubos to Munich fund.

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