Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taxes: Depardieu, Delon escape Hollande

Today, the Japanese voters ended a ludicrous 3-year-long experiment with the left-wing politicians at the top that began in 2009, after decades of right-wing governments that were able to rebuild Japan after the loss in the world war and bring its economy to the #2 spot.

Shinzo Abe of the LDP will return to the chair of the prime minister; the DPJ socialists have lost approximately 3/4 of their seats gained in 2009. The voters realized that the leftists emit lots of big words and promises but they're just dirty lies. Of course, the leftists faced some event they couldn't quite have influenced – e.g. the tsunami or the fact that China surpassed Japan as the world's #2 economy (probably a coincidence) but it's clear they were bringing nothing good to the country.

Japan has a reason for some more optimistic Japanese music – what about Vltava? :-)

Meanwhile, France has a left-wing government that codified a breathtaking 75 percent tax rate for the rich that should come into force in 2 weeks. Now, would you be pleased to work hard and pay 75 percent of your income to a group of dirty gangsters who call themselves the government? If you would, you are a psychopath; it's a kind of a psychiatric disorder that many other people may support you in having – for various not too mysterious reasons – but that doesn't change anything about the fact that you're profoundly sick. ;-)

Needless to say, there are many mentally healthy people among the wealthy Frenchmen. And you have heard their names. Many famous people moved out of France. They include Asterix and Obelix. The first one, Gerard Depardieu, moved to a Belgian town right behind the borders where he pays no taxes designed for the rich. The latter, Christian Clavier, moved to London.

The only disadvantage of Belgium is that you have to be careful when you press buttons on the main square.

Karl Lagerfeld, the German creative director of French Chanel, has informed Mr Hollande that he (Hollande) was an idiot. It's clearly not a terribly original insight but it may still be important for Mr Hollande to memorize it at this stage. Alain Delon is leaving the country to become a resident elsewhere, too. The same is true about Johnny Hallyday, a singer. Well, that's quite a brain drain, or clown drain or whatever is the appropriate term. ;-)

All of us understand what's going on and we don't have to use too strong words. On the other hand, it's still interesting to ask whether these transfers are too different from what we have known as emigration in the socialist bloc. Hundreds of thousands of Czechoslovaks have escaped the communist country since the coup since 1948 – for reasons that were always a mixture of political ones and economic ones. Of course, their separation from the homeland was "more irreversible" – although it turned out to be reversible in many cases, after all – than it is in the case of the French actors who may still visit France.

However, the "motivation side" of their decision isn't too different. France is currently led by imbeciles representing jealous losers who either don't have a clue how wealth is produced or they have a clue but they dream about "maliciously screwing the rich", anyway. They either don't understand that the policies will chase a part of the elite out of country and reduce the investment and production in the country (including the birth of culture) in general; or they don't mind. I don't know which of those is more typical and which of them is more justifiable and I don't really care; it wouldn't change my verdict on these individuals (or, more precisely, mobs; I mean those that brought Hollande to the power) much.

The Depardieu case is the most interactive one. He has upped the ante in his battle when he threatened (or announced?) to return the French passport. This is really getting closer to the stories of the emigrants from the communist bloc. He has offered his explanation through the media. He says that he has worked hard as a printer before he became an actor. He always paid all his taxes, fulfilled all duties, loved the French nation, but now he's so insulted that there are no doubts about his next steps.

In 2012, he paid a 85% tax on his income. Whatever he exactly counts, it is just insane. In the last 45 years, he has paid 145 million in taxes. Wow. Now, he's going to be a true European, free cosmopolitan citizen.

The prime minister of France has called Depardieu "pathetic" and "unpatriotic" because, the prime minister believes, "to pay taxes is a patriotic act". Holy cow, please give me a break with these pathetic pomposities; paying taxes is always just a necessary, enforced evil, not a reason to celebrate; and a government forcing citizens to do obviously unpleasant things and hide their unhappiness at the same moment is intrinsically an authoritarian government. At Harvard, I was paying at most 25% which is much less than 75% but it did make me somewhat angry about the organized thieves at the IRS and Mass DOR, anyway (especially because of the combination with the insane bureaucracy and permanent retroactive harassment linked to previous returns).

Depardieu vows to remain polite but asks the prime minister: Who are you? I join Mr Depardieu. Who is the French prime minister? I have never written down his name (because I don't remember what it is, even though I could have been looking at it just 10 seconds ago) and I wouldn't recognize his face. I can recognize Mr Depardieu but not the current French prime minister.

Could the French prime minister please fully exploit the opportunity to shut his arrogant socialist mouth up (or down, whatever is more appropriate)? And to adjust his behavior according to his being the ultimate embarrassing socialist zero that the prime minister undoubtedly is? He hasn't contributed 1% of the things (or paid 1% of the taxes) to France or the world that Mr Depardieu has. Still, he seems to believe that he has not only the right to steal most of the income from Mr Depardieu but even to be unbelievably arrogant towards Mr Depardieu.

The prime minister's behavior is what many people have called the "arrogance of power". It may sound a bit intimidating when the prime minister of the country where you live calls you "pathetic" just because you don't want to do something that no sane person would want to do – to pay 75% taxes.

Remove the Czech subtitles

If a 75% tax rate isn't insane enough for you, you may also watch what's happening with the curriculum of history at French schools. Irrelevant nigger chieftains are squeezing kings and Napoleon – who are moreover painted in very unfavorable ways. Totally unbelievable.

See also Darkening demographics in France – 6 minutes in Russian with English or French subtitles. 3 more minutes of similar reports, focusing on reverse racism.


  1. Yep, Obelix is throwing a huge standing stone to the nest of the breathtakingly dumb roosters of the French government who are running away in every directions losing their feather. I'm enjoying this very much :-).

    On Le Figaro today an article on the waste of the public money by our local elected reps (all left wing mayors and their team) has disappeared from the main page suddenly and is now only accessible to members of Le Figaro. The article was jaw-dropping. Despite the crisis, the communication and assignment expenses have soared like mad... some megalomaniac buildings for state-of-the-art libraries or museums that are not even used to 40% of their capacity, that cost too much to run... same for some public hospitals that are totally unused !! Empty ! These civil servants working for local councils are spending taxpayers money for a car with chauffeur, expensive meals, useless 4 day trips to the Olympics in London to "promote their region" in luxurious hotels WTH! A lot of other examples that make my blood pressure go up... and make me feel ashamed of being French.

    Depardieu, along with a lot of other rich people, is a lucky guy who won't have to pay for these muddle any longer. Good for him.

  2. Thanks, Shannon, for the description of the situation which seems very troublesome.

    I was made comparably upset by the video added at the bottom of the article - about the changing teaching of history at French schools. Irrelevant black chieftains replacing genuine French history; Louis XIV as the imperialist and Napoleon on the toilet. I am no particular fan of worshiping of aristocracy but the heads behind this new curriculum should clear meet a guillotine.

  3. A lot of History teachers have shown a few anachronisms, short cuts, lies on school books nowadays.

    Only Marine Le Pen could change this; but she is anti-Europe so she has no chance to come to power I'd say.

  4. Didn't Delon move to Switzerland in 1999 ? I agree about the taxes though

  5. I think that I'm going to return my passport too and ask for the irish citizenship. Not for tax reasons (I'm not rich), but because I am ashamed to be french these days. Every day I follow the news (I read the article you mentioned Shannon by the way), thinking that this government cannot possibly go any lower and the next day they prove me wrong. However, one must also note that the witch hunt against the richest french nationals living abroad was initiated not by this government but by the previous one.

    As you said Lubos, almost nobody outside of France knows who our prime minister is, but everyone who has watched, for example, Cyrano De Bergerac, knows what an incredible actor Gerard Depardieu is.

  6. John Lloyd-JonesDec 16, 2012, 9:31:00 PM

    Although I come here for the physics I do enjoy your asides. Today, after battling in the shopping malls and being assaulted with the American style Christmas music, I come home to find you providing a section from Má vlast -- in an arrangement for four hands, no less.
    Thank you for providing a timely and most welcome mind cleansing.

  7. Laws of economics like laws of physics did not cease to apply, however French politicians forgot about ordinary Philips' curve.

  8. Socialsts are so dumb that they are even unable to understand the very basics of economy:

  9. At least we in the US are not the only morons in the world.

  10. That's interesting Scooby. You can still ask for an Irish passport and keep your French one. ;-)

  11. Japan is really our teacher. They taught us to blow up a real-estate
    bubble. Then they taught us how to print our way out of it. Now, similar
    to them, we are caught in a deflationary endless recession. This stuff
    probably won't end till the baby-boomers start dying off. We've got a
    long way to go.

  12. Looks like Uncle Abe is going to adopt a full-blown Krugman-style economic recovery plan:

    1) Print whatever it takes to stop deflation

    2) Buy whatever you need to get the economy and stocks moving back up

    3) Don't stop until unemployment is under 4% or inflation is over 6%

    4) Monetize all bond issuance to keep interest rates low forever

    5) If inflation creeps up or if the currency gets too low, then just
    start "Jawboning" about "one way markets" in order to spook the
    Algo/Igor/Robo wildebeest herd to start running in the other direction.

    Basically a supercharged exact replica of Ben Bernanke's "Perpetual
    Motion Machine" model, which has already been proven hands down to be
    the the most successful in financial history. Central Banking is now so
    easy. Everyone will follow Bernanke's model and we'll enjoy the
    greatest global economic boom in 25 years. /sarc on

  13. The taxes are indeed too high in my opinion but at least thay can be recovered from after the next elections. A high tax rate will only kill off companies with a bad credit rating, cause unemployment, and generally mess up the economy temporarily. As long as you have human capital you can bounce back from bad political decisions as long as they are only short term commitments. The Germans managed to bounce back repeatedly from much worse disasters, like overinflation or world wars involving the complete leveling of their major cities.

    This is my problem with the left the last few decades. While the left in most western countries before the ~1970s generally improved the education system, the more recent left has been hell bent on completely destroying it. The most worrying is the decline in mathemathics, but the new french history curriculum is just as worrying. The napoleonic wars were probably the most important events in European history, only matched by the world wars in importance. From a European standpoint, teaching nothing about napoleon is even worse then from a French standpoint. Similarily, from the China/India standpoint mentioned by the ministry of education, this is just as retarded. If you want people to understand the history of India, teach them some damn indian history instead of teaching them about 13th central african leaders.

    I'm much more worried by the current French left's education (and civil/legal which I didn't cover but is also atrocious) policies than by the economics(which can be recovered from given time). If the history curriculum is representative of how they will manage the French education system, this will royally screw up France for a long time in a way that is hard to bounce back from.

  14. Abe's money printing scheme is meant to keep the yen in line with the
    Bernank money printing scheme which is the cover for the euro money
    printing scheme. They are all finally on the same page. The West and
    Japan have joined in a blood brother pledge to go down together. All for
    one, and one for all. Print, baby, print!

    The end game for Japan is an alliance with China and Russia after
    breaking from the dollar, which I believe is the real dispute over those
    islands with China telling Japan they can have the islands and the oil
    and gas deposits that go with them if they trade in yuan/yen instead of
    dollars. The euro and dollar will collapse into the end of 400 years of
    Western rule, giving way to Asia as the new owners of the world led by
    China consumption, Russian oil, Japanese sushi and Indian chutney. Looks
    like the final showdown will be in Iran. The harbinger will be the US
    screwing Russia in Syria, like they did in Libya.

  15. This might interest you:

  16. "Irrelevant nigger chieftains are squeezing kings and Napoleon" - what is the value of using this nasty racial slur? It distracts from your message and gives a bad impression to (most) readers.

  17. The value is accuracy; it's the only right description of this group of people throughout most of this history. Using some modern names really means to rewrite the history - not only the terminology behind the history but also the general perception of the behavior that led our ancestors to use their terminology.

  18. What annoys me so much these days with our French socialist government is that all of them are building (or have built) their career on taxpayers money. A great majority of them (Hollande himself) have NEVER EVER worked in a private company. These guys have no clue what the real world is. They are a breed of clean asses who have never rolled up their sleeves to do any productive work. They are parasites who dare giving moral lectures to the people. It takes one strong personality to kick their asses really bad. Only Depardieu has the freedom to do that. One of our minister (Montebourg, a douchebag) is now nicely asking him to come back...

  19. Wow, quite impresive! Let's use popularity ratings to chose our leaders! Most people don't know who Tim Berners-Lee is but know who David Beckham is. What do we do with that?

  20. That's right. The laws that have led the world economy to where it is now.