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Yuri Milner adds some winners

Off-topic: Half a year ago, Alan Alda told folks to record clips explaining What is flame? to 11-year-olds. Now it's What is time? see a related TRF article for 25-year-old.
According to The New York Times and others, Yuri Milner has found a few more physicists to get millions of dollars.

A visualization of the big money – although Milner is so far giving away less than the U.S. debt. ;-)

When the inaugural prize was given away, I said that Stephen Hawking was somewhat anomalously missing in the list. The omission has been fixed; he will spend it on holiday at home and his autistic grandson. Another $3 million package is to be shared by seven physicists at CERN: Evans $1m, $1m split to CMS spokespersons Della, Virdee, Tonelli, Incandela; $1 split to ATLAS spokespeople Jenni, Gianotti.

Competitors for the next big prize are Polchinski, Polyakov, and a group of solid state physicists led by Charles Kane.

It's also interesting to look at the the winners of the $0.3 million New Horizons award: Niklas Beisert, Davide Gaiotto, and Zohar Komargodski. Very sensible picks! I am sure that many younger-generation physicists as well as the senior ones would agree with me. Incidentally, each of them gives you several hits on this blog. Too bad that these folks and a few other folks are almost completely unknown outside the very narrow HEP-TH research community.

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reader Dilaton said...

Thanks for this good news Lumo :-)

And congratulations to the winners!

I've just looked at the FFP homepage to see what the three young physicists work on (I indeed did not remember the names so I was curious..), before I'll probably follow some TRF links as I come to it.

Good choice, I like this a lot :-D


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