Friday, May 24, 2013

Palo Alto mass killer of Ukulele Orchestra caught

I guess that many female readers would call this guy a heart-throb.

More importantly, however, Kevin Dahlgren (*1992) of Palo Alto is a mass killer who has murdered a Czech family of four in Brno, the second largest country in Czechia and the capital of Moravia (130 miles southeast of Prague).

A San Francisco Chronicle blog explains that he had some identity crisis and had to leave his family. The family hoped that his psychological state would improve overseas.

So he went to Czechia to teach English. Unfortunately, a family of four – the Harok family (my research using publicly available information only) – had to pay with their lives for the treatment of this guy. A mother (who is a teacher), a father, and two sons. The father (Martin Harok) and one of the two sons (Filip Harok – all the names are my research) were members of the "Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno" ("jako" means "as" or "as big as", in this case, and "jako Brno" is being used by all Czechs for something that is really big, almost like the City of Brno; it's a pun because these guys were from Brno; ukulele is a primitive musical instrument).

He has used several weapons (mainly knives) to kill the four people in their house (a photo gallery with the house; go to Google Maps: Brno-Ivanovice, Zatloukal's Street). Finally, he wanted to mask his acts – to make them look as an unlucky accident – so he put the house on fire, too. It's likely that police has a detailed documentation and witnesses for these events. After all, the four bodies were found on a pile in the garage by the family's neighbor.

It happened less than two days ago, on Wednesday night (Czech time). The guy managed to get to Vienna in some way and flew to Washington D.C. where he was caught an hour ago, with the help of the Austrian police and an FBI agent.

Unless I am confusing California with Chechnya – they sound similar, perhaps they are the same thing – I must ask: Why is California doing such things to us? [Just to be sure, this paragraph is a parody of the statements about Czechia after two Chechens terrorized the Boston Marathon. Nothing is meant seriously in this paragraph and I don't believe in the collective guilt linked to individual murders. It's annoying that a reader made it necessary for me to spoil this paragraph by this down-to-earth explanation.]

BTW California is going to ban fires. Maybe they should try to ban murders first.

The band "Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno" also has a YouTube channel with nine almost unknown videos. The first one, which is one year old, has collected about 5,000 visits and is the most visited one:

Fair music, somewhat amateurish, I would say. Some musicians from the video above are no longer alive, I think. Sad. The message is that you should better not attempt to learn English if you want to keep your chances to survive. [Spoilers: this is a joke, too.]

While the criminal only spoke English, his family actually had some Czech roots (links to Brno); Dahlgren is a name of Swedish origin, however. It's even claimed by ABC News etc. that he was a rather close relative of the murdered family. He was offering to teach English for $10 per hour on his Facebook profile (he joined Facebook less than 3 weeks ago!).

Most Czechs apparently want him to be tried in the U.S. because they believe that he could earn a harsher punishment in that way. For a murder of four, it's likely he would get a life in prison in the Czech Republic but speculations suggest that 15 years could be the final verdict, too.

It's being reported that Kevin Dahlgren despised the ugly and chaotic Western world. Not sure why he went to Czechia because we're a part of the ugly and chaotic Western world again and the houses (see the Google Maps links higher) are no worse than many houses in the U.S.


  1. This article is very hating. Being a citizen of some country doesn't make you a bad person. That applies to Czechs as well as Americans.

  2. Come on, Jack, you understand that this is just a parody of what some of the Americans were doing after the Chechen attacks in Boston, right?

  3. Put Him To Death.

  4. This is very sad. It is one of those things that make people believe in retrograde planets and funny stuff like that. It is the third in a row senseless massacre of individuals by crazy young men.

    We got a young dutch boy who stayed over when is family left Crete after their holidays and found work as an entertainer of children hitting with a knife twenty times a 12 year old russian boy who had the guts to confront him for the theft of his ( the child's) mobile and lap top!

    Day before yesterday we got a 17 year old greek boy studying for university exams killing his mother with a knife because ,at 2:30 am he was still viewing television and she asked him to turn it off since he had an exam in the morning.

    If we include the completely senseless massacre in London by young men it is enough to believe that something is going drastically wrong in young men.

    Hormones in the water?

    Or was it always like this and it is the immediacy of the news and the internet that create the impression that violent craziness has escalated?

  5. I tend to think that tese types of crime have always occurred

  6. To be parallel to the complaint about Czechs attacking Boston, since this guy is from California, you should ask why Canadians are attacking Brno.

  7. LOL, so this says that while Canadians are analogous to Czechs, Californians are analogous to ... Chechens. Well, one can't escape this conclusion even without the Canadians! ;-)

  8. I hope Czechoslovakia has the death penalty for this guy.

  9. Nice woodnfish, but I would love to hope you're joking. First, Czechoslovakia hasn't existed for 20 years. Second, death penalty on our territory hasn't existed for about 20 years, too.

  10. I think johnl meant Corinthians. Us Canadians are from the village, don't ya know. The Corinthians on the other hand are from the devilish side of the Bible.

  11. I finally found the true meaning of "Kanada".

  12. Woodnfish, Death Penalty has been outlawed in Europe since 1983, both in war times and peace times. The EU think that "death penalty is not justice".

  13. Dear Shannon, you're overstating the meaning of the word "Europe". ;-) In Czechoslovakia, there were death penalties until 1990.

  14. Since 1997 no death penalties have occurred in Europe. A lot of assassins deserve to die and I won't lift a finger to fight against a deserved one but I always find that one can make a person's life a misery in a harsh "bagne" like in Cayenne in the past... or Guantanamo.

  15. Am I kidding about the death penalty? No. Some people deserve to be executed; murderers, mutilators, child molesters, rapists. I add child molesters and rapists because they cannot be cured. There is no such thing as life imprisonment in the USA. If they are ever released from prison, they go off and victimize more people. That happens all the time here in New Hampshire. Executing them prevents that from happening.

    As for Czechoslovakia not existing for 20 years ... it took me almost that long to spell it correctly.

  16. That's a shame, Shannon. European elitist ideas endanger common citizens.

  17. Now if he were a Muslim, there would have been plenty of outrage over
    these senseless and brutal murders! Double standards aren't confined to
    the workplace or the classroom or even the media and movie industry, they
    extend without limits into the highly fragmented world of crime and

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