Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bob Carter's academic job "not renewed"

Climate alarmists' dirty hands were very likely behind the scenes

I met Bob Carter (and his wife) 2.5 years ago during a seminar he was delivering in Prague's Auto Moto Club, an event organized by the think tank (CEP) led by Václav Klaus, then the Czech president.

This Australian scholar is a geologist but his talks about the climate are perfectionist, comprehensive, comprehensible, balanced, reasonable, and focused on the most important points that are overlooked by many others. He is always careful to see things in their proper context and to assign them the right importance. He has also presented some special issues such as the Australian carbon tax in a very meaningful way.

Equally importantly, he is a pleasant and peaceful Gentleman and an entertaining companion with some interesting stories to tell.

For all those reasons and others, I was shocked by news published on Jo Nova's blog. Bob explained to me that he retired from a tenured position in 2001 but because he couldn't become inactive, he continued as an honorary Adjunct Fellow of the James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.

He was supervising a student, had an access to the library he was using in his research, and it cost nothing to the university. But this position was suddenly stopped and even his very access to the library and other tools needed for scholarly work were suspended. It doesn't require too much work to find out that some climate alarmist pressure groups were behind the decision of the cowardly officials at the university.

Needless to say, Bob Carter wasn't "fired" because he ceased to be a top scholar – at least among scientists of his age – with a perfectly rational and scientific type of argumentation. Just on the contrary, he was "fired" because he's become even better than years ago.

At least one may find a journalist, in this case a man called David Sparkes, who think the same thing about these events:
University dumps out-of-step climate change sceptic (Townsville Bulletin)
The article reminds us of 32 years that Bob spent at the university he still respects, including its other good scholars (but let me admit that Bob is obviously the only scholar at JCU I know, unless I forgot about someone else); about his book; about shows with Andrew Bolt, and so on.

Bob says nice things about the university – it's probably partly inevitable given his being a Gentleman and those 32 years of his life. But I haven't spent 32 years there so I may easily say something really tough about that school – it's on its way to be renamed as John Cook University.

Bob Carter's and (Australian journalist and illustrator) John Spooner's new book, Taxing Air, will be out in a week or so. I can't find a usable link for you to purchase it so far but you may buy it through the link in the previous sentence and this is a topic I (or he) will write about again.

Right now, I am just going to watch a 1993 film rendition of the 1990 novel by another skeptic and late TRF reader Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park. I haven't seen it for many, many years...


  1. Don't you mean "... renamed as John Crook University"?

  2. LOL, it's almost the same thing, but No. I wanted his actual name. Just to be sure, the change was from the explorer *James* Cook to the crook named *John* Cook who is behind e.g. this (Australian) website.

  3. you're honorary /b/

  4. There is a silliness and desperation in all of this. The Greens got everything they wanted from Prime Minister and now she's been forced out along with the cabinet and even most Green MP's. I suppose the JCU faculty members who pushed out Carter see this as a cleansing but with the prospect of major losses for the Australian Labour party in September, it seems an extraordinarily poorly timed move. As the Greeks said, when the gods want to punish you, they give you exactly what you wish for.

  5. Luboš,

    how about going to the real world and look what is actually happeining? E.g. Arizona? Alaska? Egypt? Could you do that?



  6. LOL, I wonder who among the two of us has been to a larger subset of these places.

    Note that if you visit a new place once, what you see is the best way to learn what is *normal* to be happening over there.

  7. John Nicol is another scientist who was at JCU ( he taught me physics there many years ago...