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IRS was used to intimidate political opposition in the U.S.

During my decade in the U.S., my tax returns got audited at least twice – both of them had to be fixed when I was already back in Europe and Obama was in charge (2009, for 2007); one was federal and the other one was a Massachusetts tax audit under Deval Patrick (related to 2006, done in 2010). The number seems high to everyone and I view it as rather strong evidence that it's no coincidence.

A scandal in the U.S. strengthens the case:

IRS official knew in 2011 of 'Tea Party' targeting: watchdog report
In 2011, the tax-collecting organization was specifically harassing tax-exempt social welfare charities with keywords indicating that they were Tea Party-affiliated or conservative in general. Their applications were selectively delayed, they were ordered to publish the names of all the sponsors, and so on, and so on.

I am amazed that this is not a much bigger scandal in the U.S. because it puts America almost on par with various semi-totalitarian regimes such as Belarus etc. But maybe it has become a mainstream belief in the U.S. that conservatives may be harassed in this way? Note that 80 years ago, the German Nazis began to burn "un-German" books and most of the population in that cultural nation supported those policies, too.

Everyone who values democracy in the U.S. should make his or her contribution to the hunting of the left-wing criminals behind the monstrous scheme so that they may spend many, many years in the prison. I have no idea how high in the hierarchy one has to go to see the main people who were making something like that possible but these highest-positioned folks should be punished to increase the chances that similar things won't be repeated.

Before 1989, communists were doing similar things in our country and while I was often proud about the Velvet that associated our anticommunist revolution, I was also often sorry that we couldn't punish the people responsible for the wrongdoings somewhat more visibly than we did. A few thousand lives in prison could have been more appropriate.

When your humble correspondent endorses every word (not only by Glenn Beck but also) by Dennis Kucinich who talks about the IRS, something special is going on.

Some revelations look like something that would be called conspiracy theories a few years ago. For example, it turned out that Noam Chomsky himself and a few comrades of him were behind Stephen Hawking's boycott of of the Israeli Presidential Conference. Wow.

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reader Tregonsee said...

It used to be said during the (Bill) Clinton scandals that if Nixon had Clinton's press that not only would he have finished his second term, but he would have been succeeded by Spiro Agnew. Clinton's press, by comparison, was at least willing to cover the stories. Today, stories such as Benghazi are "disappeared" from most of the media. It will probably be harder to bury this since the IRS touches nearly everybody directly.

reader physicsnut said...

Amazing how they get away with it - no repercussion. They just wait 20 years and proceed to do the same crap because nobody remembers the lesson they should have learned. Somebody ought to write a book about the disparity between how different totalitarians are treated. Why are commies treated with kid gloves ?

reader Eugene S said...

Off-topic: Coming to a central European country near you, a conference on Islamophobia.

reader Bonusje said...

It are the ones the generations of powerincestclans behind obama. The feinsteins put him pro islamic in puppetpower. Behind the feisteins of course thier worlddominating clans of nobilities and banksters who rule us from befor they brought us christianity and insanity poornes and wars crime and violence from asia as eurasians.

Indeed by abuse of states laws and institutions educations academia media finance and rules they can terrorise opponents parties defenceless civilians and populations to death and in the meantime gather more and more of the belongings of the Worldpopulations.

What they did past 40 years and longer - robbing whole of the Western World Russia Scandinavia usa britian to death by the hunderds of trillions. Privatisation and foulplayfinance was part of it.

One player rotchild alone put 100 trillion by 2011 to their assets of already robbed 500 trilion. Also the 20.000.000 usa Homeless robbed from their income Houses and Sanity they were by that Responsible for.

They even robbed Obama and Hilary Clintion from their totalling 2 Trillion of Healthcare and employmentmoney through their insurances and industries like GM.

Their terroristcells like google facebook educators twitter are 24/7 analysing People like yxou and Me for instant action.

By that they closed tens of millions western accounts in the weeks befor the Utoya terrorist attack on order of israel´s politician avigdor lieberman at an instant knowing who to disconnect as Oppostions toward such crimes.

One could See it as an from the farao dynasies originating clans who as sort of upperlayer on Populations parasite om them as nobilities as mayors as officials academics polticians judges and lawmakers tycoons and such and keep the Worldpopulations at their hand by any means neccesary as slaves.

Law religions democracy all are hoaxes their hoaxes layed upon Us as disguise and divertion. They made all known important societies and by own hand destroyed them again plundering raping and abusing the Globe as culture as ways of life and existence.

West and Europe had after they came 2800 years ago to stay after being kicked out of afrika for the same reasons more than 32.000 wars they brought as Races anihilating and enslaving way of culture and made themselfes our kings nobilities and elites and priestst and raised all of Western Civilisations as We Know it today.

For example the crusades were their works of conquering Europe. No islamic involved what so ever except as their old collaborators.

That´s the short version. There is a much longer one including the Deluge and Mankind as problem itself and they just evolved out of the violences of it to survive Mankind. But this becuase they now are the agitators and problem probably will do fine.

reader Bonusje said...

Also beware you are on a blog they control so a ban any moment because you said some is a possibility. Of course under pretence you supposedly violated anything

reader Ann said...

Chomsky is a complete hypocrite. He received funding from Office of Naval Reasearch throughout Vietnam War according to one of his then students (student was a real lefty) and while Chomsky openly protested the war he didn't allow his academic entourage to disparage the Navy's funding of academia. The only reason the US military would fund language research would be to gain something useful for the military, not to please Chomsky the faux Pacifist. He's a spineless coward with a big mouth and enjoys being surrounded by sychphants. Perhaps Hawking will regret his own decision not to attend the meetings in Isreal? IRS are thugs. Wonder what prompted them to apologize recently about this harassment of conservative political groups. For 2011 I received a bullying letter from IRS telling me I hadn't filed for 2011. I wrote back ( I did NOT include my phone number as they indicated on the form) that I had filed 2011 jointly with husband, as done in previous six years, and had already received tax refund for 2011. How could they not know this? I never heard from them again about the matter, no apology from them.

reader cynholt said...

In the end, it will result in absolute tyranny if it is not stopped.

It is absolute tyranny now with the Patriot Act, NDAA, unlimited
money printing, a controlled media, most prisoners of any country on the
planet, undeclared wars all over the world (Syria, Iran, Yemen, Mali,
Libya, Pakistan and more), 1.6 billion hollow point bullets and 30,000
drones on their way to monitor you. The future you worry about happened

Tyranny can't be reversed until the focus of the dialog changes from “fairness” and “equality” to truth and justice.

The "dialog" is highly structured, and the words are chosen with
extreme precision to elicit a certain response and shape reality. The
last century has seen propaganda nearly perfected as an art form.

I've long thought that this country will first experience Brave New
World and then 1984. Right now, the masses are kept in line and
distracted by entertainment, sex, consumerism, and a plethora of drugs —
exactly as Huxley predicted. This makes the herd docile and easy to
manage, and it's almost the perfect set-up for what appears to be coming
— the world Orwell predicted. Over the years, the words "fairness" and
"equality" have been stripped of their original meanings, which only
confirms my suspicions. Propaganda lurks behind all of this.

The government is essentially owned — lock, stock, and barrel — by a
select few who have immense pools of resources and incredible power.
How do we who recognize this compete with them in a "civil" manner,
using the tools of government, when those very tools have been turned
against us and employed to make de facto enemies of our friends, family,
and neighbors? It makes no sense to me. These people want total
control, and they won't rest until they've achieved it. Our current
trajectory will end in violence, whether we like it or not.

History doesn't necessarily repeat, but it does rhyme, and history has recited this ugly poem many times before.

reader Robert Rehbock said...

Lubos, audited? Oh , I get it. The IRS realized you use a lot of imaginary numbers :-)
It may be but am not convinced that we know that those responsible were as left wing as you seem to say. I believe we need await further evidence before concluding these particular criminals politics. The Tea Party main stream right conservatives were and are more directly and immediately threatened than the left wing. The Bush era conservatives at all levels local, State and nationally - not just Congressmen and Presidents - were losing their party positions and power to these TP folk.
Extremists on either sides who should be debated and defeated on merits only. When they are instead suppressed by any branch of Government that is a threat to freedom for all. If we deserve even a tiny piece of our always displayed American pride, real investigation will shortly produce real evidence in real prosecutions of those involved at any level.

reader Gordon Wilson said...

Cynholt---are you the Cynthia of 8 or 9 years ago--if so, your posts seem much more radicalized (not that I disagree with your conclusions.) The U.S. along with all the "superpowers" presents a fictive narrative to its citizens along with manipulated and false stats and controlled news coverage. Many posters here may hate Chomsky, but his diatribes and books are filled with things that have happened (Rogue States) and have not been refuted. Some Canadians made a great documentary years ago called "Manufacturing Consent" about the so-called news/TV picture of reality.

reader Luboš Motl said...

I don't believe such conspiracy theories for a second.

If someone in similar Internet companies wanted to cause problems to individual users for political reasons, it would be an individual (or a small group) acting against the commercial interests of the company - not to mention the freedom of speech etc. - and such a person would probably be dealt with rapidly.

reader anna v said...

Considering human civilizations feudalism seems to be the main attractor in the form of governments that have appeared spontaneously all times and all over the globe. A small exception was the hundred years or so of the Athenian democracy back in 400BC and the recent emergence of democratic ambitions after the enlightenment in the west.

Another exception was the organization of some tribes of American Indians or ocean islands where the elders and wise were considered the leaders an a type of consensus ruling held, but this was for small numbers of people and maybe has been romanticized by .observers,no written history available.

So, I agree we are going into modern feudalism, are in the middle of it, with international corporations at the forefront, and globalization the tool of achieving a robber baron state of the world.
It is not just a US problem.

Unless checks and balances are introduced globally to stop unchecked power I agree with your dismal outlook. Feudalism always ends in violence. It might take thousands of years though. viz China.

reader Bonusje said...

I just mentioned/warned about what you discovered. For your choice to or to not study things like cyberterrorism terrororgs like adl jdl and sites like jewwatch and or googling rabbi+abuse or visit or any of the very many social sites that Publish about these things including mass Child abuses.

Many People did not know these things for centuries and are starting to learn moren and more about what hit them al these times in their chronic bad destinies.

You are from the scientific academic society as many are from their own breed also and dont know much about what goes on and makes realy their daily news.

Upfront refusing is not schientific and could be maby shock what happens to a lot of People once discovering new Truths that rambles their Worlds Rest and Safety.

But No duty from Me though. I just mentioned some.

reader cynholt said...

I can somewhat accurately be described as an anti-war, anti-Wall Street
libertarian leftist, Gordon. Picture that and your head will spin. You
see me as a radical only because I'm a bit of a rarity -- a shooting
star, if you will. If you look long and hard enough, one will eventually
enter your line of sight, but not very often.

reader cynholt said...

Twenty people on President Richard Nixon’s enemies list were named in the 1971 memo released to the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973.

There were 200 additional enemies on a separate list.

The memo proposed the use of “federal machinery,” including IRS audits and litigation, to “screw our political enemies.”

People never change, only the technology/circumstances change.

reader papertiger0 said...

And she has the power to look at the candidate's spouses and pick out which are gay.

That makes her like a super hero or something.

reader Robert Rehbock said...

I don't object to discussing evidence or holding or stating or explaining beliefs that one's usual suspects are more likely here guilty. I said that a"real investigation (would) shortly produce real evidence ..." So I do not advocate waiting till at or after trial only until we see what else now may quickly unfold. I don't think that one can quite yet logically declare persons of either left or right leaning free from motive, opportunity or intent here.

You too easily stereotype, I think. I consider it true that neither left nor right lie all the time but the fraction of truth is often vanishingly small. So I try to observe complete and unbroken symmetry in my skepticism and suspicion of the claims both right and left on most subjects.

reader papertiger0 said...

Speaking of taxes, your ads are back online.
Money will be rolling in. Obama will give you added scrutiny, which in your case means business as usual.

reader cynholt said...

Machiavelli in his Discourses on Livy writes that not more than 10 years should pass before someone who is "haughty" and "arrogant" (which is to say, who thinks he is above the law and can commit crimes with impunity) is executed. We don't have to execute them, but they should be thrown into jail for at least 10 years and fined heavily. To not prosecute them because it would have ripple effects in the economy is crazy--the fact of not prosecuting them will have even more ripple effects as the corruption and stupidity will just spread.

reader Robert Rehbock said...

Yes. The ads are back. I am told by first one that I should join my (left leaning liberal) Senator Begich in petitioning to "Tell the FDA: No Frankenfish!"

reader James Gallagher said...

Good news for Lubos that his site his no longer banned.

reader Luke Lea said...

Nixon tried to get the IRS to audit the tax returns of his political enemies before the 1972 election. But then he also tried to bring in the FBI and CIA to cover up a burglary he had ordered into the offices of the Democratic Party opposition in an attempt to steal their election plans. That is what cost him his job. Practically his whole administration ended up in jail, 15 or 20 of them altogether, including the Vice President, the Attorney General, his two chiefs of staff, his White House legal counsel, his top political consultants, and a few others.

Hopefully Obama won't try something equally stupid and subversive. I doubt that he will.

reader cynholt said...

While the media keeps fueling the flames on social issues and dividing
the citizens, the Plutocrats go to work. They keep us divided about
guns, abortion, gay marriage etc., etc., on purpose. If we ever woke up
to this divide-and-conquer plan and all citizens stood in solidarity
against the 4 or 5 mega-industries that own our government, we just
might get somewhere. Why do you think Rush on the Reich and Kos on the
phony Left get paid so much?

reader cynholt said...

I suggest that anyone interested in just how our nation has reached the
point of bloated executive salaries, political stalemates, and corporate
hegemony should read any and all of Haynes Johnson's books:
"Sleepwalking Through History" (1980's and Reagan era); "The Best of
Times" (1990's and Clinton era); and his most recent "The Age of
Anxiety" (post 9/11 America and the tyranny of fear). Keep the workers
occupied and fearful while the 1% with the blessings of Congress and the
office of the presidency (regardless of party) amass undisclosed
millions and billions of dollars and wrest the power politic from the
people (99%) all-the-while doing so under a very thick, impenetrable
cloak of secrecy. We have literally been "Sleepwalking" through the last
three-plus decades wherein workers' salaries (based on real purchasing
power) have gone down a third while executive salaries have increased
anywhere from 300 to 600% and more when their bonuses, stock options,
and deferred compensation packages are included. This is TRAGIC.

reader cynholt said...

The internet has diffused public protests now. Quite a lot different
from the 60's. But it is also enabling the awakening of the masses.
After each new false flag, I see large numbers waking up and questioning
everything. The internet is a double edged sword that the criminal
elites are just now trying to force closed. Just like they are trying to
force chaos and fear with all the terror they've failed to stop,
allowed to happen, or sponsored lately.

When, not if, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
(CISPA) finally passes through our glorious representatives, it will
begin the takedown of freedom of speech, expression and the internet for
good. The "lockdown" of the internet, like Boston, will be for
everyone's safety.

It will probably come in conjunction with the neo-Nazi thugs at
Homeland Security finally acquiring all of their tanks and ammo. (Funny
how the "sequestration" doesn't effect DHS's drive to buy all ammo
available on the market.) The US will be safe and secure just like a
prison (note the word "lockdown" now being used by the MSM like at a
prison) when they finally pull the plug on the internet.

reader Gordon Wilson said...

"Begin the takedown of freedom of speech..."???
Begin? Every post you make online is archived in cloud server farms owned and operated by a branch of govt to be data-mined if you are targeted. Then, of course, there are the googlebots mining your emails for codewords to push ads immediately in your face.
Truly free speech is now largely an illusion.

reader Gordon Wilson said...

Don't you just love the Orwellian newspeak--"the Patriot Act"---where
"patriot" is a code word for "snitch" or "toady" and the patriot act is a code for fascist control. The patriot act is an obscenity in so-called peacetime and an excuse to eliminate basic human rights. Our pm, Harper, is trying his best to follow the US lead with this by introducing draconian omnibus "crime" bills, and by muzzling government scientists and eliminating environmental testing agencies and letting go researchers at the Institute of Ocean Sciences.

reader Gordon Wilson said...

Hmm, I sort of see myself as a libertarian leftist as well, but the words seem to have a different meaning here in Canada. I am to the right of our New Democratic Party, but to the left of Obama on most issues. I think that it is hard to stereotype people. In B.C., the Liberal government is basically hard-core conservative tied to big (not small) biz. I am voting for our Green candidate in May elections, though I think the majority of Greens are immature urban flakes (this candidate is the smartest by far of the three main candidates, and the NDP is going to boot out the Liberals. Having one or two greens will be good. The last NDP govt here was as corrupt and profligate as hell, just in different ways that the corrupt and profligate liberals (stealth conservatives) Got it? :)

BTW for a darkly hilarious view of Wall St immorality, read Michael Lewis' "Liar's Poker"...surely an inspiration for Matt Taibbi's characterization of Goldman Sachs as a "vampire squid that slaps its money blood funnel on the face of humanity" :)

reader Gordon Wilson said...

They aren't always. Look at the shameful way the US has blockaded Cuba for so many years. It was fine when gangsters controlled it, wasn't it? Certainly Castro was a totalitarian megalomaniac who caused misery for many of Cuba's populace, but the US blockade was primarily a sop to get Florida Cuban refugee votes. IMO, if the US had shown some empathy with Cubans, the Island would not have a communist government at this time. Isolating Cuba was a mistake.

reader Gordon Wilson said...

It might seem crazy, but there are very few differences in policy between your two parties. Sure there are stupid Repub Senators and Congressmen/women, and their Dem counterparts, but all of the financial advisors, treasury secretaries, Fed people are ex Goldman Sachs presidents/VPs etc. And also look at ALL the heads of countries' central banks, including the new EU central bank..(former head of Goldman International in Eurozone). Mark Carney, head of Canada's central bank, and now head of the UK's, spent 13 years at Goldman-Sachs--managing director of investment banking.

reader Gordon Wilson said...

Enough conspiracy theory stuff from me :) This has drifted significantly off topic.

reader Smoking Frog said...

There's no evidence that Nixon ordered the break-in.

reader anna v said...

This is feudalism . In the chaotic model of human economics it seems to be the treat attractor.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Papertiger, thanks - and have you tried to recently find ads on ? Look above the "Cook survey" title, for example.

I find this "coincidence" pretty shocking.

reader papertiger0 said...

Dear leader, you are welcome - but I'm not quite catching what you are dishing up.
Has there been a change in Climate Audit's situation?

It wouldn't surprise to find out that Cook's "targeting mechanism" built in to the survey hosed your ad service.
What would be surprising - if they designed it as a feature rather than a case of incompetency.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear papertiger, there can't be any mechanism built into the survey that would harm anyone's ads automatically. What you write is just complete nonsense.

The disabling had to occur after a human intervention, via a complaint not unsimilar to the fascist style IRS' targeting of the Tea Party-close charities, and I have some nontrivial evidence that the fascist behind it was from Australia - either Cook or Lewandowsky or someone of the sort.

The existence of these hardcore loons isn't new. What's new is that they probably found someone at Google who cooperated.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear papertiger, Climate Audit uses the same Google AdSense as I do and it was recently disabled exactly in the same way as it was on this blog. Just search for


in the source, or see the blank rectangle after "on this surmise" on the page. That's where an ad should be.

reader papertiger0 said...

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Third time it's enemy action.

One more time to go.
Or maybe it's already happened. Lucia posted the Cook link I think. Wonder if she, or some of her camp followers who operate their own blogs, have had the problem?

reader Gene Day said...

After Harry Truman had left office and long before Watergate he was asked what he thought of Nixon. He replied, “Richard Nixon is a shifty-eyed, lying son-of-a-bitch and everybody knows it.”
Sadly, a majority of Americans did not know it.

reader Gene Day said...

That does it for me. I’m shifting to Bing.

reader Gene Day said...

I think your definition of "free speech" is too broad, Gordon. It simply means that the government may not restrict your freedom to express your views. Collecting data does not, in itself, restrict anyone's freedom and the principle does not apply to NGOs, of course.

If you are targeted by any branch of government it becomes a serious matter as evidenced by the current IRS debacle.

If Obama does not show some leadership here I would favor impeachment and removal from office even though I voted for him.

I have long believed that loss of freedom always begins with the loss of free speech. This is a historic test for Obama. Either he comes through or the GOP will have a field day and rightly so.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Come on, Gene. So far nothing really serious has happened; there's no reason to think that this is really about the whole philosophy of the company; and there is little reason to think that Microsoft is qualitatively different in any of these respects.

Some services by Google will still be superior.

reader scooby said...

All is not lost Gordon. This morning I woke up in a bad mood, turned on my computer and watched and listened to your compatriot Chris Hadfield interpretation of David Bowie's Space Oddity in the space station with the Earth rolling by in the background. This made me feel much better and restored a bit my faith in humanity. The Canadians can be proud of him.

reader James Gallagher said...

Yes, that was surprising, and wonderful

reader Gene Day said...

OK, I was a bit hasty there but I have more personal reasons for shifting to Bing. I would like to find out what happened at Google, however. There are bad apples in every large organization and Google should not be held responsible for unauthorized behavior by employees if they do, in fact, fix the problem.
To its credit, Google has generally been a strong supporter of free speech.

reader Gene Day said...

My opinion of Chomsky is no higher than yours, Ann, but opposition to the Vietnam war
is not necessarily incompatible with funding by the military. Fifty years ago, during the first months of my career in industry, I worked on a research project that was funded by the US Air Force. I was opposed to our Vietnam involvement but I still wanted our Air Force to have the best tools available.

reader Gene Day said...

Yep. When has isolating any country or movement yielded fruit?

reader Gene Day said...

Of course it will end in absolute tyranny if it is not stopped, Cynthia but it will be stopped. There have been many, much worse attempts to restrict free speech in US history but they have all been reversed. This one will be reversed, too, but it really is an ongoing battle and always will be.

reader rascal 1 said...

American businesswoman Leona Helmsley was often quoted as having said ...
"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes", and I for one could not
agree with her more... :-)

reader cynholt said...

Obama's Affordable Care Act is another fine example of Orwellian newspeak. It's anything but affordable.

reader Stephen Crowley said...

good those fucking teaparty nutbags deserve it

reader Stephen Crowley said...

I've said for years google was a bunch of evil fucks and nooooooo one would listen to me

reader Stephen Crowley said...

reader RAF III said...

Given your previous comment that Google are a 'bunch of evil fucks' it's ironic that you share their faux morailty.

So they had it coming. That's alright then.

reader cynholt said...

I might start communicating solely through carrier pigeon.

reader cynholt said...

First they came for the tea-party........

it to the phony left to ally with gangster gov't in favor of defending
this lawlessness against their fellow citizens. There is a reason
they're called useful idiots. They don't realize that they will be
targets someday.

reader RAF III said...

This applies to Google as well as to Crowley. Notwithstanding their progressive 'morality', they will never take a stand that could hurt their bottom line.
A high profile blogger like Lubos will have his problems addressed while the problems of others are not worth the time and effort.
Last year they 'balkanized' blogger and this year will happily comply with illegal requests for customer information from the U.S. government.
When Progressives do it, it's never wrong.

reader RAF III said...

Those advocating Markets without Capitalism also seem to fit the description of 'a bunch of frothing at the mouth lunatics'.

Could you provide links which demonstrate that your characterization of the Tea Party is accurate?

reader Stephen Crowley said... it's self evident. Also, yes, those that advocate markets without capitalism do sound crazy, I would like to hear serious proposals on how such a system would work. Anyway, the fact that all of this stuff is nonsense lies in the godsend of a book, "How to be Idle" look it up...

reader Stephen Crowley said...

reader Gene Day said...

It has been recognized for thousands of years that participation by non-elected government employees in political activities poses the largest single internal threat to a functioning democracy. In order to guard against this danger and to insure meritocracy in the staffing of government positions the US Civil Service system was established in 1871. The system was refined in several stages leading up the the Hatch Act of 1939, which specifically forbids non-elected government employees from engaging in political activities.
I leaned of this basic principle sixty years ago in high school and of its central importance in preserving our freedoms.
The existence of the current violation is crystal-clear and the public arousal is justified but I would add that the strong reaction simply shows that our political system is working as intended. The extent of this illegal activity will be made clear and any actual damages ascertained. No matter the outcome, however, the Obama Administration has been stained because, as Kucinich has said, the tone in any organization is set at the top.
So, folks, it is a good day for democracy, not a bad one.

reader RAF III said...

The above links are insufficient (e.g.- a Wikipedia page which is flagged with a notice that it's neutrality is in dispute).
Can you provide any in which Tea Partiers, in their own words or writings, come across as you described them?

reader Stephen Crowley said...

No, because "to come across" as something which is entirely too ill-defined as a concept. Basically, you can take anyone who watches Fox News and assume they are a complete idiot who should immediately have influence upon anything as a result of them valuing an array of flickering pixels representing "faces" of "people" with "ideas", etc, etc.

reader YeOldeMoptop said...

You can't really expect him to soil himself with actual investigation of his declared beliefs, can you? He believes them and he is superior, just ask him.

reader YeOldeMoptop said...

Nixon also had the 1960 election stolen from him, so a little paranoia about the Democrats was certainly in order.

reader RAF III said...

Yes, I knew from the start but I occasionally find this sort of thing amusing.

reader RAF III said...

Of course!
As Zach says, "That's the great thing about science - there is no one right answer".

reader Stephen Crowley said...

This is sure to rile everyone up. “First,
it doesn’t make sense to talk about reality without an observer. Mind
is the foundation of matter, reality itself has the structure of a
dream, and objective reality is an
illusion created by an agreement among many dreamers to dream the same
thing. Every time we look in a direction that has never been looked in
before, we are creating what we find there, and at the beginning our
observations will be wild or inconsistent before we settle into
consensus. This is why there are so many exciting scientific results
that disappear the more the experiments are repeated. This is why there
are so many paranormal experiences and so little proof, because “proof”
means forcing everyone to see it the same way.”"

-Ran Prieur

reader Stephen Crowley said...

And 'moral' is just a word... currently enjoying at a very slow and leisurely and not at all hurried or insisted upon

reader woodnfish said...

Wow a democrat trashing a republican. Some things never change.

reader woodnfish said...

Oh come on Lubos! haven't you heard? This is the land of the free!

America is dead, welcome to Amerika.

reader Bonusje said...

Concerning your Topic this of todays frontpage might interest you

reader Bonusje said...

Your trouble seems not a stand alone and the Obama Gov is al over it on TV now.

Taxoffices > even Wordlwide as criminalpolitical terrorweapons!

reader Bonusje said...

Btw the irs in Holland even collaborated in setting op an artificial reccesion and into mega speculationfraud by what many People lost their Houses and 900.000 (1/3)got courtorders to repay taxes after tree years. 2005-2009

So taken over by banksters who bennefit as only ones at the end as they always do. And also seem to abuse it to anihilate all Opposition and dangers to their positions. Even it-comps like twitter facebook google analyse the Populations 24/7 on their behalf and because of that they were able to disconnect tens of millions of Users in the weeks befor the Utoya attack by order of avigdor lieberman of israel what also stole half the World from Us.

reader Bonusje said...

Some of their daily terrorisms by state law media and industry

reader cynholt said...

A couple points, Gene:

Accountability: until there is actual accountability, none of this
matters. If Obama refused to prosecute tortures and eavesdroppers, I
highly doubt anyone at the IRS or DOJ has anything to worry about.

We Are Good mind-set: until people shift their thinking from the
default mode of "the US is a force for good" (the Navy's comical tag
line), a true reckoning is not going to happen. This requires a deeper
analysis than the typical "he was doing it for personal gain" meme. This
is about the inherent conflict between bureaucracy and democracy.
Bureaucracy is inherently about control and restriction, the opposite of
what democracies are supposed to be about. Bureaucracies are about
hoarding information, using secrets as power, as advancement, as
justification for more bigger and bigger budgets. Until the entire
structure of the Gov't is questioned, along with its sycophantic
relationship to corporate America, something NO ONE in the MSM is
willing to do, this is all a distraction.

The sycophants will protect their king at all costs. Party politics is the lowest form of intelligence.

reader cynholt said...

Stephen, the problem is not so much with conservatives, be they Sarah Palin-types
or not, but with those who use mind-control techniques to create
differences that aren’t there, and the same goes for some progressives
who project evil intentions on most on the Right.

If there was a true dialogue unmediated by those that profit from
the divisions, then I think things would be radically different.

I’ll work this from another angle. There are conservatives, for
example, who oppose corporate welfare and the rent-seeking economy,
oppose imperialism and perpetual war without any spatial or temporal
bounds, and urge us to question authority and government on a whole host
of issues. But at the same time, they may be firmly Christian, or be
opposed to gay marriage, or be adamant on issues of libertarian
economics, and so on with all kinds of permutations.

Unlike what the mainstream media says, there are not two sides to
any issues, but a dozen sides, and the media only wants to report two of
them in a cartoonish and false manner. Progressives have highly
distorted views about what some conservatives believe, and vice-versa.
That’s what the power-elite want -- they want to create false

reader cynholt said...

I keep asking people to explain to me what the fundamental policy
differences between Bush and Obama are, and they keep failing to come up
with anything substantive. This is why I didn't bother voting in the
last election -- it doesn't matter who you vote for, the only thing
you're choosing is the color of the curtains, and once they're soaked in
blood they all look the same anyway.

reader T H Ray said...

That makes no sense. There are those who get saddled with the label "climate change denier" too, when we simply question the fanciful computer models that have been enshrined as real predictions. There are frothing at the mouth lunatics in every political movement, as well as sober critics who question the motives and methods of entrenched power. The U.S. was founded on that continual criticism, the same liberal Enlightenment model that powers Karl Popper's ideal of the Open Society. It's all that stands between us and a tyranny of the majority.

reader Honza said...

It's too bad you didn't report on the government when it was (is) bullying other groups like Muslims and homosexuals. Why so picky?

reader Luboš Motl said...

I haven't seen any Western government in my life that would be inappropriately "bullying groups like Muslims or homosexuals". So I am not picky but you are a liar.

reader eliu said...

then you're either exceptionally ignorant or a disingenuous, right propagandist. Read up: funny how you don't mention the state targeting Chomsky lol

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