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Five greatest physicists' sex scandals

This is an extremely, extremely light topic. wrote a new article

5 Of Physics's Greatest Sex Scandals
A TRF guest blogger finds himself in a pretty good company.

Their list is the following:
  • Paul Frampton and his sweetheart in Argentina, a cocaine-equipped fake Czech-born model Denise Milani (a recent news video at YouTube)
  • Albert Einstein had a relationship with his cousin Elsa already when he was married to his hard-working first wife Mileva Marić
  • Marie Curie who fell in love with his freshly dead husband's ex-student, Pierre Langevin. The French media called her a homewrecker and a Jew although she was neither and although the latter couldn't have possibly been insulting, anyway
  • Erwin Schrödinger lived both with his wife and mistress, and he's had several examples of the latter over the years
  • Stephen Hawking frequents sex clubs; any problem with that? And I think that Hawking must also be considered an extraordinary experimenter because he's been capable of having children despite his slightly constrained physical powers
Congratulations to the winners.

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snail feedback (8) :

reader papertiger0 said...

talk about cinching the rope around your neck.

Paul admitted to posting those emails.
In what world are you detained then informed of the secret drugs, then text your sweetie "I'm worried about the drug sniffing dogs". That timeline doesn't line up.
He's got to do time.

reader Shannon said...

It is just as well since he seems to be more prolific in jail ;-). "If he hadn't been such a hound dog we would have had time machines by now..." guess who said that... and it is true of the four others. Still it is all between two (or more?) willing adults, so... nothing to say.

Wow Hawking too ? Maybe that's why he's still alive. And everybody thought it was because his mind was so occupied by Science... huh.

reader Luboš Motl said...

I am not sure about the timing of the e-mail but I suspect he did know he was carrying something of this sort - but he did it for the love...

reader Klimatflykting said...

Feynman did some of his work at strip clubs, Maybe you can post some pictures of your preferred work space(s)?

reader papertiger0 said...

If I'm ever in a Bolivian lock down, I want you to come be my advocate.

reader papertiger0 said...

then again I probably can't afford your rates.

Staying away from Bolivia.

reader Usual Model said...

This is off topic. So, it's hard to guess a compactification that gives the Standard Model. What would be so hard about starting with the Standard Model and working backwards to see what class of compactifications give rise to it??

reader Luboš Motl said...

The only problem with the strategy is that it is hard, indeed. It is an inverse problem and much like in the case of almost any equation/problem with many solutions, there doesn't exist any "straightforward" way to find all the solutions.

String theory is the fundamental short-distance theory and it implies some effective long-distance dynamics. But the derivation from the short distances to the long distances is "irreversible", if you wish (one surely loses the information about the short-distance, high-energy details and losing is irreversible), so once you get to the long-distance side, there's no unique way to get back.

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