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Czech president talks about rodents in EU politics

Czech president Miloš Zeman gave an interview to the Financial Times,

Czech president takes swipe at Europe’s ‘great mice’
and it's an example of the funny events that improve my mood (which was already pretty good to start with) – a part of the reasons why I voted for him in the presidential elections.

The nominally center-left politician who is sometimes nicknamed "the badger" mentioned that there is a difference between personalities and persons. In the EU politics, there are lots of persons but almost no personalities.

The persons are great mice, party apparatchiks. Zeman, a pro-EU person, meant the wet rag Herman Van Rompuy and other rodents some of which are chipmunks, jerboas, hamsters, and nasty squirrels.

Zeman often cites Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle as political heroes – that's one of the numerous reasons why Zeman's "leftism" is mostly acceptable to me – and sometimes enthusiastically acceptable. ;-) In the interview, Zeman repeated his criticism of the new labels on cigarettes that were made mandatory by some great mice in Brussels. He reminded us that he despises the fluorescent light bulbs. In fact, he has received one fluorescent light bulb for his cottage and it looks like a cemetery over there. ;-)

During the interview, he was clearly repeating a description of himself as a pro-EU person, a feature by which he differs from Cameron and especially Klaus, his predecessor. How much pro-EU he is? Well, Cameron would talk about friendly relations between the U.K. and the EU. Zeman says that we are the EU. And he doesn't really mean the rodents. He primarily means badgers like himself. I suppose that the nasty squirrels in Brussels (some of whom would love to ban smoking or force you to buy additional fluorescent light bulbs) must love Zeman, too! ;-)

Some of Zeman's recent activities on the Czech political spheres were found politically incorrect by some of the rodents. There's just one problem with the attempts to harass the Czech president, i.e. the EU's attempts to intervene into our internal affairs: everything that Zeman did was perfectly compatible with the Czech constitution. He makes some good points that his decisions accelerated the early elections. I am personally not happy about the early elections because the right-wing parties are going to lose and it may partly be a deserved loss because they look like gangs of folks with several disabilities (and their very decision to accelerate the early elections – e.g. by not supporting the neutral government led by Zeman's ally Rusnok – was very stupid, I think). And the social democrats (comrades Sobotkas) etc. who will win along with the communists (no comment) are just scary jerks. But I would surely agree with Zeman that bringing early elections closer is not something you would expect from "dictators".

Zeman's approach to the EU is entertaining because he describes himself as a Eurofederalist (at the level of words, it's the opposite attitude than Klaus' approach) but I tend to think that the EU great mice are already almost as horrified by Zeman as they were (or still are) by Klaus.

Incidentally, the Czech Republic won the fireworks championship in Hannover today.

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