Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Obama-Romney: TRF poll

Update: About 1/3 of U.S. TRF readers voted for Obama and 3/5 of them expected Obama to win. Only 1% of TRF readers voted for Obama but expected Romney to win. Among the non-TRF readers, Romney slightly won the popular vote but by the electoral votes, Obama safely defended his presidency. Dow Jones collapsed by more than two percent after the results.
This poll is very simple and unsurprising.

I want the U.S. readers – which make up 1/2 of the TRF visitors – to report whom they voted for and whom they expect to win. Well, I only mean the U.S. readers who are not crying of being tired of Bronko Báma and Mitt Romney yet.

Who did you vote for, whom do you expect to win?

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If you didn't actually physically vote but you have an opinion, please pretend that you did vote. Your vote counts here.

Let me ask Unamerican readers to stay silent because this choice isn't really our business, the business of Unamericans. ;-) I would like to know how politically symmetric or asymmetric the readership of TRF is.


  1. Why not give those Americans who are tired of the mainstream parties a third choice? I suspect that a number of your readers are Ron Paul Republicans or would choose to vote for Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, or some other candidate.

  2. What's needed is a four party race, not just a three party race. That way votes will be taken away from not just one of the dominant parties, i.e. the Democrats or the Republicans, but both of them.

  3. Unfortunately, without realizing it, no matter who you vote for, you are throwing away your vote, for to vote in this duplicitous two-party system is nothing more than an exercise in futility. The proof of that is the last 30 or so years, if you look at the actual policies of each preceding President, you will find that the President that wins, no matter if it is Republican or Democrat, maintains or expands on the polices of the previous President. In fact, in looking at the policy
    differences you will find that 98%, if not more, of the previous President is maintained by the newly elected President coming into office, no matter which Party comes to power. In other words, there is not enough difference between the Parties or their polices to be meaningful. But thanks to the wonders of marketing, the American Voter actually thinks he or she is being given a choice, that his or her vote actually counts for something, when in fact, it is only an exercise to
    keep the American public placated through an elaborate political dog and pony show.

    It is the ultimate method of control, to allow a people to think they can make a difference, to give them hope that if only we can get this man into office things will change, the country will finally be put on the right path.How many years have we heard this very thing? Yes, this is the most important election ever, strangely, every election in the past 30 years have been the most important election ever and it is so vital that you cast your vote so we make sure that the right man gets elected.

    The stage play is presented to the American People every four years,the actors change, but the script remains the same. Sure there are stage props that are changed out, each candidate has some cosmetic policies that give their supporters the idea that their respective candidate is indeed THE ONE, but as far as substance, as far as real, substantive change taking place due to the election of a Republican or Democrat, there is no substantive differences between them. Your vote has become nothing more than a convenient means of political control, meaningless in terms of results due to the fact that both Parties have rigged the system to such a degree that they dare not allow other voices or opinions to creep into their ideological debate.

    This country finds itself in its current dismal state due to the fact that the People of this country, unaware of the enormous power structure behind the two Parties, continue to allow the same polices to be maintained and expanded without abatement. These are polices that have brought this country to the brink of ruin, and both the Republicans and Democrats are equally responsible, yet we continue to listen, continue to vote for puppet leaders whose strings are being pulled by the corporate one-percenters behind the curtains.

    Elections are making us choke
    Illusions of choice are a joke
    It's all just a ploy
    For sheep to enjoy
    Like rabbits enjoy a good smoke

    The Limerick King


  4. The quant pundits predict O wins, gut-feel pundits predict R wins. Today Dan Rather has gut feeling Romney will have a good day (win!) due to big turnout. Lubos, what do you think of Nate Silver? If such a strong favoring for O why is O camp sending Biden & Clinton to swing states up to the wire?

  5. >Let me ask Unamerican readers to stay silent because this choice isn't really our business

    I'm assuming you mean us in the wide wide world.

    No problem. You quit interfering in our affairs and we'll keep out of yours. Deal?

  6. Finally, a TRF article with no math! Been waiting a long time for that one. ;)

    At my precinct, in the Heart of Blue state California, there were fewer ballots cast than here on your TRF poll. I don't know if that means anything, but it could be a sign of general malaise among my liberal neighbors.
    Crossing fingers.

  7. Because most states are winner take all, and third party runs generally ensure another four years of crooks and democrats misruling the country.

    Any other questions? Helen Thomas?

  8. as a free man I choose to be optimistic.

  9. “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” -- William Arthur Ward

    I see myself as a realist, or at least it's my aim to be one.

  10. Sorry, I can't make any deal with you because I don't know who you are and where you're from. Moreover, I think that your "principle" of "no interference in our affairs" is complete bullshit. Everyone affects the affairs of many others in various ways - because everyone has some interests and everyone interacts.

    That's true for your affairs and that's true for "our" affairs, whoever is "we". I just said that the U.S. president is being chosen by Americans and I just the TRF blog to emulate this habit (although I obviously can't efficiently enforce the rule). Americans are doing many other decisions about themselves, much like Czechs about Czechs or Arabs about Arabs. But none of them is acting in the vacuum.

    Sovereignty doesn't mean that your affairs will be unaffected by others or by other nations.

  11. I think I picked the wrong week to give up heroin.

  12. Dear Tom, you will have to hurry up ;-) because on January, the most likely president that we elect is a former communist, which is still good because in the following parliamentary elections, (not only former) socialists and communists will probably secure a constitutional majority.

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the pond. ;-)

  13. Whoa I'm glad I read this. You really opened my eyes. God, you must be smart. Perhaps Lubos will take you on as an assistant.

  14. Who said that? And signed my name to it?

    Must have been Gleick. That magnificent bastard snuck into my computer.

  15. All joking aside, Cynthia, I'm a little foggy on what you mean by adjusting the sails.

    I think you have a point. For cripes sake, Obama running against Romney, both of them knee deep in government take over of your profession. A person would have to be blind not to see it.

    Still how do you tack against Obama/Romney Care? You have a strategy?

    Taking the practice to Costa Rica, maybe?

  16. So who did the other 39% of Obama voters think would win?

  17. Romney did not win the popular vote, he is trailing by 2% so far. If you want to see why he lost, the answer is Christian poor workers didn't vote for him. He ended up with fewer votes than McCain and George Bush despite a larger population. About 10 million white voters stayed home.

  18. Before y ou do that, have they lifted the ban on liquor?

  19. Sure, a long time ago. It was a one-month-long policy only.

  20. I always liked the grass in Amsterdam ... Seriously though I hope that none ever fall victim again to any totalitarian control.

  21. How is it interfering to show interest ,ask questions, share opinions ?
    Interference with US politics may be asserted of international corporations who spend mega bucks on privately funded propaganda. Our Supreme Court has given them the same free speech we afford all. I for one prefer to consider the views of humans and am happy that real reasoning people like Lumo and some of the TRF readers are able to also participate.

  22. Just for a laugh do you know the Romney Style ?