Friday, February 08, 2013

Snowstorm: comparison with the 2005 blizzard

American readers hear about the looming record-shaking snowstorm in the Northeast. But will the event live up to the hype?

I would like to hear from the readers in the region whether the snowstorm is indeed more formidable than an ordinary blizzard we experienced in January 2005:
2005 Blizzard in Boston, Cambridge (a photo gallery)
Some of the pictures are pretty cool. All the pictures will be uploaded approximately by 2:40 pm Boston Winter Time.

Will someone offer pictures of similar places from 2013?

Note that this blog is already pretty old so the 2005 blizzard was already covered here in quite some detail. The pictures of the blizzard were taken just a week after Larry Summers gave his famous and excellent speech about the women in science to a notorious group of obnoxious feminists.


  1. Hi Lubos! Looks like we got about 20-24 inches of snow here in Arlington(next to Cambridge) It has drifted from the wind, so is different heights in different spots. Looks like same class as 2005 storm - thx for those photos, nice to have a perspective. So much endless hype about storms now - the governor declared a statewide travel ban still in effect. That hasn't happened since 1978 I question the need for it. Sane people don't drive in blizzards unless they have an emergency. More nanny state stuff. Snow looks pretty now, a lot of shoveling ahead later today. : )

  2. Thanks for your refreshing story, Ann! ;-) Pilsen is covered by snow but it's surely less than 20 inches. :-)

  3. Apparently 2005 beat out this storm; '05 had 22.5 inches and '13 only 21.8. Blizzard of 2003 was #5 in all time blizzard hits of Boston!

  4. Sorry, can't type - 2005 was #5

  5. Hi Lubos,

    We got a couple of feet here in south eastern New Hampshire too. It is difficult to tell how much because the wind blew it around in drifts. The wind was blowing very hard too! It was quite a storm. It took me a couple of hours to dig out of it.

  6. Good for you. I tried cross-country skiing right next to Pilsen now and those 2 inches were really way too little. ;-)

  7. Hi Lubos,

    Two inches of snow isn't much to slide on. We've got 4' drifts where there was bare grass on Friday and it is equally lumpy across the lake. That wouldn't be much fun cross-country skiing either. We'll see how the ice fishermen deal with it this weekend