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AGW petition by Ranga Myneni: 1 billion signatures left

When I opened Alexander Ač's blog today, I had to laugh. An unknown alarmist from Boston University named Ranga Myneni started a petition "with a billion of linked hands". Before the 144th birthday of Vladimir Lenin (which comes next year), he wants to collect a modest 1 billion of signatures.

The petition is short, simple, science-fiction-scale ambitious, and looks like it was written by a child from a kindergarten:

Dear Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, We, the People of the Earth, request You to act judiciously and expeditiously to protect the Earth from anthropogenic climate change. Respectfully, People of the Earth.
He has about 416 days to go before the planned delivery of the signatures to the Comrade General Secretary of the U.N. So far, he has about 1,100 signatures; 999,998,900 additional signatures are undoubtedly in the pipeline. ;-) The question is a sociological one but you can't fail to notice the complete detachment of this psychiatrically ill man from the real world, his complete lack of common sense.

Even if there were 1 billion people on this planet who would support the global warming hysteria, it would be a fringe group of lunatics. But one billion is still a huge number. This guy must be completely ignorant about what is possible in the real world and what is not possible. A billion of distinct visitors is more than almost any server in the world gets visited by in a year. And I am comparing Myneni's dull website with some of the most important internet services of the world that bring their users lots of useful information and interactions.

Myneni's dull website is getting hundreds of hits a day. How could it possibly collect one billion signatures? hasn't seen a billion of distinct visitors. No website with any content produced by an individual has ever seen a billion of visitors.

In fact, one billion signatures would require many billions of visits. With an ad added on that page, this modest goal itself would mean that the owner of the page would quickly become a multimillionaire. Is it this easy to become a multimillionaire? Is it enough to simply write "We people of the Earth want the comrade in the U.N. to tame the Sun, drink the oceans, and stop the rising seas"? But why would billions of people ever visit the totally useless and idiotic page?

In fact, the left-wing U.K. daily The Guardian has counted the number of global warming activists in the world. They were termed "new abolitionists" because they want to abolish the human freedom, dignity, economic growth, and industrial civilization.

How many unquestionable climate activists are there? No, it is not one billion. The number of these particular loons was counted to be twenty-three. It's not hard to memorize them. Sane people just don't care about this dumb propaganda, certainly not to the point that they would actively sign petitions.

Even if a major IT company such as Google helped this loser to collect the signatures, and it's a big question why would any powerful company team up with a completely cheap as well as useless project such as this one, it couldn't possibly collect one billion signatures by April 2014. I am willing to bet 10-to-1 that this loser will lose. Well, I would be even willing to bet, 1-to-1, that he won't even collect one million signatures. And yes, I would probably be willing to go to much smaller numbers than a million.

Almost everyone will agree that Mr Myneni is a loon if he really expects to collect one billion of signatures. But similar loons have actually begun to influence the economic and other policies of advanced nations in the world. They have no clue about anything but they are already (mis)directing billions of dollars. Instead, they should be hermetically confined in safe rooms of psychiatric asylums.

And that's the memo.

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snail feedback (12) :

reader brothersmartmouth said...

How about this

reader JackSavage said...

Bless you Lubos. Whenever I despair I can rely on you to cheer me up.
"Instead, they should be hermetically confined in safe rooms of psychiatric asylums." Funny because it is true!

reader Tobias Sander said...

Well, to predict the 1 billion signatures he used a complex computer model that a large consensus of scientists -- including Nobel prize winners -- says is guaranteed to be accurate. If anything the actual figure will be *much* larger. ;-)

reader Bob Koss said...

The guy could be very dumb or very sly.

To collect a billion signatures, even if everyone visiting the page signed up he'd have to transmit several terabytes of data each and every day just to display the page. No way he'd be willing to pay for that bandwidth.

I think he is just trying to harvest email addresses of the gullible to rent out to marketers. Probably even get to charge above the average rate when the list can be demonstrated to be comprised of the gullible.

reader anony said...

While I agree with some of the general comments about audacity to think about collecting a billion signatures on something as politically charged as global warming, I would sadly have to dispute your assertion that no one individual has ever produced content that has reached a billion people. The below link to a now famous song will easily prove over a billion hits (although I am unaware as to youtube's ability to assess distinct hits). So I must point this out this error for the sake of general correctness.

reader Bernal said...

Well I hope Manga wasn't up all night long self medicating because this will probably be the biggest day for traffic in his career. What an opportunity. This should be a test of the power of his arguments.

reader Luke Lea said...

Let's see, if a million people were to sign their names a thousand times . . .

reader Luboš Motl said...

Right, but some of us, experienced climate debaters, can't be impressed by a billion of people because we know that climate change kills much larger numbers of people.

When I debated Prof Lapin in the capital of Slovakia, I brought his comments about 2-deg-Celsius catastrophic warming into context by saying that it's the same "catastrophe" as crossing the Dabune and going to Hungary which is warmer by the same amount.

He immediately protested that I was making fun out of this lethal problem and by doing so, I had killed 10 billion people. He apparently gave me some bonus victims who weren't born yet but they will definitely be born and killed by my heretical comments about the temperatures in Hungary and Slovakia. ;-)

reader HM said...

You'd need just over 2.4 million signatures per day to hit the target. He's had 1200 in the first three. Although as a test I just signed up as:

email: ican@distinctlysmellshi.te
family name: Anthropogenic
given name: Climate
country: Change

and it accepted my signature and said thank you…

reader Luboš Motl said...

Haha, I guess that Anthony Watts' dog, a distinguished member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, has also subscribed the petition already.

reader Alexander Ač said...

Hi Luboš,

I have to agree that getting 1 billion signees is near impossible. I also noted that one can submit more people from one IP address. I contacted prof. Myneni with this problem.

Cheers, Alexander

reader papertiger0 said...

I was just thinking that if there were Olympics style drug tests for climate scientists we would find out.

My money would be on the alarmist movement being populated with "Lance Armstrong"s, from the top all the way down.

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