Saturday, February 16, 2013

Al Gore, president of Earth Inc, didn't mention climate for 1 minute

Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore uploaded a new video to YouTube – the first video on his YouTube channel – in which he announced a new company, Earth Inc.

The video has attracted more than 1,000 viewers in three days. Well, it was probably 200 viewers seeing it 5 times but it's still impressive for a former vice-president and a major party's presidential candidate in a country with 300 million people. We may be going to double the number of views. ;-)

Al Gore advertises printers that may print whole houses within a day as well as new Al Gore Rhythms that increase the efficiency of law firm assistants 500 times. He seems to partially take credit not only for the Al Gore Rhythms but maybe for the 3D printers, too. If you told him about plans to 3D print buildings on the Moon, he would take credit for them, too.

His company Earth Inc. will also struggle to balance opportunities and new perils arising from the new technologies. Blah blah blah.

Needless to say, what I find most remarkable is that this 76-second video doesn't mention the climate, climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide, emissions, or anything of the sort. They have already sold his and pals' Current TV to the Arab oil sheikhs for half a billion dollars so he may have changed his focus, right. The closest words to the "planetary emergency" that we hear in this video are the words "truly sustainable economy" which can mean anything and everything. Maybe the sheikhs bought what this jerk would be talking about, too: they bought his mouth.

If you're thinking about buying his new book about The Future, Six Drivers of Global Change, you may want to know the table of contents. There are chapters on Earth Inc; the global mind; power in the balance; outgrowth; reinvention of life and death; the edge; conclusion. It seems to me that this top leader of the climate hysteria has largely abandoned it.


  1. By the pompous names of the book's chapters it seems to me he abandoned his grip on reality too.

  2. "Earth Inc." Wow!... His next one will be God Inc.

  3. Wasn't it his previous one? ;-)

  4. He did not abandoned it. He never had that one to begin with.;-)

  5. Gore certainly sees himself as a prophet, which means he has direct communication with God.

  6. Hey Lubos. If you get a minute ( and judging from your output you either don't sleep or have a way of decelerating time) could you look at this bit by AP "science writer" Seth Borenstein (linked on drudge and picked up by apparently 10,000+ other outlets who evidently lack their own "science writer")? It seems a bit off to me - maybe one of those pieces where the conclusions are worked backwards to fit the facts. Plus isn't "Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann" the climate-gate guy who was totally discredited? How come he is still working and being quoted as an expert?

  7. Dear sirernestbarker,

    I agree with you. Mann has been fully discredited, but that's pretty much right about Seth Borenstein who keeps on writing similar nonsensical stuff, anyway.

    Precipitation is governed by humidity's surpassing a certain threshold which depends on the concentration of H2O, pressure, and temperature. At the end, it is fully independent of temperature, so one may get pretty much indistinguishable amount of precipitation at temperatures that differ by 10 degrees or anything else.

    Whether the precipitation is rain or snow does depend on the temperature and it's clear that snow becomes more represented at lower temperatures. Everything else that is said about the overall correlations between these things is just a mad fantasy, usually made up to support some pseudoscientific yet politically convenient superstitions.


  8. I am viewer "1592". After one week. The man who was a hanging chad away from the presidency is reliant on anti-Gore-ites for his numbers. How long will the viewer numbers be allowed to stay up? Remember the loss of unique viewers on his most recent 24-hours of Blah-Blah?

    Once you lose the masseuse vote, you lose every vote.