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Democrats of Europe, wake up!

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is a notorious Franco-German leftist.

In 1968, he would be a fighter at the barricades of Paris; his nickname has been Danny the Red (Dany le Rouge) ever since. In the 1970s, he would "love" children in an "anti-authoritarian kindergarten" which is why he also fought for the sex with the children to be legalized in the 1980s. Germany's Green Party recently made a huge U-turn and it now seems to claim that it was "unacceptable" to demand the legalization of peadophilia.

In a normal society, such a man would probably oscillate in between a mental asylum and a prison but we live in countries that have incorporated themselves into the European Union so this chap is much more than a rank-and-file member of the European Parliament. He co-leads the Greens-Marxists in the EU legislative body and is just planning to create a new, modern incarnation of the Communist International that should overtake Europe.

That's the main "planned action" according to his and Felix Marquard's 5-days-old article (also published by The New York Times),

The Fix For Europe: People Power,
where they plan to screw Europe and take the power from the people and democrats on the continent. Marquard is a dropout who did fine thanks to his rich parents and runs a P.R. agency – a spoiled brat Engels for the Marx-Bendit, I would say. In Poland, the article was reprinted under the headline Get rid of the nation state. Wow.

Normally, I would consider Danny the Red to be a marginal figure who is not worth an answer from many of us. His job in the EU Parliament is good for him (he announced that he won't run again in May 2014 elections) but I would doubt that his power goes beyond his preposterous individual existence. That doesn't mean that his opinions and plans aren't shared by a scary percentage of the people. But I would just feel that this particular politician doesn't have the power to change things today.

But I may be wrong. Czech ex-president Václav Klaus, his aides, and a few pro-freedom European politicians and pundits such as Nigel Farage have initiated the following manifesto:
Democrats of Europe, Wake Up!
You may join the supporters by sending a kind e-mail to

Klaus explains that some modernization of the language notwithstanding, Cohn-Bendit's and Marquard's rant structurally mimics Marx's and Lenin's projects and/or a roadmap to rebuild the EU into a federal melting pot of nations analogous to the USSR.

See also Bruce Bawer's analysis, "Europe's Would-Be Masters", of the Cohn-Bendit's and Marquard's rant written for the Front Page Magazine.

I agree with Klaus that those people do think in a more or less isomorphic way to the Marxists, Leninists, and Stalinists. I do agree that they're not a negligible fringe group that may be ignored. I do agree that democrats must show their teeth before the left-wing radicals insert their teeth into the flesh of necks of our European nation states and their democratic regimes.

It's just not clear to me whether the planned creation of yet another radical party is something that crosses the red lines, something that should suddenly energize and unite the opposition to these dangerous plans across the old continent. But maybe I will change my opinion later today. ;-) So far, it just seems to me that he will at most regroup some extremist parties enjoying something like 5% percent in the EU.

Am I wrong?

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snail feedback (15) :

reader Joseph said...

The only good communist is a dead communist :-)

reader Gordon said...

I remember this idiot from my university days. I hadn't heard of him since until my visits to Paris in the past few years when he figured prominently in my labored readings of Paris Match and Le Figaro. He does seem to have a presence in France. I agree with Klaus...
dangerous Marxist.

reader Luboš Motl said...

LOL, very interesting. Were Paris Match and Le Figaro rooting for this guy?

reader Shannon said...

Hi gordon, Cohn-Bendit has just started to work (since end of August) at one of the biggest French radio Europe 1 which I listen to every morning. This radio is moderate right wing. Still he is given 3 minutes to speak in his "humeur de Daniel Cohn-Bendit" every day just before 8am (a peak listening time). I was appalled to hear him. However I must say that he can have a wicked sense of humour at times. He's the type of guy you hate but can make you laugh out so loud ;-)

reader lucretius said...

The polish newspaper (“Gazeta Wyborcza”) headlines literarily says “Away with the Nation State” although the word “Precz” is used in the same sense as “Down” in English. Anyway, the meaning is the same.

I am not really worried about these marxist idiots themselves since their time has past and their support is minimal. Moreover, their propaganda is based on discredited ideas and does not address the issues that really worry the people of Europe. The most important of these things is the alienation of the majorities of the populations of most countries from the ruling elites, which under the guise of “common european values” attempt to impose on them them things that they would never agreed to if they had a chance to decide. These things are not the same in all countries: in some of them it is mass immigration and islamization, in others same sex unions and “reverse” discrimination of various kinds and so on, but in almost every country in Europe that I know one can also feel building up frustration and anger, which in at least some of them will eventually explode. When this happens, the ones who benefit will not the likes of Cohn-Bendit but their “far right” mirror images. (I put “far right” in quotation marks because I do not consider them “right” in any sense).

This is certainly visible in Poland. The cretinism of the Left, which in all respect copies the ideas of Cohn-Bendit and his ilk, is perfectly matched by the so called Right (which is accurately described by the phrase “national socialist” in its literal meaning). In recent years this Right (which includes the main opposition “Law and Justice Party”), has recruited Polish football thugs into its ranks and each Novemeber 11 (“The Independence Day”) provides an opportunity for a three sided fight involving the collected forces of the Left (including imported stormtroopers from the West), the “patriotic” Right and their football hooligan allies and the Police.

The idiocy of the Polish nationalist Right reveals itself most clearly in their view of foreign policy: they are anti-Russian (it’s an act of faith among them that Putin arranged the assassination of the former Polish president Kaczyński in the Smolensk air crash, perhaps with the collaboration of the Polish government and everyone who doubts this is a traitor), equally anti-German (the Germans are forever plotting to get back their pre-war teritories, particularly Silesia, where there actually is a strong pro-autonomy movement caused by many decades of terrible negligence and exploitation that has utterly ruined this once flourishing German province) and anti-EU. Oh, I should not forget to add that they are very hostile to Ukraine (with quite good reasons, but that’s another matter).

Given that they are not likely to find much support from the Obama administration, one may well wonder whether they believe Poland needs any allies. Well, there is always Hungary.

So, I have to say, although I am not worried about the neo-marxist Left themselves, I do worry that they are going to help to bring the idiot pseudo-Right to power. In other EU countries things are not quite as bad because even the “far right” is generally much more sensible, but in many of them the eventual result will be similar. In fact, I find the political situation in the Czech Republic most enviable and am seriously considering moving “emigrating” there if the worst happens here (unless we decide to go back to Japan).

reader Gordon said...

No, they were just reporting on something he was up to--this was a few years ago.

reader Gordon said...

Hmmm, that sounds like the equivalent of Fox News giving an opinion segment to Noam Chomsky, though Noam is quite humorless.

reader Shannon said...

Exactly. I think Cohn-Bendit is seen like a clown (he even looks like one). He has some popularity in France because French people tend to admire those with a big mouth and humour. I am however surprised that he can get away so easily with his pedophile past... Was he "only" a ideological pedophile?... Can one punish that?...

reader Eugene S said...

Am I wrong?Dear Luboš, I think you are right...

Although I have the greatest respect for Prof. Klaus, the alarmist tone of that open letter is unwarranted IMHO so in that respect I agree with you. The "watermelons" (green on the outside, red on the inside) and the honest communists together can achieve some success at the polls but should not be able to assemble parliamentary majorities anywhere, ever.

However, they can exert influence even when they do not form the government. And a broader point, that the open letter does not make, is that the call to abolish the nation-state is not voiced only by leftards, but also by many pro-capitalists who stress the benefits brought by free trade and open borders. In principle I agree with them but I am also aware that the historical differences between Europe's countries are too great to force too-quick integration, as proved by the interminable Euro crisis.

Let me quote here from a review of Dany Rodrik's The Globalization Paradox:Rodrik identifies irreconcilable tensions among national sovereignty,
democracy, and hyperglobalization, this last term signifying an
international economy deeply integrated and lightly regulated. Rodrik
believes that any two of these can coexist, but not all three.In my opinion it is at best naive to say that globalization of commerce and supranationalization of the state are an unalloyed good.

The current push by the European elites toward "fiscal union" (a European union in which accountability will be de-individualized and de-nationalized, while huge transfers of wealth are planned to keep the Ponzi scheme going) is not a leftard-only thing, most centrist and center-right politicians are just as adamant about it. Keep in mind also the numerous job opportunities for well-paid civil servants held out by the growing European superstate. And the funding opportunities for "independent researchers" willing to toe the party line.

reader petrossa said...

Cohn-Bendit is a selfconfessed incestuous pedophile and it is beyond astonishing he's still in public service. Here is the interview where literally states his preferences (mp4)

reader lucretius said...

What are the dead ones good for?

reader lucretius said...

You are certainly right to point out the historical differences between different EU countries which manifest themselves in very different reactions to certain consequences of integration (for Poles one of the main attractions of integration is greater security, something that is of little concern to the British). There are also equally important economic differences. From the purely economic point of view the question each county has to ask itself when embarking on full fiscal and monetary integration is: “can we compete with Germany on equal terms?” That does not necessarily mean making better cars then the Germans, but being able to export enough to Germany and other EU states to earn the euros that you are not going to be able to print yourself. Alternatively, you must be prepared for the same fate as that of East Germany, except of course that the problems for non-German populations will be much more severe:

Of course economics is not all. For some european peoples full economic and political integration with Germany will be psychologically more acceptable than for others. Such integration will inevitably mean German “domination” although probably of a benevolent kind. I must admit that on a personal level I would not have serious problems with this, but I don’t believe that this view is shared by large numbers of non-German Europeans.

reader Gordon said...

You buy up the "dead souls" to improve your social standing and then use them as collateral to get a huge loan. (Dead Souls, Nikolai Gogol)

reader Casper said...

"Let the Finns teach us about education; the French about health care;
the Germans about flexible employment; the Swedes about gender equality."

What is the Czech national talent I wonder? A penchant for bohemianism? The nurturing of peculiar alphabetic diacritical marks?

reader Luboš Motl said...

LOL, I think that not only because of Švejk, the most apt Czech addition is

Let the Czechs teach us how to silently subvert the system we have. ;-)

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