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Harvard's IOP: global warming is caused by Prius owners

Various specific culprits of the global warming (which hasn't been seen for 20 years) have been proposed in the past: old white men, McDonald's consumers, the Poles, and especially we, the climate deniers, of course: the Koch brothers, Richard Lindzen, Bob Carter, and your humble correspondent, among others. Whenever we speak or write, the planet starts to boil.

But Harvard University's Institute of Politics has created a news and discussion platform called (which includes a mobile version boasting an infinite loop of URL redirects). On this forum, playwright Emmett Rensin has finally determined

The Unexpected Culprits of Climate Change Denial
He stresses that the IPCC has proved that in order to save the Solar System, it's time to become full-fledged psychopaths over global warming. Who is preventing the mankind from saving the Solar System? It's the Prius owners.

How do they do it? They do so by creating "tokenism", a false impression that some societal problem is being wrestled with even though it is not. They should burn their Prii and allow the problem to be really solved.

How does America solve the (non-existing) problem? It's easy. It must be fought just like the Nazi Germany – America has to pay 36 percent of its GDP. Maybe, this will reduce its emissions by 50 percent and one of the catastrophic 0.01 °C contributions to the global temperatures will be undone. Instead of buying a Prius, each American including babies has to sacrifice $18,000 a year.

Some of the alarmists are actually entertaining – they are able to bring their psychopathy to a new level that is original and more entertaining than other things that have been repeated by their predecessors many times. The fact that this lunatic is actually serious shouldn't prevent you from laughing our loud. You have the right to make fun of mentally handicapped people such as Mr Rensin because under the new healthcare insurance system, they now have the right to get their psychiatrists for free.

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reader lucretius said...

For those who doubt that opera can be both funny and deadly serious at the same time I recommend the next one. The author, really risked his life, when he wrote this but it is also very funny. I wonder how many people can recognise the principal character:

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Eugene, thanks, I know the opera, of course. It was a part of the general basic school education. The theme sounds fairy-taily, too.

reader Shannon said...

Wow Lucretius and Eugene are real erudites!... Respect.

reader lucretius said...

In my personal judgement the No.1 Czech composer is

Not that this is the one composer whose reputation underwent an enormous re-evaluation in the second half of the 20th century. He used to be virtually unknown and never performed but now he is quite justifiably called "the Catholic Bach" or "Slavic Bach".

reader ducdorleans said...

since we're talking opera, from Dvorak's Rusalka, "song to the moon" is one of my absolute favourites ... in fact, part of Lucia Popp's version is currently my ring tone ... :-)

reader Eugene S said...

My favorite Czech composer has a very German-sounding name, he's Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (b. 1644 d. 1704), so older than both Bach and Zelenka. Well, in those days it could be difficult to distinguish between Germans and Czechs. A happier age, when borders mattered little and a letter of introduction was all the travel papers one needed. Perhaps one should simply call him a Bohemian.

In any case, the sixteen Mystery (or Rosary) Sonatas are my favorite violin music of all time. Here is the first of them:">

reader lucretius said...

I know them and like them very much, of course, and have on CDs played by Andrew Manze and Richard Egarr (with a red rose on the cover). But if you count Bieber as a Czech than you can also count Mahler and then what will happen to the "Big Four"?