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Stephen Hawking got a flat tire

...but sang the Big Bang Theory theme song...

Just like your humble correspondent yesterday, Stephen Hawking got a flat tire which is why he couldn't be at the Comic Con. At least, he prerecorded this monologue:

He also sings the theme song of TBBT, a very successful sitcom of CBS that is nominated for Emmy 2013 much like Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler.

Much like Sheldon Cooper, I am the last drafted man when teams are being divided in collective games – unless there is someone on the wheelchair. But it seems likely that Stephen Hawking would be drafted ahead of me, too. ;-)

If you listen to the monologue carefully, you will also notice that Hawking announced a new book and a new movie, both of them primarily about himself. You may already buy the movie today for $3,900.

Via Daily Mail (where you may learn the theater by which the TBBT actors sold the message from Hawking)

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snail feedback (4) :

reader Gene Day said...

Actually, it was Leonard Hofstadter who described his childhood sports experience this way:
“You get picked last, get hit by the ball, cry and go home."

reader Pepa said...

I looked at the tire, it was only
flat at the bottom, the top of the tire looked OK to me...

reader Luboš Motl said...

LOL, Gene, Leonard's sports were similar but I was referring to this exact exchange led by Sheldon:

Howard Wolowitz: The point is, you have to take sides. Are you on Team Penny or Team Leonard?

Sheldon Cooper: Which team picks last?

Howard Wolowitz: What?

Sheldon Cooper: In high school, I was always in the team that picks last, unless there was a kid in a wheelchair.

reader Gene Day said...

I must have missed that one, Lubos.