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An interview with Brian Greene

If you have 15 spare minutes, here is an interview:

TV Real's interview with Brian Greene (click)

The video with some supplementary article (click)
He talks about the history and the (oscillating) value or non-value of the popularization of science – while I have been doing similar things, I tend to be mostly closer to Sheldon Cooper's opinion from Sheldon's dialogue with Brian about the very same issue. Just kidding, a big fan.

Incidentally, my Czech translation of The Elegant Universe is getting ready for the imminent 2nd edition after 12 years.

Brian reveals that the definition of the "world" in the World Science Festival has been extended from "New York" to "New York and Amsterdam" which is quite good.

Also, he seems to be working on extensive video lectures using some of the newest media technology that should provide the smart high school students and other interested laymen and amateur physicists with some explanations of physics that go deeper to the technical content of physics than garden variety popular accounts usually manage to. That could be pretty interesting.

Of course, they also discuss string theory and similar topics. Brian Greene mentions that maths is surely important for physics but one can't a priori know "which maths" and he says that he would be shocked if the ideas and maths of string theory don't apply to the Universe around us but he would love to know the answer whatever it is. I may subscribe to both assertions.

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snail feedback (6) :

reader Giotis said...

Amateur physicist? I didn't know that such term exists. How
one is qualified to be called an amateur physicist?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Like all amateurs in all fields, they don't need any degrees or diplomas to do what they do because they are not paid for that.

reader Giotis said...

Sure, but I guess you must publish something in a Physics
Journal to call yourself an amateur physicist. Correct?

reader Luboš Motl said...

That's not what I meant. Armchair physicist would be OK with you?

reader Dilaton said...

When starting to be interested in fundamental physics, I was happy about everything I could read about it anywhere, and now I rather agree with Sheldon too ...

For example I am some kind of holding my breath in apprehension of what will happen in the comments to Matt Strassler's newest article (astonishingly he was able to talk about BSM physics therein without a flood of speculative adjectives ;-)...)

but up to now things are quiet ...

reader John Archer said...

I'm with Luboš on this one. (Invariably I am anyway.)

As far as I recall, Bill Tidy never mentioned that Reg Thrumper, the Blagdon Amateur Rapist, published anything in a rape journal, but that didn't stop old Reg from pursuing his interest and achieving some acclaim in his chosen field by putting the wind up a few members of the fairer sex, even if that was only down at the level of furtive groper and general public nuisance.

I think if anyone is sufficiently in love with a field there's no good reason why he shouldn't call himself—and be called—an amateur at it if he indulges in it without payment. In any event, I'm sure what's good enough for the rapist community is certainly good enough for physicists, but with the added advantage that the physicist—amateur and professional alike—is unlikely to be hounded and discriminated against by the law for following his heart's desire. He may even get an Arts Council grant and still keep his amateur status.

Poor old Reg never did. All those services he rendered in providing excitement in the victim community by inciting them to murder him and he got no thanks at all. Tsk! Life just isn't fair on some people.

Reginald Thrumptom, Blagdon Amateur Rapist. RIP

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