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A guy from Mississippi won the HEP P.R. contest

Three weeks ago, I asked you to watch four videos in which physicists explain why particle physics is important.

For various content-based and emotional reasons, I voted for University of Mississippi Associate Professor Breese Quinn (above).

Yesterday, the winner of the contest received the Symmy – it's a sculpture from the Symmetry Magazine that is so famous that it even has two famous parodies, the Emmy and the Grammy. ;-)

Yes, here is the Mississippi winner:

Congratulations. I wish him a good luck with the Symcar.

I learned about the winner from the Symmetry Magazine.

Here's the first short promo for the 7th season of The Big Bang Theory. Leonard is jumping the shark or the octopus or whatever it is. ;-) Note that the second episode will be aired on the same day.

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