Monday, November 19, 2012

World Bank abuses AGW lies to grow its bureaucracy

Jim Yong Kim is a Korean-American physician and a former president of Dartmouth College who was recently named the president of the World Bank after Barack Obama nominated him half a year ago.

Let me confess that I simply can't stand similar superficial careerist assholes. In an apparent effort to strengthen my strongly held sentiment, this man quickly transformed the World Bank into a hardcore fortress defending the climate change propaganda. The organization just published a booklet
Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4 °C warmer world must be avoided (executive summary, full, media)
The World Bank hired the climate Nazis around Hans Joachim Schellnhuber in Potsdam and the document repeats all the usual myths about the 4 °C (increased from the IPCC) that is somewhat likely to expect us in this century, about the poor folks who will suffer because of that, about the need to declare a 2 °C threshold (relatively to an ill-defined base line, of course) that isn't allowed to be surpassed, and so on, and so on.

What I am so incredibly upset by is the self-evident clash of interests. The World Bank is an increasingly useless, obsolete organization working outside the democratic systems of the countries in the world. It hasn't played any constructive role during the recent global economic downturn. In fact, it was one of the institutions that tried to make things worse, hoping that it could extend the life and importance of this useless organization.

Now, with the special server dedicated to "climate change", a topic that these bankers have absolutely no credentials to talk about, it couldn't be more transparent that the World Bank just cherry-picks the most alarmist, most indefensible would-be scientists such as Herr Schellnhuber in order to impress politicians and other powerful people of the world and to attract hundreds of billions of dollars – a part of which would be used to generously feed the parasites who have no scruples and who call themselves officials of the World Bank. They don't even try to pretend that they have tried to evaluate the climate issue impartially. There hasn't been any contest to choose the most competent scientists to produce the report, not even a fake contest. They just picked Schellnhuber because he's been the most vocal defender of the global climate Nazism, including some of its most strikingly inhuman policies.

Mr Kim, why don't you do the only thing that would be honest, namely to stop all the lies, admit that your organization is increasingly useless and parasitic, and to help to controllably dismantle it?

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  1. But they must be right,temperature has already increased 2K since 1986, if you assume Hansen and the other alarmists are right.