Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Promoting HEP physics in the U.S.: a poll

Listen now: I disabled the Odiogo's "listen now" buttons because the company found out that there's insufficient demand for audio ads on the web and the service has to be a paid one, from $129 a year (since September 1st), which seems like too much to me. It's plausible that this blog could be free as a "personal" one but I don't want to investigate.
Joseph S. sent me a link to the Symmetry Magazine, Why Particle Physics Matters, that offers you four 1-minute-or-so videos explaining the Americans why HEP physics is worth their money. You may vote for your favorite.

I decided not to hide my preferences. This guy from Mississippi is my winner. His passion for learning and his particle physics built on Columbus' shoulders sound appropriate to me.

He's arguably a particle physicist from the only not-clearly-left-wing state (or city) and I think you can see it in his style and presentation. It has much more energy. He's been trained to proselytize and convince other people about things that aren't obviously true and important according to their culture.

In comparison, the remaining three people seem slightly bored and their videos seem somewhat boring to me, offering some PC-style theses about people who are ill, colored, or female. They seem to be used to preach to the converted, colleagues in a partly intellectually sterile environment that suffers from group think.

Now, the Champions League theme song came to Pilsen for the first time (when Pilsen played in the Champions League for the first time, it had to play in Prague because our municipal stadium wasn't great yet). Tonight, I simply have to watch the first match of FC Viktoria Pilsen against the Slovenian champion, Maribor. It's aired on Prima Cool, the channel that airs The Big Bang Theory and similar programs.

The winner of the double match will play in the basic group of the UEFA Champions League; the loser will fall down to the Europa League of Losers. ;-)


  1. I hope these videos can help particle physics in the US... :-/

    I like the particle physicist from Mississippi a lot too :-)
    Observing people who really love particle physics and are excited about it always make me happy and even more excited about it than I already am too :-D


  2. I liked all of the presentations. They did a good job of making the case for supporting basic science. The UMiss guy had more more passion and I liked tying HEP physics to man’s eternal quest to understand his world. I would point out that our early ancestors, tens of millennia before Columbus, had the same primal urge.

  3. Quinn gives by far the most convincing and exciting speech. He should have been a politician ;-)

  4. Hi Lubos,
    Just for curiosity: if you had not a Mind for physics, what else would you like to do instead? Something in particular or anything would be OK?

  5. Hi Lubos. It's Barry Tilles, Boston cabbie and your facebook "friend". Just to let you know there is at least one user who misses the Odiogo "web read for you" feature. (Okay I just re-read your note and the insufficiency of demand was not from your audience, but, apparently lack of clamor for "audio ads on the web" (aural parity for the visually impaired statutes are indicated here in the manner perhaps of Boston Logan airport bathrooms for specially built for taxicab drivers, which have gov't mandated braille inscribed for our equal opportunity blind cabbies [in addition to marblesque foot-washing stations for Islamic* taximen ) forcing a mathematically inexpressible rate jump [0 to 129 Sesterces = x% increase?]) Okay I was trying to say I liked to load the mp3 files of your memos and play as I drive - particularly those non-word-mincing tracts dealing with climate alarmism (as a bonus, subtly indoctrinating passengers whose defenses can rise up with if one hammers them directly).

    I appreciate the time you take for all of this.

    *terrorist (see 9/11 reporting 9/12-9/20/2001)

  6. I sympathize with your objections so much! But there are also readers who complained about this particular widget - and other widgets, of course - as baggage that no one would use. Of course that I knew many examples showing that "no one" was surely wrong.

    It's plausible that the service is still free for blogs like this ones, despite ads etc., but I would have to investigate and it's too much work. If you did it yourself and I knew that the script may be just un-suspended, I would unsuspend it.

    The speaking algorithms seemd rather good to me.

    Sorry that I try to avoid interactions on Facebook. There are really many people I clicked at even though I didn't know them - and I stopped doing that. ;-)