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Brand modern 3D planetarium consecrated in Pilsen

The Techmania Science Center in Pilsen – a science museum where I sometimes give a talk – has opened its arguably most attractive facility, the 3D planetarium today.

This building of a dining hall at Škoda looked really ugly and the ruins were collapsing. It was renewed and became yummy.

The visitors may sit to 90 seats inside a ball of inner radius 14 meters and observe not only 140,000 celestial objects but tons of movies about everything in 3D (tsunamis, volcanos, insects, whatever you like). The state-of-the-art system Sky-Skan only exists in 3 European science centers – in Barcelona, Warsaw, and Pilsen.

I say that the planetarium was opened. But it doesn't mean that someone just opened the door. A very important thing in the most atheist nation in the world was that that the facility was consecrated by the Pilsner Catholic bishop Msgr František Radkovský.

I couldn't avoid this comment because Radkovský is an alumnus of my undergraduate Alma Mater, MFF UK (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University in) Prague, where he studied mathematical statistics and he later worked on the modernization of the teaching of methods for mathematics in the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He was promoted to a titular bishop of Aggar by John Paul II in 1990.

I haven't actually experienced the real experience in 3D over there yet although they were showing us some demos during a meeting in Spring 2013.

The facility also contains one of 99 copies of the "Science on a Sphere" by NOAA – four projectors shining on a sphere in 3D.

How does it work? You may see some glimpses in the iDNES video below:

You may also try this video.

The soccer players of the world's best team, Bayern Munich, arrived to Pilsen today, too (with a team of 100 employees including 3 cooks and lots of their special food including their own Bavarian beer – something that the Pilsner hosts tolerate just OK). They will re-spank our courageous players tomorrow. ;-) Too bad that these divas haven't been shown the 3D planetarium (as far as I know) because their heads would be turning and the chance for a surprise would jump to a finite value.

A gyroscope in the cosmic section allows you to try how it feels when astronauts throw up.

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